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How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

Updated, 3/10/2021

Whether you are looking for a first mattress or finally replacing an old one you’ve had for years, a new mattress purchase can create a lot of weird feelings.

When a conscious consumer checks the price of a new mattress, the subconscious sends little nagging questions running through the back of their head.

Am I getting a good deal on this? Am I getting ripped off? Is what I’m getting worth the price I’m paying? Are these “crazy” bedding deals actually good deals? How do I know if I’m being suckered?”

When the item has a larger price tag, such as a mattress, those anxious, stressful feelings tend to multiply.

Furniture Fair has been selling mattresses for well over 50 years, andWe have a dedicated mattress department with experts available to answer any mattress-related questions you may have.

In addition to expert sales staff, our mattress department also features the bedMATCH System. This revolutionary mattress diagnostic machine can find your exact sleep preference and recommend the right mattress for you.

How Much Does a Mattress Cost?
How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

So How Much Is A Mattress?

Long story short, a mattress costs between $200 and $5,000 on average. The best average price for the value of a good quality mattress is around $1000.

Now that long story is a bit different. The price ranges are based on quality, durability, features, and benefits. You can spend any amount of money on a mattress, But if you aren’t getting quality, then the cost isn’t worth it.

Free - $400

Mattresses in this value price range are meant to be short-term solutions. The $200 or less option is for someone with a strict budget who needs a cheap and easy alternative to tide them over temporarily.Mattresses like this can be anything from an old hand-me-down mattress to a cheap, low-quality foam mattress.

Always exercise caution when purchasing a used mattress since you have no real way of knowing where that mattress has been. When buying used, it’s best to go through an individual you know and trust.

$400 - $600

Mattresses in this price range tend to last an average of about five years. The larger the mattress size, the lower the quality will be when purchasing at this price range. Most mattresses at this price point will be bare-bones innerspring or memory foam mattresses.

Take into consideration that you will get what you pay for, and don’t expect to get a fantastic king mattress at this price. However, if you are on a budget and need a bed fast, this may be an option for you.

$600 - $1000

Mattresses in this price range tend to last around ten years on average. This price range has the widest variety for the price. Mattresses in this range tend to have more features and benefits such as cooling technology, multiple layers of memory foam, and hybrid technology materials.

If you want a high-quality mattress while still paying the lowest price possible, this price range is best for you. The number of options makes it easier to find a bed that forms your needs while not breaking your bank.

$1000 - $3000

Mattresses in this category will last over ten years, and many beds at this price range offer a 10+ year warranty. Mattresses in this category will feature the latest technology and features, such as hybrid design, cooling technology, and multiple density options.

If you are investing in a mattress that you want to last for at least a decade, this is the price range you need to shop in. Exercise caution when deciding on a mattress purchase of this level since you will be sleeping on it for at least a decade!

$3000 - $5000

Mattresses in this category will last over ten plus years, and many beds at this price range offer a 10+ year warranty. This category earns the term luxury mattress. Mattresses are made with luxury quality materials such as premium memory foam, cashmere, wool, copper, silver, and the best mattress technology available.

While this price range may not be for everyone if luxurious choices and customization are what you are looking for, this price range is more than adequate.

What Affects The Mattress Price?

With such a wide array of prices, what makes a mattress worth the price tag? This can depend on a wide variety of things such as...

Closeouts or Clearance

Often mattress companies need to make room in their inventory for new product lines. When fresh inventory calls for more space, the previous year or low-selling furniture models go to closeout. Closeout mattresses are usually heavily discounted to help the stores move out old inventory.

That’s great news for anyone looking to save a little money on a budget. Closeout mattresses give the customer on a budget a chance to get a great deal on an excellent mattress.

How Much Does a Mattress Cost?
How Much Does a Mattress Cost?


The cost of your mattress will usually depend on the materials used to manufacture it. Cheaper mattresses tend to be made of fewer materials to save money, while the more middle and higher price mattresses will usually have more materials and built-in technology.

Online or In-store

The best thing to do when shopping for a mattress is to compare prices online and in-store. Sometimes mattress websites run sales separate from in-store sales, and you might be able to get a better deal.

Brick-and-mortar stores often have mattresses only available in the stores that go for closeout or clearance prices.

The best way to make sure you are getting the best deal is to visit both the website and the store and find one that matches the price and quality you and your sleep partner want.

How Much Does a Mattress Cost?
How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

How Do I Get a Good Deal on a Mattress?

So now that you know what you should pay depending on your budget, the next question is, how do you go about getting the best deal possible on a mattress.

Compare Prices

You should never settle for a convenient price if you want to get the best deal. Compare the pricing strategy of brands, mattresses, and stores. Some stores also offer competitive pricing on brands that they carry, and you may be able to get better deals that way.

Find Your Fit

Mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all. Stomach sleepers and back sleepers are not the same. Find out what your preferred sleep position is and make sure when purchasing a mattress this level that you are willing to spend at least the next five years using it.

You will need a mattress that provides pressure relief, supports your pressure points, keeps you from sleeping hot, and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

A great way to find out your ideal type of mattress comfort and support, as well as your preferred firmness levels, is to try Furniture Fair’s BedMatch System.

You can find the right-sized mattress for your needs available in memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattresses, at a soft, hard, or medium firmness level.

Figure Out What Features You Need From Your mattress

Figuring out what features you want on your mattress will also determine what the cost will be. If you are a hot sleeper, cooling technology might be the way to go, and If you have circulation issues, then a mattress that works with an adjustable base might be a good thing to consider.

Take Advantage of Holiday Sales

The best time to shop for mattresses is during big holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, The 4th of July, Labor Day, Black Friday, and New Years’ Day. During this time, competition is intense, and furniture companies offer the most competitive prices.

How Much Does a Mattress Cost?
How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

Let The Hunt Begin!

Now that you know what a mattress costs and how to find a good deal, you can shop with confidence when you need to replace your old one.

If you are looking for a new Mattress in the Louisville, Dayton, or Cincinnati area, and want a wide range of price options, check out Furniture Fair! With 11 locations and a great collection of office furniture, including mattresses and adjustable bed bases, Furniture Fair has options for you! Visit our showroom today or visit us online for an effortless shopping experience.

If you’re looking for the cheapest mattress possible, check out our article on the most affordable mattresses available.

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