December 20, 2021 4 min read

Are you suffering from sagging sofa syndrome? Is that sofa you bought for your first home or apartment starting to look more like you found it on the curb? If you or a loved one’s couch you know is suffering from these symptoms with their most important piece of living room furniture, you may need a sofa replacement.

Perhaps you have a family now, and with children comes messes, spills, and the wear and tear of everyday life. If your old sofa is starting to look rather unpleasant, you may need to look for living room seating that is built to stand up to stains and wear, such as the Basic Wool sofa.

Furniture Fair has been selling all types of sofas during our 55 years in business, and we want to showcase one of our best sellers so that you can be more knowledgeable when you shop for sofas.

This article will cover the features and benefits of this sofa, the quality level when ranked on the Good, Better, Best ranking system, and whether or not the Basic Wool sofa is the right choice for your next sofa purchase. Read on to discover more about this best-selling sofa.

Basic Wool Sofa Product Review
Basic Wool Sofa Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Basic Wool Sofa?

The Basic Wool sofa is part of an entire collection that features a matching sofa, loveseat, and armchair, along with an ottoman that matches the included throw pillows and two options for stationary and swiveling side chairs. The collection is perfect for large or small living rooms.

The Basic Wool sofa is upholstered in a beige tweed fabric made by Revolution, a high-quality performance fabric designed to be durable and help prevent stains and smudges. Revolution uses eco-friendly, fade-resistant, upholstery fabrics that are made in the USA.

If you are still worried about potential stains or tears, the Basic Wool also features reversible cushions that are easy to clean. These Dacron-wrapped, 1.8 density, reversible foam cushions allow for more prolonged use and will help you get the most use out of your sofa.

The back cushions are also reversible and feature zippers that allow you to restuff your seat backs if they ever become too indented from frequent use. Thanks to the included designer throw pillows, the sofa also features extra cushioning.

One stand-out feature that makes the Basic Wool sofa more unique is the arm style known as a Charles of London arm. This arm style is perfect for resting in a seated position or for supporting your head if you are lying down.

Finally, the Basic Wool sofa is securely supported by four modern-style wooden legs that provide structure and a simple, clean look. The Basic Wool does not have drop cloths, making cleaning easier and adding to the modern aesthetic.

What Is The Basic Wool Sofa Quality Ranking?

Thanks to the features and benefits listed above, the Basic Wool sofa falls securely into the “better” ranking when categorized under the Good, Better, Best ranking system. The sturdy frame, modern design, and performance fabrics help create a piece that is built to last.

Sofas ranked as better are usually designed to last about five to ten years and hold up to daily use by couples or families. Sofas in the “better” category are a great option if you want something more substantial for your home without paying premium-level prices.

Basic Wool Sofa Product Review
Basic Wool Sofa Product Review

Is The Basic Wool Sofa Right For Me?

If your family is the type to enjoy a more casual home life, and you prioritize comfort and relaxation, the Basic Wool sofa and collection is a great option for a big or small space. The everyday use from movie nights, family game night, and the occasional spills that are inevitable will not phase this sofa as quickly as some cheaper or lower quality sofa options.

If you prefer your home to be a shrine to cleanliness and elegant home furnishings, then the Basic Wool sofa may not be what you are looking for. The sofa is built for relaxing, and while the look is modern, it may not match the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

The Basic Wool sofa cannot be customized, so if you want a more bespoke approach to creating your next custom sofa, you may want to look at the custom manufacturing options featured here at Furniture Fair.

Long story short, the Basic Wool sofa and all the pieces in the Basic Wool collection are tough, durable, and ready to be used by any loving family or any home that gets a bit more heavy foot traffic throughout the day.

Ready To Find Out If The Basic Wool Sofa Is Right For You?

Whether you are a family looking to find furniture that will last, or a couple looking to replace a cheap sofa, the Basic Wool sofa may be a good option. Your home will look modern, elegant, and your sofa will be more protected from daily life.

Remember that the Basic Wool sofa is designed for comfort first and features arms designed for laying across the seat, as well as Revolution performance fabric designed to fight stains and protect your cushions.

Finally, keep in mind that the sofa is a “better” quality piece and will last about five to ten years if properly maintained and cared for. This sofa was designed to be used and enjoyed and will not fall apart when used regularly by growing families.

If you would like to feel the comfort of the Basic Wool sofa for yourself, consider stopping by one of Furniture Fair’s ten locations in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville area. Schedule an appointment online or drop by and check out our huge selection of sofa options.

Basic Wool Sofa Product Review