What's Your Sofa Style?

What's Your Sofa Style?

Find out if it's Country Chic, Urban Mod, Luxe Living, or Enduring Elegance!

Sleeper Sofas & Futons

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No guest room? No problem. Sleeper sofas and futons are a great solution for all kinds of living spaces. Whether you're trying to make the most of a small apartment or need an additional bed for overnight guests, these versatile pieces offer the perfect balance between functionality and flexibility. They’re comfortable, stylish, and easy to use.

At Furniture Fair, we offer fabric options to suit your interior design style. From sleek and modern designs to classic styles with timeless appeal, we have something for everyone! So why wait? Visit a Furniture Fair near you today and discover the perfect sleeper sofa for your space.

Sleeper Sofa Sizes

When choosing a sleeper sofa or futon, there are a variety of different sizes and styles to suit your needs:

Twin/Full: For small spaces, a twin or full sleeper may be the ideal choice. These smaller sofas can comfortably accommodate overnight guests without taking up too much floor space in your home. Twin sleepers are about the same size as an oversized chair while full sleepers are similar in size to a loveseat.

Queen: If you have extra room to spare in your living room or bedroom, then a queen sleeper may be the best option. With three seats, it’s roughly the same size as a traditional sofa. Its larger size makes it perfect for sleepovers or cozy movie nights with family.

Futon: Don’t have room for a bulky piece of furniture? Try a futon! They feature a soft, comfortable mattress, as well as a solid frame for support. The mattress can be folded up into the frame to create a sofa-like seating area when needed. When unfolded, it makes a full-sized bed for sleeping.

5 Myths About Sleeper Sofas

When it comes to sleeper sofas, there are many common misconceptions and myths surrounding these popular pieces of furniture. Some people believe they are poorly made or uncomfortable. Others may think that they are not stylish enough for modern homes.

But in reality, these sofas can be both functional and stylish depending on the model that you choose. Before you write off these handy sofas as being out of style or uncomfortable, check out this video from furniture expert Doug Miller as he debunks five common myths.