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Unparalleled American Furniture for Over 120 Years

At Furniture Fair, we take immense pride in presenting Stickley Furniture, a true embodiment of over 120 years of unparalleled American craftsmanship. Our commitment to exceptional quality and enduring durability is reflected in every piece we showcase. Discover the long lasting beauty and craftsmanship by exploring our diverse range of meticulously crafted pieces that embody timeless elegance.

Handcrafted Excellence

More than 90% of Stickley's incredibly exquisite range of furniture and products undergoes a meticulously detailed handcrafting process in either the scenic locales of Upstate New York or the charming community of Archdale, North Carolina, where talented teams comprising highly skilled local artisans and dedicated workers passionately devote their expertise and labor. This intentional emphasis on durability and longevity stands as a testament, ensuring that each of these meticulously crafted pieces not only embodies timeless beauty but also remains steadfast in enduring the rigors of time.

Uncompromised Quality

Within the ethos of Stickley, their craftsmanship extends far beyond the mere creation of furniture; instead, it encompasses the construction of enduring legacies. Each meticulously designed and skillfully crafted Stickley product is deliberately engineered to exceed standard quality measures, purposefully "overbuilt" to not only deter breakdowns but also to actively mitigate the generation of unnecessary landfill waste. This conscientious approach in the crafting process ensures that every individual piece is imbued with the enduring essence of longevity and resilience. Spanning decades and even centuries, these award-winning pieces will retain their unwavering strength and captivating beauty, standing as timeless testaments to exceptional artistry and sustainability.

Made in the USA

In stark contrast to competitors opting to outsource their production overseas, Stickley maintains an unwavering dedication to the creation of the vast majority of its product line within the borders of the United States. This steadfast commitment not only underscores their ethos of craftsmanship but also serves as a testament to their resolute stance in prioritizing environmental stewardship. By conscientiously choosing to retain manufacturing operations within the country, Stickley actively aligns with stringent regulations and upholds the highest standards of environmental responsibility throughout the entire production process. Moreover, this decision resonates beyond mere compliance, as it significantly contributes to bolstering local economies across the nation, fostering employment opportunities, nurturing communities, and fortifying the fabric of regional prosperity through their steadfast commitment to American-made excellence.

Environmental Stewardship

Stickley Furniture holds a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, closely following stringent federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Proudly affiliated with the Sustainable Furnishings Council, they exemplify their dedication. Their solid wood furniture epitomizes their unwavering pledge to sustainability, meticulously fashioned in an environmentally conscious manner. This reflects their conscientious approach to preserving our environment while crafting exceptional furniture pieces.

The Stickley Ethos
The Stickley Ethos

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Proudly Sponsoring the Cincinnati Zoo and Giving Back to Our Community

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Learn About Stickley Construction Features

Honesty and integrity of construction are essential tenets of Arts & Crafts furniture. The tried and tested traditional joinery that makes it strong and long-lasting is also a visible part of the intrinsic beauty of the furniture.

Stickley Furniture pinned mortise and tenon joinery

Pinned Mortise And Tenon Joinery

Most Stickley door joints are tenoned, glued, and pinned with wooden pins. The pins lock the joint supplying additional strength. This joint would hold together even without the use of glue. Some styles are pinned from the front and are visible, others from the back. Watch a video to learn more!

Stickley Furniture Splining


The splining of the mitered corners of many mirrors provides the strongest possible corner. The chance of a joint ever breaking is minimal.

Stickley Furniture dovetailed cross rails

Dovetailed Cross Rails

Cross rails on cases are dovetailed into the ends to strengthen the case from side to side. On Mission designs, the dovetail is hidden from view. This joint is self-locking even without glue, and separation of the end panels is impossible, unless the wood is split apart. Dowel joints rely on glue, and glue can fail over time. A dovetail joint cannot fail. Watch a video to learn more!

Stickley Furniture tongue and groove glue joints

Tongue & Groove Glue Joints

Solid wood varies greatly in grain and color. Proper matching of individual boards gives the appearance of one solid piece and eliminates the need to bleach or sap stain the lumber. The tongue and groove insures a stronger glue joint which does not crack or split and allows for greater finished thickness on all tops.

Stickley Furniture pinning of chair joints

Pinning Of Chair Joints

All Stickley Windsor and rush-seat chairs are pinned with wooded pins. These pins ensure that even after long, hard use the joints will not pull apart. The wedging of arm and back posts into the bottom of the seats is another assurance of a lasting joint.

Stickley Furniture Ship Lap Planking

Ship Lap Planking

Stickley bookcases are available with ship lap planking in the back. Individual boards are machined, sanded, finished and applied one at a time. Together they add character and beauty to a piece.

Stickley Furniture bracket foot construction

Bracket Foot Construction

All bracket feet are splined, corner blocked and braced. In addition to the usual corner block, a corner brace is rabbeted into the side of the leg pieces. This leg is joined to the case by four screws, providing a solid foundation.

Stickley Furniture quadralinear posts

Quadralinear Posts

This technique allows the beauty of ray flake to appear on all four sides of a post, rather than on just the normal two. To achieve this, four quartersawn boards are mitered together around a solid core, increasing the strength and beauty of the post. Watch a video to learn more!

Stickley Furniture quarter rounds

Quarter Rounds

Glass panels are secured with oak or cherry quarter rounds, mitered to fit perfectly and affixed with barely visible pins. We believe the inside of each door should be as handsome as the outside.

Stickley Furniture side hung and centered guided rungs

Side Hung & Centered Guided Rungs

The center guide keeps drawers from skewing sideways. Side suspension keeps drawers level when heavily loaded. No plastic parts to break. No metal to rust and scratch. Just honest to goodness hand craftsmanship. The drawer never scrapes the bottom, and opens and closes with ease – forever. Watch a video to learn more!

Stickley Furniture tenons

Tenons (pinned through tenon shown)

The key to Arts & Crafts furniture quality and durability, are mortise and tenon joints, a single Stickley chair can have over 30 such joints. A blind tenon is concealed within the mortise . While in a through tenon the end of the tenon is visible and part of the form of the piece. Tenons, whether blind, through, pinned or keyed, are the very best way to join furniture together.

Stickley Furniture keyed tenons

Keyed Tenons

This distinctive form of tenon found in Arts & Crafts furniture uses a wedge shaped “key” inserted in to a tenon that pass through the side of a board to secure it in place . This traditional and highly effective mechanical joint gives exceptional strength and rigidity to the furniture.

stickley furniture resawn & book matched door panels

Resawn & Book Matched Door Panels

Resawing is a process of splitting thick lumber into thinner boards. The split halves are then opened like a book revealing identical grain. This painstaking process creates beautifully grained panels on all Stickley pieces it’s used on. Making panels this way is more costly and more labor intensive, however, it is much more attractive than randomly matched boards.

stickley furniture solid quartersawn white oak

Solid Quartersawn White Oak

Oak, sawn parallel to the medullary rays is known as quarter-sawn, this type of cut produces boards of exceptional strength and reveals the prized ray flake patterning of oak that makes each piece of furniture unique. Quartersawn white oak is much less likely to crack, check or warp than when it is flat sawn. This method is used in Mission style construction exclusively. Watch a video to learn more!

Stickley furniture bed rail construction

Bed Rail Construction

The side rails of some Stickley beds are locked into special casting. The end rails are mortised and tenoned into the posts and locked with wood pins. We use top quality 5/4″ solid oak, cherry and maple for bed rails. Two panhead screws are positioned at the ends of each rail to fit into an iron casting with a tongued slot. Our beds won’t wobble or rock. Watch a video to learn more!

Stickley handcrafted furniture

Made in America

We are focused on building furniture for life; furniture that is passed down from generation to generation. Furniture for life. More than 90 percent of Stickley’s products are still made by our own craftsmen in our upstate New York and North Carolina workshops.

Ever Green. Ever Stickley.

Since 1900, the Stickley philosophy has been “living in harmony with nature.” Our focus on durability, quality, efficiency, and long-term results permeates our management and manufacturing process. We comply with strict federal, state, and local environmental regulations and are a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Stickley Furniture is green furniture