What makes a Kingsdown Mattress so special?

Every square inch of a Kingsdown mattress is made with superior materials, not just the parts you can see and touch.

Since 1904, master craftsmen have built every Kingsdown mattress by hand with the utmost attention to detail.

Experience the perfect balance of comfort and support for the healthy, nourishing sleep that
you deserve.

Handcrafted Mattresses Made In USA
Handcrafted Mattresses Made In USA

Only Kingsdown tests 100% of its mattresses. Each mattress is tested at the end of their production line to ensure it meets the precise level of support recommended for your body by bedMATCH® technology. Only mattresses that pass these exacting standards are certified by the Sleep to Live Institute to deliver proper support, and allowed to leave their production facility.

Kingsdown Mattresses

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