Anchor It

Furniture Fair Provides Free Anti-Tip Kits

Anchor & protect: two words key to childproofing furniture & TVs

Children like to climb. Children like to climb on furniture. For them, the home is a playground. As you childproof your home you may not be aware that unsecured TVs, furniture and appliances are potential hazards.

Furniture Fair provides life saving anti-tip kits with all of our chests or dressers over 30" high. Install them immediately upon your furniture delivery.

Need additional anti-tip kits for your home? We provide FREE anti-tip kits at all Furniture Fair showrooms.

"In regards to furniture tipping, these are accidents we can all help to prevent. Whether you bought from us or not, we want to help make the Tri-State area the safest cities in the United States for kids in the home." – Ed Hartman (spokesperson and marketing director)

How to prevent a tip-over tragedy

Follow our furniture tipping restraint installation instructions

anti-tip kit diagram

A tip restraint must be attached to a wall stud using the 2" screw enclosed:

  1. Attach a bracket to the back top rail or back top edge of the furniture using the 5/8" screw provided, through the smaller hole in the brackets.
  2. Locate the other bracket on the wall over a wall stud and 2 inches below the mounting bracket secured to the back of your unit. Attach to the wall stud using the 2" screw provided, through the smaller hole.
  3. Place the furniture into position so both mounting brackets are vertically in line.
  4. Lace the end of the restraint strap through the larger hole in each mounting bracket. Bring both ends together and slide the flat end through the locking end and draw it through until all slack is removed.
  5. Confirm that the strap is securely laced and locked.

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