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What Is The Best Couch For Me? (Size, Style, Quality)
What is the best couch for me

So, you're starting the search for a new sofa? Don't worry; you are far from the first person to go on the journey to find a new couch. If you're like most people, you want to make sure that your new couch fits your room and is the right sofa.

What size sofa do you need? What level of quality should that sofa be? How long do you need the couch to last, and what type of upholstery should you get? If these are some of the questions going through your head, then read on!

At Furniture Fair, we have over 50 years of experience selling sofas. We've seen sofa styles come and go, and we have an eye for the couch that will be best for your needs.

In this article, we will cover the size, style, and quality options that you have to choose from. Read on to check out our quick guide to finding the best new sofa for you or your family!

What is the best couch for me
What is the best couch for me

What Size Couch Should I Get?

The most important thing that you should determine when looking for a new couch is the dimensions. Nothing is more disappointing than getting a new sofa home to your house and finding out that it doesn't fit in the room!

The couch could be too oversized and not fit properly into your room, or so small that it leaves awkward negative space in the room. With too much space, you might have trouble making your accessories fit in the large space.

With too little space you won’t be able to fit the couch where you may have planned for it to be.Neither of these options is ideal, so be sure to measure your living area, the doorframe, and the sofa you are looking at to make sure that the couch you purchase fits.

What is the best couch for me

Average Couch Sizes

Now let's figure out what the average size of couch configurations are so you can better determine which one is right for you.Keep in mind that these are average, and every sofa may have a different size. Be sure to find out the measurements before you purchase.

What is the best couch for me
What is the best couch for me

Two-cushion Couch

The first and smallest of the size options comes in a two-cushion configuration and is perfect for smaller apartments or cozy living rooms.The two-cushion sofa measures about 56” long on average and will fit a maximum of three people if you don't mind being close!

What is the best couch for me

Three-cushion Couch

The second configuration is the three-cushion layout, a standard sofa size that most people think of when imagining a sofa.The three-cushion sofa measures about 86” long on average and will fit four people if necessary. This is the most common couch layout.

What is the best couch for me
What is the best couch for me

Four-cushion Couch

The third configuration is a four cushion option. The four-cushion sofa measures about 98” long on average and fits four people but will take up a large amount of space. Anything larger than these three sizes is considered a sectional.

Some sofas also have deeper depth sizes for a much deeper seating experience. If you are taller in stature, a deeper sofa may be more comfortable for you.

More Sizes To Consider

When you are looking at sizing, something to keep in mind is that your living space might not be right for a sofa, but perhaps a sectional, chaise, or a loveseat depending on the size needed. When shopping, do not forget to consider these sizing options.

What is the best couch for me


Sectionals are any couch-style seating areas with four or more cushion layouts and are perfect for larger rooms where you want to entertain more people. Sectionals come in various styles and lengths, with many having features such as comfortable power reclining technology and adjustable headrests.

Sectionals come in many different layouts, from “L” shaped to straight across. Many sectionals are sold as modular units, which allows you to pick your layout and what features you want the sectional to have.

What is the best couch for me
What is the best couch for me

Chaise Sofas & Chaise Sectionals

A Chaise can be part of a sofa or a sectional and features an extended cushion that allows you to lie down and put your feet up. A chaise will add an “L” shape to your frame, so bear that in mind when considering this option for your room.

What is the best couch for me


Loveseats are smaller versions of the two-cushion layout sofas, made to compliment sofas or to fit in smaller areas by themselves.Loveseats are cozy and quaint and perfect for small spaces or couples starting in a new living space. They usually range between 48 and 72 inches from arm to arm.

What is the best couch for me

What Style Couch Should I Get?

Style is probably the area of your search that has the broadest range of options. You could probably scroll through style options on sofas for days and still find new styles.When choosing new furniture like a couch, see which one best complements your space.

What is the best couch for me

Find Your Style

If you do not know what styles you like, this part of the research process may seem like the most daunting task of all. How do you know what you want? What types are even out there, and how do you know which one is best for you?

Thankfully, most furniture designs can go along with many styles. Find out what type is best for you and see if the couch you are looking at goes along with the style that you like. You may also consider working with a design expert to find the perfect couch for your style.

What is the best couch for me
What is the best couch for me

Popular Styles

You may be familiar with styles like Mid-century Modern, Industrial, Tuscan, Classical, and many more. WIth all the design genres and micro-genres (cottage core anyone?) it can be hard to find a style that works in multiple scenarios.

Below we will list our top four styles that you will likely fall under. While these styles are by no means the only styles, they are the broadest approach.These four basic styles will give you an idea of which direction your specific style vision is going.

What is the best couch for me

1 Enduring Elegance

Your style is inspired by history and your home has a simple sophistication. Your sofa style is reflected by rich details that portray an elegant vibe.Look for a sofa with a traditional design that includes button tufting, rolled arms, or nailhead trim; a perfect addition to your elegant home.

What is the best couch for me
What is the best couch for me

2 Urban Mod

Your style is inspired by the hustle and bustle of city life. Bold choices reflected in crisp, clean designs showcase your sleek and sophisticated home.Choose a sofa with straight lines and defined geometric shapes; it should be simple and sleek. Neutral colors with a bold splash of color in your accent pillows will provide the perfect balance.

What is the best couch for me

3 Country Chic

Your couch style is inspired by an active, laid-back lifestyle. Your home is simple and warm, created for relaxing with family and friends.When looking for a sofa, a two-seater with large cushions and relaxed lines provides a comfortable, casual look, perfect for your living space.

What is the best couch for me
What is the best couch for me

4 Luxe Living

Elevate your space with Luxe Living. Embrace sleek designs, sumptuous materials, and a modern palette. Opt for sofas with clean lines and luxurious fabrics for a touch of sophistication. Indulge in plush comfort and contemporary allure that radiates luxury and style.

What is the best couch for me

Custom Design

If you are considering a style but can't find a sofa that perfectly fits your vision for that style, try custom designing a couch. Brands like England, Best Home Furnishings, and Smith Brothers offer customizable couches to tailor to fit your exact aesthetic.

Consider paying a bit more to get a custom sofa that will match the vision in your head. A custom sofa will have much more personal appeal and you will be able to showcase your design style to your friends when they visit your home.

What is the best couch for me

What Quality Couch Should I Get?

Quality might not come to the top of your mind when you are looking for a couch, but quality could determine price, satisfaction, expectation, and the longevity of the sofa that you buy.

What is the best couch for me


When looking at your potential new couch, materials will play the most significant factor in a couch's quality. We like to use the good, better, best ranking system when we rank the quality of sofas.

Good quality sofas will have lower-cost materials designed for maximum savings while better and best have higher quality levels. When looking at your sofa options, do your research, and determine which ones are best for your needs.

A good sofa will have composite materials and plastics used in the frame construction, low-cost, mass-produced fabrics, and faux leathers for a couch with style but not much longevity.

Good sofa seating generally uses fabric webbing, creating a low-cost seating option that has limited support.

Better couches have materials like pine wood and steel mechanisms with better quality fabrics and genuine leathers. Better sofas have a longer life-span than good ones but are still not the peak of quality.

Better sofas such as England and Hickorycraftt use Z-spring wire coils to create a supporting cushion, with better quality couches having more rows of springs.

The best couches are made from high-quality woods like maple and feature the best quality performance fabrics and top-grain leathers with a construction that will last for decades.

Best sofas use high quality supports systems like drop-in coils or eight-way hand knotted supports. Best quality sofas are dowelled, screwed, glued, and will last the longest and ultimately be worth the higher price-point.

What is the best couch for me
Good, Better, Best Sofa Prices


Min $400

Max $600


Min $700

Max $1400


Min $1500+


The price will often determine the quality of the sofa that you are considering. Lower priced couches tend to have closer to sound quality, while the higher the price tag, the more likely you are to receive the best quality.

When shopping for a couch, the important thing is to find out what the couch construction is like and make sure that the price tag and the quality are comparable. There is no point in paying top dollar for a couch that doesn't have the same quality level.


Finally, consider the longevity of the couch that you are purchasing. Sofas come at differing levels of quality, and getting the right one for your needs should be something that you consider.

Suppose you are looking for a temporary solution. In that case, longevity isn't necessarily an essential part of finding a new couch. Still, if you want something that will have a more permanent residence in your household, you need to consider how long your purchase will last.

What is the best couch for me
Good, Better, Best Average Sofa Lifespan

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Physical Longevity

The physical longevity of your couch will come down to the materials and construction quality. As a general rule, the better the construction and materials, the more likely you are to have a sofa that can withstand the wear of time.

A lower quality couch is more of a temporary solution and will not last for an extended period. Keep that in mind when tempted to go for the cheaper option. The low-cost alternative may be right for you, but it also might be disappointing if you want longevity.

Style Longevity

That lime green plastic bubble couch might seem like a worthwhile investment now, but will it be the same value ten, five, or even two years from now? Keep in mind that styles do change, and this is true of living room decor as well.

A couch is a large piece to invest in only to have the style change and date your room. Unless you are willing to look at that couch you are considering for at least the next five to ten years; you might want to consider going with a more reliable style.

Good, Better, Best Average Sofa Lifespan

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What is the best couch for me

Ready to Find Your Perfect Couch?

Now that you've read this article, you will be better prepared to shop for a couch. Check for the size you need, the relevant style to you, and the level of quality you need for your satisfaction. If you keep these three important factors in mind, getting a new couch will be a breeze.

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