July 15, 2021 5 min read

How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture

Are you in the market for a new sofa, sectional, or perhaps a new bedroom set? If you are well on your way to finding the right furniture for your needs, you might be excited about which piece you will choose and how it will fit with your décor.

However, one step to consider before pulling the trigger on any new furniture order is to ensure that your furniture will fit inside your home. No one wants to take the time to painstakingly seek out the perfect sectional, coffee table, accent chair, or other pieces of furniture, only to have it not fit through their doorway, hallway, bedroom, or other oddly shaped room.

Measuring your floor area and knowing the limits of your home’s space can make shopping for furniture much less disappointing and lead to your furniture delivery being a happy time rather than a disappointing return to the search for fitting fixtures.

Furniture Fair has over 55 years of experience delivering furniture to homes, and we’ve seen both tight fits and furniture that just couldn’t fit even with the best efforts of our in-house delivery team. We want to ensure that your delivery will fit perfectly within your home and that you will be happy with your new furniture.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to measuring your home for the right size furniture so that when you are shopping, you will know what will work and what will be a bit too bulky for your home.

How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture
How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture

How to Measure Your Home For New Furniture & Delivery

Alright, now let’s find out just what you need to measure to ensure that your furniture will fit through your doorways and into the room that your need it to be in. We will be looking at the areas you need to measure to see if the furniture fits and if it can be carried to the spot that you want to put it.

How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture

Measure Your Room Against The Dimensions Of Your Furniture

First things first, you should use a tape measure to calculate the square footage of the space that you want your new furniture to occupy. No use trying to fit your new custom sofa in the house if it doesn’t fit in the room that you want it in. Also, remember that when purchasing multiple furniture items and accessories for a room, the pieces will still need to work within your metric space.

Measure the length of your overall room and then measure the width so that you know how much space you have to work with. If you already have furniture in your room, you will need to account for the length and width of that used space as well.

Next, measure the area inside the space you want your couch, armchair, recliner, or loveseat to go, and find out how much space you have to work with. Again, if you have other furniture already, keep in mind how much space will be used and how much is available.

Finally, measure or secure the measurements of the potential furniture that will be going in your room. If it doesn’t fit, perhaps a custom order piece is the way to go, or you should try and find a piece that does include the dimensions that your room requires.

You might be tempted to “eyeball” or “guesstimate” the measurements during this process, and your guess may be quite the lucky one. However, accurate measurements will save you a potential headache and disappointment when your new sectional ends up being too large for the space in question.

How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture
How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture

Measure Your Doorways

Fitting furniture into the rooms of your house first requires that said furniture fit into the openings of those rooms, and measuring yours is an essential step to determining what will fit through them.

Measure the height and width of the door opening while accounting for any trim and hinges that you might have to workaround. Also, keep in mind that just because your new couch fits through the doorway doesn’t mean it can easily turn after going through.

In addition to measuring, find out which way the door swings when in use, as this can impact whether or not your furniture will fit through the doorway or down a particularly narrow hallway. Failure to measure for these spaces can potentially lead to door-handle marks in your drywall.

How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture

Measure Your Hallways

If you have tried in the past to fit furniture down a narrow hallway, you will be all too familiar with being stuck between the homeowners’ version of a rock and a hard place. If your hallways are slightly larger than a Mcdonalds play place, you will want to measure them.

Before you try and cram that new sofa down the hallway, potentially causing damage to both the furniture and your home, make sure that the couch in question will fit by measuring your hallway dimensions.

How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture

Measure Your Stairs

If your new furniture is on the second floor or in the basement, don’t forget to measure the stairs leading to and from the designated room. If you don’t want to be stuck yelling that famousFriends line while trying not to pull a muscle carrying your new sofa, make sure you can fit the furniture before you try to make it work.

Some furniture such as recliners have removable backs, which can make transporting through tight spaces a bit easier, however not all recliners have this capability. Check if your furniture comes apart for transport if you know you will need to navigate a smaller space.

Measure Your Windows If You Can Open Them

If no other openings work to fit your furniture, a large window that can open might be an option for getting that pesky large furniture inside your room. Check the measurements against your new table to ensure that it will fit, and only use this if no other options will work.

Check and make sure that your window opens before assuming that you can move furniture through it. The last thing you need is to get your new sectional delivered and then have no opening that the sectional will fit through.

How To Measure Your Home For New Furniture

How To Prevent Measuring Mishaps

Let’s face it; not everyone has a knack for measuring or planning out living spaces. Figuring out how to fit furniture and arrange your room décor can be both frustrating and time-consuming. If you don’t enjoy figuring out your room and furniture dimensions, one way to make sure your home décor fits and looks good is to set up an interior design consultation.

Having an interior designer visit your home and help with room layout planning can help you make sure that your measurements are accurate and help you find the style and furniture that will perfectly compliment you.

Many stores, including Furniture Fair, offer free in-home design consultations by appointment. With the help of a knowledgeable designer, you can expect a tailored room design experience and an effortless furniture delivery.

Ready To Find Your Perfect Furniture Fit?

Now that you know how to measure your room for new furniture, you will have a better chance of avoiding measuring mishaps. Remember to measure any doorways, hallways, corners, and stairs, while accounting for the size of your basement or upstairs corridors.

Keep in mind that an interior design consultation will help reduce stress and give you a well-designed room that you will enjoy making memories in if you are unsure about measurements or how your furniture should fit in your home.

If you are interested in having a professional interior design specialist design your home, consider scheduling a completely FREE in-home design consultation at your nearest Furniture Fair location.

Furniture Fair has over 55 years of experience providing quality furniture that will complete the look you want, and with an in-home design consultation, your home will be complete, and you won’t have to bother with that pesky measuring tape. Schedule an appointment or visit us online.