July 21, 2021 2 min read

Are you searching for a bedroom set with a rustic appeal and farmhouse-inspired design? You may want to consider The Cool Rustic Bedroom Set, one of the bedroom furniture options available at Furniture Fair.

Furniture Fair has sold bedroom sets to happy customers in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Southern Indiana for over 60 years now and we want to ensure you find the right furniture for your home.

In this article we will review the features and benefits of this bedroom, including its features, construction, and customization options. We will also look at who this set may be right for. Read on to learn more about the Cool Rustic Bedroom.

The Cool Rustic Bedroom Group Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Cool Rustic Bedroom Set?

Crafted entirely in the USA by using Solid Maple and Birch sourced from the Virginia mountains, the Cool Rustic series showcases a distinct distressed finish.

The headboard's cross Xs adds a touch of modern design to the farmhouse aesthetics, creating a unique ambiance for your bedroom space.

The Cool Rustic boasts meticulous craftsmanship, incorporating English dovetailing in the drawers for durability and sliding ball glides that enable convenient three-quarter pullouts.

Additionally, the dresser and nightstand feature slam-proof, easy-closed drawers, ensuring smooth functionality without disruptive noise.

The Cool Rustic Bedroom Group Product Review

Where Does The Cool Rustic Rank On The Good, Better, Best Scale?

Ranked within the 'better' category of "Good, Better, Best" at Furniture Fair, this classification is due to the sturdy construction with solid Maple and Birch, promising a durable and visually appealing set for an extended period.

Customization options include four distinct finish choices—stone gray, natural, mink, and amber—providing flexibility to match various interior styles.

The Cool Rustic Bedroom Group Product Review
The Cool Rustic Bedroom Group Product Review

Who Would Be Right For The Cool Rustic Bedroom Set?

The Cool Rustic appeals to those interested in rustic aesthetics and farmhouse motifs, offering an elegant and functional bedroom set.

With its diverse finish selections and weathered wood appearance, it is a option to enhance your bedroom's ambiance and create a more cozy sleeping space.

The Cool Rustic Bedroom Group Product Review

Ready To Find Out If The Cool Rustic Bedroom Is Right For You?

You can order the Cool Rustic Bedroom set at your nearest Furniture Fair location, in the finish option of your choice. If you want to see the set in person, schedule an appointment with one of our furniture ezperts for a closer examination of Cool Rustic's features.

In summary, the Cool Rustic bedroom suite showcases meticulous craftsmanship and customization options, making it a potential choice for those seeking a blend of rustic charm and enduring quality in their bedroom furniture.

The Cool Rustic Bedroom Group Product Review