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Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?

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So you're in the market for a new sofa! Perhaps you've just moved into an apartment or a new house, and you need a sofa to fit the bare living room. Maybe your old sofa finally wore out, and you have begun shopping for sofas to replace it.

Shopping for a new sofa is a daunting enough task by itself. If you are trying to stay within a budget, finding a couch can be even more difficult! There’s nothing like sticker shock to put you off from wanting to shop for a new sofa.

If you need to find a new sofa at a price that won’t make your wallet cry, you may have more options than you realize. There are several places that you can visit that will have sofas available at budget prices!

At Furniture Fair, we love a good bargain. With over 50 years of experience selling sofas of every size, type, and quality, we know many sofa prices.

While we have great budget options for sofas on our showroom floor, we want to ensure that you can access every option available for a good deal! We know an excellent sofa deal when we see one, and we want to share our knowledge with you!

We took some time to research the best places to find a cheap couch that won't break your bank! Read on to find out where to visit and compare prices!

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?
Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?

What is a Good Price Range for a Cheap Sofa?

The cheapest average price range for a sofa is usually between $399 for closeout and used sofas and $499 - $699 for new sofas. Make sure you try them out before you buy so that you can make sure that the quality lives up to the price tag.

You may be able to get a much better deal on a used sofa or a closeout sofa, but keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. Use caution when looking at a really cheap sofa.


Amazon is probably the most convenient way to get a new cheap sofa in your home. If you are a Prime member, their quick delivery makes them an excellent option for buying a couch. They feature sofas from multiple retailers and have in-house collections of furniture that you can shop from your home's convenience.

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?


Here are a few potential benefits to shopping with Amazon.

Stylish Options

Amazon offers many sofa choices for you to pick from, and they even feature their specific collections exclusive to Amazon shoppers!

Delivery to Your Home

Amazon conveniently offers to ship directly to your home! If you don't have a way to transport furniture yourself, this can be a tremendous benefit!Also, Amazon shipping means what you need will almost always be available to ship to you!

Online Shopping

Amazon is primarily an online retailer, making it easier for you to shop brands without having to travel to stores. If you like the convenience of online shopping, Amazon is an excellent option for lower priced sofas.


Here are a few potential drawbacks to shopping with Amazon.

You Can't Try It Until You Get It

The downside to buying furniture online is that you have no idea what it feels like until you receive it. If you are very particular about the way your sofa should feel, buying online isn't the best method for getting cheap furniture.

Some Assembly Required

Shipping isn't cheap, especially for furniture, and to prevent a higher cost to the consumer, Amazon and other online retailers often ship items like furniture unassembled. If putting furniture together sounds a bit too daunting, this option may not be for you.

You Have to Wait for Delivery

Amazon has some of the fastest delivery available, but even with their speedy delivery services, you will have to wait a bit to receive your new sofa. If you need one right away, a local store will probably have one for quicker pickup or delivery.

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?


Unless you live under a rock (and maybe even then) you’ve heard about the popular blue-and-yellow furniture behemoth known as Ikea.

The store, known for having trendy furniture and various lingonberry flavored liquids, is incredibly popular, due to the many budget-friendly furniture options. Not one to shy away from variety, Ikea features over 100 options in their sofa department, with many at budget prices.

If you are handy with an Allen wrench and want a stylish sofa, Ikea might be a good option for you! Be sure to compare sofas with other brands, so you can find out if your choice of couch fits right for you.


Here are a few pros to buying at Ikea.

Trendy Styles

Ikea likes to stay on top of current trends and that means you can always find something to fit your style when you shop there. They frequently add new designs and fabric covers, so you will always have new options to pick from.

Ikea has sofas that will fit whatever design style you are looking for, whether that be a mid-century modern style, farmhouse style, bohemian style, or a weird hodgepodge of multiple styles.You will have a wide variety of sofa designs to pick from at various price-points.

Easy Transport

Ikea furniture is flat-packed into boxes that you can pick up at their warehouse and then transport to your home for assembly.This is a very convenient way to get furniture from a showroom floor to your living room.

Light Furniture

Ikea furniture is built to be lighter for easier transport and this can be a benefit for you. Lighter furniture is easier to transport and also makes cleaning underneath easier.If you need to able to move your sofa around often, then a lighter Ikea sofa might be for you.


Here are a few cons to buying at Ikea.

Some Assembly Required

And by some assembly, we mean A LOT. If you do not like putting things together, Ikea furniture can be about as frustrating as Monopoly night with the in-laws.Make sure that you are more than willing to spend a few hours assembling your sofa.

Low-Cost Materials

Ikea furniture is designed to be flat-packed and shipped, so it is designed to be as light as possible.This means using lower-cost materials like chipboard, lighter foam, and cardboard. While these materials will last if properly maintained, they will not last as long as solid wood furniture.


Large chain supermarket stores have options for just about everything you need, including some options for furniture! If you want a low-cost sofa and aren't picky about the style or color options, this could be a good option.

The two best examples of this are Walmart and Target. Most cities have one or two of these retail giants, and they are always conveniently located and usually well-stocked. They will often have about two or three sofa options that you can choose.

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?


Here are a few pros to using a chain superstore to buy a sofa.

Quick and Easy

Most chain superstores are within driving distance, and you can quickly stop by and pick up your new sofa during your next grocery run.If you have a vehicle that can hold a sofa box, then picking a sofa out is both fast and convenient.

Low Prices

Furniture made for superstores sells at the lowest price possible to the customer, which means, while your choices may be limited, you will get some of the lowest prices for a sofa in the market.If cost is your number one concern, this is a great way to go. The low coast in materials means savings passed on to you. Superstore products keep your money spend low while getting you the sofa you need.

Home Delivery

Depending on the store you shop at, delivery may be available for in-store or online purchases. Most stores offer delivery for online furniture purchases and will ship online furniture orders right to your door. You will need to check with your local supermaket to see if they offer delivery for purchases in-store.


Here are a few cons to using a chain store to buy your sofa.

Cheap Materials

Furniture sold by the big chain stores is usually made at a little cost with cheap materials to make the price as low as possible. Due to the low cost of the materials, the quality of furniture purchased at chain superstores will be significantly lower.

Consider how long you want your sofa to last and whether the price you are paying will get you your money's worth for the time you are planning on using it.

Lower Product Lifespan

Suppose a low-cost material sofa has a frame made with fiberboard, chipboard, or plastic.In that case, the longevity of that product will be significantly lessthan that of a product that uses more robust materials.

Weaker materials may not hold up to repeated or steady use in the long-term.Take product lifespan into consideration when you consider purchasing a new sofa from a chain store. If you want a sofa that lasts longer than two or three years, you may want to consider another option.

Some Assembly May Be Required

As with the first option listed, sofas from big stores like Walmart and Target will sell products flat-packed to save shelf space.Additional shelf space means more room for the product and more assembly by the person who makes the purchase.

If you are willing to spend an extra hour or two putting your sofa together, you shouldn't have a problem with this, but if the idea sounds annoying, you might want to consider one of the options below.

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?

Retail Outlet Stores

A great way to save money when buying furniture is to check out retail outlet stores. Stores like Burlington, Ross, and Big Lots obtain furniture that doesn't sell at big-name stores.The stores then resell the furniture at a discount.

Some furniture retailers like Morris Home Furnishings, Furniture Fair, and Frontgate have outlet stores where they sell overstock, closeouts, slightly damaged, and discontinued merchandise. If you don’t mind limited choices, then outlets can be a great place to get a deal on a new sofa.


Here are the pros of buying your new sofa at a retail outlet.

Name Brands at Discount Prices

Most retail outlets have deals in place with other stores and will automatically receive the goods that don't sell in these name-brand stores.Out-of-season inventory allows the customer to get a name brand product for less than they would typically pay.

Constantly Rotating Inventory

If you don’t like the sofas you see at an outlet, wait a week or two and then check back!Outlet stores are constantly getting new inventory from their larger partner businesses. You might not find what you are looking for this time, but the next trip might be your lucky day!

New Furniture

As you will see with some of the other options listed, sometimes the cheap sofa option is secondhand. If the thought of buying used doesn't appeal to you, perhaps you shouldn't go that route.

Thankfully, suppose you don't want to go that route. In that case, retail outlets have new furniture at prices that can compete with used furniture, giving you value without sacrificing quality due to wear and tear from the previous owner.

That Great Deal Feel

Anyone who likes shopping knows that feeling of excitement and exhilaration when you find a great deal on a product you've been trying to find.If you are the type who likes the hunt for a bargain, then retail outlet shopping is perfect for finding your next sofa.


Here are a few cons to shopping at a retail outlet.

Outdated Style

If you like your furniture to match current style trends, retail shopping may not be for you. Retail stores sell most of their products after the trendiness has worn away, and this can be true of sofa styles as well.

You might not get a sofa with the trendy color of the year, the most modern frame style, or a sofa with the latest motion technology.If getting the newest, most stylish design is your priority, retail outlets may not be best for your shopping experience.  

Thankfully sofas tend to maintain style if they aren't wildly unique, but you should still take covering and silhouette into consideration.Keep your style preferences in mind when shopping and make sure that you are comfortable with the sofa style that you are purchasing.

Choices limited

Unlike standard retail furniture stores, outlet stores limit inventory to whatever stock doesn't sell at the end of the chain store sales period. Unsold inventory puts an extreme limitation on the products available.

You aren’t going to get any custom sofa choices with retail outlets and you will need to be able to work with the styles that are on the sales floor.If you're willing to search for a deal on the style you want, you may be looking for a while, so keep that in mind before you hit up your local retail store.

Secondhand Shops

If you like to hunt for bargains and don't mind pre-owned furniture, check out secondhand shops and thrift stores for a great deal on your new sofa.Secondhand shops offer great deals on used furniture. Buying used is the best option for the lowest price on a new sofa.

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?


Here are the pros of shopping secondhand.

Low Cost

Thrift shops are the best way to get a sofa at a low price. What you lack in choice, you more than make up for in the money you will save from buying new.If you want a sofa for a fantastic deal, then you should shop secondhand.

Vintage Look

You can find sofas from many different decades and styles at thrift shops. If you're looking to get a piece with genuine character and history, you can often find one at a secondhand store. You may have to hunt for your perfect sofa, but that can be part of the fun and excitement!

Whether your style is mid-century modern, classical, or something more funky and unique, you might find it at the thrift shop if you are willing to hunt for it.As the saying goes, one person's trash is another's treasure.


Here are a few cons to shopping secondhand.

Non-sanitary Furniture

Secondhand furniture is cheap; however, when buying used or thrifting a sofa, you need to be prepared to clean and sanitize the couch. Many stores like Goodwill will have dates listed for product sanitation, but your best bet is still to clean the sofa to your satisfaction.

If you aren't in the mood to remove stains or deep-clean any wood finishes, then thrift store furniture may not be for you.

Worn upholstery

Used furniture will not have the same quality fabric as new, merely because preowned upholstery is worn and not brand new. You will need to carefully inspect the covering on your couch to ensure the level of wear is acceptable for your needs.

Consider any potential options for repair. Cleaning, refinishing, and even reupholstery are all options that can make your used furniture look new again. However, repairs can drive the price back up, so your best option is to find a couch with as little wear as possible.

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?


The vision most people conjure up when thinking of auctions is most likely a fast-talking cowboy selling livestock, but anyone that has gone to an auction knows that you can find all sorts of items worth a bid or two.

Furniture can go for low prices or extremely high dollar amounts depending on the demand or value determined. Most auctions have viewings before the sale where you can determine the quality of the items and whether you want to bid on them.

Antique furniture with high demand will most likely not sell cheap. However, many couches can go for much less than retail prices because the seller needs to move them or because the sofa may not have any antique or collector value.


Here are some pros to buying at an auction.

Auctions Are Fun

If you haven't been to an auction, you should go to at least one for the experience alone. Sales have an electric energy that surges throughout the entire event. A good auction will have something of interest for everyone.

The level of competition can be an exciting way to buy a couch, and create a fun memory and a great story for the sofa you have purchased. You will remember your adventure to buy a new sofa at an auction.

Price Depends On You

If you like to haggle for the price, an auction is very similar. Auctions are like haggling in reverse with a bit of competition! The costs fluctuate depending on the demand for the product. At an auction, there is always a chance that you will get a sofa for a steal!

You can bid on an object and watch as the price goes up, forcing you to up your bid if you want that new sofa, or you can reluctantly let that couch go if the price gets too high for your budget.


Here are a few cons to buying at an auction.

Not For Introverts

If you do not enjoy hanging out in big crowds or competing with other people, then auctions might not be the best option for shopping.

Auctions require you to indicate your bid and make sure that the auctioneer acknowledges the effort, which can be exciting or terrifying.

Temptation to Overpay

When a bidding war starts, your temptation to overbid your competition for that sweet victory might make you pay more than necessary for that couch you want. Make sure when you engage your rival bidder that you keep your budget in mind.

No Delivery

Auction houses provide the space to hold the auction; however, they rarely offer delivery services. You will get a great deal at an auction but the bare minimum for service afterward. If you buy a couch at an auction, be prepared to have your transport ready to go.

Furniture Retailers

Sofa deals at a furniture store? No way! While the concept may seem obvious, many people do not consider how many sofa deals are available in furniture stores. If you are looking for a good deal on new furniture, many retailers have options in your price range.

Make sure that you shop around at other retailers and compare prices to ensure the best deal and save the most money! A new, quality sofa might be more easy to get then you initially thought.

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?


Here are the pros of buying a couch at a retail store.


Furniture retailers will have the most sofa choices out of all brick-and-mortar stores. If you want to choose from several styles at a similar price point, shopping and comparing retail furniture stores is a great option!

Suppose you want to know more about the product that you are considering purchasing. In that case, retail furniture stores have many knowledgeable sales staff that will be happy to fill you in on the details and quality of the sofa you want.  

You can save much time researching the quality and materials used in the couch manufacturing process when you talk with a knowledgeable sales associate. In addition to time saved, you will know what the product quality is that you are considering for purchase.

Price Matching

Many stores compete on the local level with other stores. This level of competition helps keep prices lower, which means more savings for you! Be sure to shop around and compare prices to take advantage of any price matching options that the furniture dealer may offer.

Protection Plan

Retail stores can offer one thing that most other stores mentioned cannot offer: a protection plan. Protection plans offer you peace of mind about your purchase and lets you feel more confident that your purchase will be worth the money spent.

In addition to protection plans, many furniture retailers offer brand-specific warranties on sofas so if something unfortunate happens to your sofa, you may be covered under the warranty. Brand warranties are a great way to get additional value from your retail sofa purchase.


Here are the cons of buying a couch at a retail store.


When in a retail furniture store, keep in mind that you aren't buying the sofa on the floor unless it is a closeout item. The store may need to have the couch you want shipped in, which can take longer than just buying one used. If you don't like to wait to pick up your new sofa, you may want to consider shopping elsewhere.


As mentioned previously, when you order a couch at a furniture retailer, they will have to ship your order to the store and then deliver it to you. Delivery will usually cost extra, and you may have to wait longer than you want to receive your new sofa.

While there may be more budget-friendly delivery options, you will ultimately pay a bit more for delivery. Keep in mind that many stores have a pick-up option, which will allow you to skip delivery by picking up the couch yourself. Pick up is a good option if you have a proper vehicle.

Overzealous Salespeople

Salespeople are generally very knowledgeable on the products that they carry in-store. This can be helpful if you need information on the product you are considering. However, some salespeople can come across as pushy or determined to make the sale more than make you, the customer satisfied with your purchase.

If you are a bit more introverted, or if you would rather research the information on a new sofa yourself, retail may not be for you.

Do Your Research And Get a Great Deal On a Cheap Sofa

Now that you know where some of the best deals on a new sofa are, you will be prepared to check them out and get a great deal! Decide for yourself which options for shopping are best for your comfort. Keep in mind that cheap sofas tend to be between $400 - $600 on average, and you should always check the quality before making the purchase.

Shopping secondhand, auctions, and outlet stores are all great options if you want significant savings, and do not mind hunting and putting in a little restoration work. Shopping Amazon, superstores, or furniture retail stores is best if you want a new sofa that will also work with your budget. Find the option for you, and soon you'll have that affordable couch in your home ready to be a part of your memories.

When you are in the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville area, head over to any of Furniture Fair's 11 locations and check out the many sofa options available on our sales floor. In addition to our store locations, we have a great selection of cheap sofas online! With stylish options at every price point, we are sure to have a sofa for you!

Where Can I Get a Cheap Sofa For My Living Room?