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How To Buy Furniture On A Budget
How To Buy Furniture On A Budget

If you have a good handle on your finances, then you most likely have a monthly budget of some kind. Monthly Budgets help us not overspend or overlook costs that we would otherwise forget about. Budgets are a necessary part of life, and while it may sometimes feel like a struggle, it ultimately pays off.

Sticking to a budget may sound like a fantasy when the need for new furniture arrives. The cost of a new mattress, sofa, or dining room set is enough to make many people abandon the idea of buying one altogether. However, there are ways to get your furniture and stay within a budget.

Furniture Fair is in the business of selling furniture to people with all types of budgets. Despite any financing myths that you may hear, we have many methods for helping you get the furniture and accessories you need without going over-budget.

This article will explore how knowing your monthly payment budget can open your purchasing power & confidence when making a furniture purchase.

How To Buy Furniture On A Budget
How To Buy Furniture On A Budget

How Furniture Financing Works Within Your Budget

Preparing a budget is a significant step towards financial independence and responsibility. Knowing your Monthly Budget can help lead you down a path of affordable payments and new furniture.

Sometimes viewing a budget on paper is a daunting task that leads to stressful thoughts. You might feel as if you’ll never be able to get what you want when being limited to a budget. However, a budget is much more than a simple crusher of your new furniture dreams.

A budget is a tool to help keep your finances stable and help you plan for the future. In other words, you can’t plan the journey unless you know where you’re leaving from. Budgets help you realize the amount of spending power you have and the limitations to what you can buy.

If you have a monthly budget, you probably know whether you can afford an additional monthly payment of $50 per month. You can also probably answer if you can move that number up to $65 a month.

An extra $50 or more does not seem nearly as daunting as the price tags on large purchases, which can be downright intimidating.

Breaking a seemingly high price down into a monthly budget that you know off the top of your head you can afford can help get you what you need while not emptying your bank account.

How To Buy Furniture On A Budget

Dealing With Sticker Shock

Let’s use a new car purchase as a working example. Sticker shock for new car prices is widespread among buyers. For example, many people have walked up & down a car lot looking for “the one” and fall in love with a shiny car, only to be broken-hearted when they find out it is way out of their monthly payment budget.

You’ve entered the car lot with a set budget in mind. You might be thinking, “I can afford a $400.00 car payment, and anything above that is over-budget.” You are not telling yourself that You’re stepping out today to spend $48,000 on a car! But you do know that $400.00 would fit comfortably into your monthly budget.

How To Buy Furniture On A Budget
How To Buy Furniture On A Budget

Breaking Up Big Costs Into Small Payments

Making a significant furniture payment work with a limited budget is easier than you may think. With furniture financing, you can get what you need while keeping your budget intact and ready for any financial curveballs you may have to swing at.

Look at your monthly budget and decide what payment you could afford to purchase a new bed, sofa, or dining set. For example, an average new queen size mattress & box spring can run approximately $1500.

Currently, financing this purchase of $1500 would be a $32 monthly payment for 48 months. Now imagine upgrading your sale by removing the box spring and, instead, getting a queen-size power adjustable bed base for a payment difference of only $10 additional on the month.

Using financing for smaller payments is the equivalent of adding a phone line to your monthly bills and will become a payment that can be easily kept up with. Using financing for your furniture purchase, you can have the furniture you need and still keep your budget intact.

How To Buy Furniture On A Budget

Ready To Get Furniture & Stay Within Your Budget?

Furniture doesn’t have to break your budget, and if you need new furniture, a financing plan can be just the thing to help you get what you need. Remember that dealing with sticker shock is expected and that you can break that big payment up into smaller amounts for your budget.

If you have more questions about Furniture Fair’s payment options, visit our FAQ page to learn more, or leave a message through our contact page or via our live chat function!

If you are looking to enhance your home with some new furniture, consider buying, financing, or leasing from Furniture Fair. We have been in business for over 50 years, and we have a wide variety of mattresses, living room, dining room, bedroom furniture available.

We have over 11 locations throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville area, and we offer a wide variety of delivery options, including curbside delivery!

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How To Buy Furniture On A Budget