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What Types of Furniture Delivery are Right for Me?

If you are ready to make a furniture purchase, your initial thought might be that your decision-making is over, and the only thing left to do is get your furniture to your house. However, that process is also an in-depth task that requires your attention as well.

Delivery is an essential step in the furniture buying process. Failure to properly prepare for in-home furniture delivery can lead to missed delivery dates, frustration, and stress.

To help you understand the delivery options you have to choose from, Furniture Fair has put together a list of the types of furniture delivery you have at your disposal.

At Furniture Fair, we've been delivering furniture for over 50 years. Our dedicated staff of warehouse workers and delivery drivers is committed to helping you get your furniture fast, affordable, and damage-free.  

This article will be a quick guide to the furniture delivery options at Furniture Fair so that you can factor in shipping before purchasing your furniture so that you won't feel blindsided by any delivery fees when purchasing your new furniture.

After reading this article, you will narrow down which furniture shipping and delivery option is the best one and how much it will cost. Now let's find out what delivery option is right for you!

What Types of Furniture Delivery are Right for Me?
What Types of Furniture Delivery are Right for Me?

Will I Need to Use The Delivery Services?

Now that you've decided on a purchase, you should determine which of your delivery options you want to use.

If your purchase is small enough to fit in your vehicle then you may not need to use our delivery service.

Our experienced warehouse and delivery staff will bring your order to our convenient store pick-up location and then let you load your furniture safely and securely.

If your items are small enough this is a great option for you. However, if you know for sure that you want to use our delivery service, here are the options for delivery at Furniture Fair.

What Types of Furniture Delivery are Right for Me?

Furniture Delivery Options Available at Furniture Fair

Service Price Choose the day Choose Before/After 1pm Choose a 2 hr window Assembly Text & Email the night before w/ 2 hr window

Under $899 Curbside Shipping




Over $899 Curbside Shipping




One Item Delivery





Preferred Delivery





Select Delivery






Custom Delivery







Curbside Shipping - $49.99 - FREE

You pick the date when you want your furniture delivered.

Furniture will arrive wrapped or in factory packaging on a route determined by a two-hour window.The two-hour window delivery time will be sent by text and email the night before your delivery date.

For example, if your delivery window is between 1 - 3pm your furniture will arrive somewhere between those two hours. Let us know ahead of time where you want your furniture delivered.

For example, we can deliver to places like your garage, driveway, or front porch. We do not deliver to inside your home with this service.

This type of delivery is the cheapest at Furniture Fair and offers a convenient drop-off to your chosen location outside your home with no hassle. All curbside shipping orders over $899 qualify for free delivery.

Preferred delivery - $149.99

You choose the datewhen you want to receive your furniture and will receive a route-determined two-hour delivery window.

You will receive an email and/or textthe night before your selected delivery date letting you know the two hour time window for when your furniture will arrive.

For example, if your delivery window is between 1 - 3:00 pm your furniture will arrive somewhere between those two hours.

Your furniture will be inspected for quality assurance the night before delivery. Your furniture will be assembled in your home.

Our professional delivery team will take your new furniture from the factory packaging and quickly assemble and place the items in your home to your specifications.

This option is best for multiple items and keeps you from assembling furniture and lets you direct the placement of your new purchases in your home.

One Item Delivery - $99.99

As with preferred delivery, you choose the day and will receive a route-determined two-hour window the night before by text and email.

The furniture will still be opened and inspected during the previous nightand then assembled in your home on the delivery date.

This option is limited to smaller single items such as a recliner or a mattress. Check with your salesperson to find out if your item qualifies. Accessories do not tend to be cost-effective when delivered on an individual basis.

Select Delivery - $179.99

You choose the day, and before or after 1:00 pm. You will receive a two-hour window the night before by text and email with the time drivers will arrive.

The furniture will still be opened and inspected during the previous night and assembled in your home.

This option lets you specify what half of the day you want your furniture delivered, which can free up more of your day to not worry about your delivery status.

Custom Delivery - $199.99

You choose the day and you can choose your two-hour window for your furniture to arrive. Our team will then open and inspect your purchase ahead of time, and then assemble it your home.

Custom delivery gives you the most control over the delivery to your home while also being convenient for your day planning.

With custom delivery you can schedule your entire day around the two-hour delivery window without having to worry about missing anything important.

Which of These Delivery Options is Best for Me?

The best delivery option for you will depend on what is most important to your delivery experience. We've based our top picks on affordability, value, and convenience.

While all of our delivery options will do the job well, we wanted to narrow down our top three best options.

Here are our three best optionsfor you to consider. Choose which one best fits your needs!

Best Value Option - Preferred Delivery

If you are looking for the right balance between cost and convenience, preferred is the delivery option. With preferred delivery, you can pick your day of delivery, but you will need to plan your day around the two-hour delivery time that you will be assigned the day before your delivery.

The preferred delivery option is more affordable than customized delivery while still offering full-service delivery and setup. If you want to save some money while having your furniture assembled on delivery, preferred delivery is a great option.

Suppose you want to get your furniture delivered at an affordable price while still getting full-service assembly and placement inside your living space. In that case, preferred delivery is the direction you should go.

Lowest Cost Option - Curbside Delivery

If you are looking to get the maximum amount of savings from your delivery and don't mind doing a bit of assembly on your side, curbside delivery is the way to go. Your furniture will be delivered unassembled in the area outside your home that you specify.

An important thing to consider is that you may need to own or have access to a drill and other tools to assemble your furniture. Take your tool inventory and the amount of time you will spend building into account when deciding whether curbside delivery is right.

If you are ambitious and good with tools, curbside delivery will save you money and give you a project to build that will leave you feeling thrifty and accomplished.

Most Convenient Option - Custom Delivery

If you want the ultimate no-hassle delivery service, then custom delivery will more than satisfy your needs. Our delivery team will deliver your new furniture on the date and time you specify and place it wherever you need it.

You will pay a bit more for custom delivery, but with that cost comes the satisfaction of planning the delivery around your day, rather than having to reschedule your day to fit the delivery time assigned to you.

If you tend to have a busy schedule or work primarily during the day, custom delivery keeps you from interrupting your day and losing valuable time.

Track Your Delivery

Furniture Fair also lets you track your delivery and receive updates through our website on your current order.

Order tracking is an easy way to check the status of a custom order or an item on back-order.

This way you will stay informed about the status of your delivery and be ready when the time comes to select or change your delivery method.

What Types of Furniture Delivery are Right for Me?

Get The Best Delivery Option For You!

Now that you know the differences between delivery options at Furniture Fair, you can choose delivery knowing that you have done your research and are getting the best option! The choices for getting delivery to your home are more accessible than ever!

Furniture Fair even offers free furniture delivery for certain promotions. Check the current promotion to find out if you can qualify for free shipping.

When you are in the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville area, head over to any of Furniture Fair's 11 locations and check out the many furniture options available on our sales floor. With stylish options at every price point, we are sure to have a sofa for you!

Check out our living room, bedroom, dining, and office solutions for your home and shop our extensive collection of home furnishing accessories! At Furniture Fair, you are sure to find the right furniture for you at a price that you'll love!