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The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture
The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture

If you have been considering purchasing furniture recently, you may have had a little apprehension about the whole buying process. Furniture is a big purchasing decision, and nobody wants to make a mistake during the buying process or end up with furniture that doesn’t suit their needs.

Buying fears are nothing new to the furniture industry. The fear of getting a bad deal or having buyers’ remorse is an easy way to keep people from buying new furniture, even if they need to replace their old furniture.

At Furniture Fair, We’ve sold beds and mattresses, as well as living room, bedroom, and dining furniture for over 50 years now, and we want our customers to feel satisfied and confident during a furniture shopping experience.

With your satisfaction in mind, we’ve put together this short article on the five most prominent fears that new furniture buyers may have and how they can overcome those potential pitfalls. If you have concerns about buying new furniture, read on.

The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture
The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture

#1 I Can’t Afford New Furniture

Budget concerns can be a large contributor to furniture buying fears. The sticker shock from a high-end sofa, bedroom set, or sectional is enough to steer any budget-minded consumer clear of new furniture. However, not all furniture is unattainable to those looking to save money.

Consider financing or leasing as an option for buying your furniture. With financing options, you can make monthly payments over time, which can fit into any budget you have set and not immediately break your bank. Financing can be a great way to get what you need and stay on a budget.

New furniture comes in three pricing categories, good better, and best. This good, better, best (GBB) ranking system is a great way to find furniture that fits within any budget. If you are on a tight budget, furniture in the good category will be an affordable option for you.

If you are looking to get a dining set, sofa, or new mattress at a price that matches your spending limitations, the GBB system can help you find affordable furniture. Another way to save money is to use these great methods for decorating your home on a budget.

The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture

#2 I’ve Had Bad Experiences Buying Furniture In The Past

Perhaps you’ve had a negative experience when trying to buy furniture in the past. Maybe you’ve had to rebuff that stereotypical pushy salesman who just wants to sell you the highest priced furniture and doesn’t care about your furniture needs.

Perhaps you’ve bought furniture and brought it home, only to have it fall apart within a few months or not live up to the expectations you had hoped. That fancy material that you were so sold on in the showroom turned out to be a bit less sturdy than what you were led to believe.

The disappointment from having your new purchase fail to live up to your expectations is downright awful. Bad experiences with a furniture purchase can make the most eager customer dread having to make a furniture purchase.

Thankfully, for those who want to avoid bad experiences, there are more options than ever to help you avoid bad experiences. Thanks to the internet and the growing availability of information from retailers and furniture manufacturers, wary customers have access to much more information that they can use to ensure a better experience.

A great way to avoid bad experiences when buying furniture is to do research and take advantage of helpful reviews and useful information that many furniture manufacturers and retailers have begun providing to the consumer.

The most important part of selling furniture is customer satisfaction. That’s why many companies, including Furniture Fair, have dedicated online learning centers to help the customer find the product or information they need to ensure that they make the right purchase decision.

A bad experience can sour your willingness to buy new furniture. Still, thanks to the wealth of information available to the consumer through the internet, furniture retailers, or manufacturers, you can find the answers you need and avoid those bad experiences.

The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture
The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture

#3 I Don’t Want To Overpay For Low-quality Furniture

Nobody wants to feel cheated, whether in a Monopoly game or after a new furniture purchase. New furniture buyers may be apprehensive about purchasing new furniture and overpaying for low-quality and lousy service.

Information and product education is another area that the furniture industry is working to improve for the customer. With so many brands and quality levels of furniture on the market today, it can be challenging to figure out what product is right for you.

Thankfully, furniture companies work to provide information and answer customers’ questions before they even think to ask them. If you are afraid of getting ripped off, a great way to avoid dishonest tactics is to research the product you are looking to buy.

Find reviews, articles, pros, and cons, and check out your desired retailers learning center for the specific furniture piece you are looking at or for that type of furniture in general. You’d be surprised at what you can learn without even needing to go into the store.

The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture

#4 My Purchase Won’t Fit My Decor

When the task of furnishing a home rises, many people can find the prospect of matching new purchases with previous home decor downright intimidating. After all, not everyone has the gilded thumb of an interior designer.

Clashing colors and styles can make or break a room, and for someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time on Pinterest or learning about feng shui(the art of arranging a balanced room), decorating a room can be quite the hurdle. Thankfully, many furniture retailers offer collections based on style and color.

Another great resource that many furniture retailers offer is interior design consulting services. Design services are an effortless way to fill out a room using an expert interior designer located in-store. A straightforward appointment could potentially clear up any decor fears that you might have.

The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture
The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture

#5 I Don’t Want To Get The Wrong Size

So you’ve found a good deal on new furniture that you think might be able to fit that one spot in the corner of your living room, but you don’t have the measurements. Do you buy the sofa and hope that it works, or do you wait until you know for sure?

Sizing can be a legitimate concern, and the answer to, “Should I buy it and keep my fingers crossed?” is that it depends on the situation. If your space is in an open area, then you may have a bit more wiggle-room to fit your couch.

However, if you are dealing with walls or tight spaces, you may want to hold back on a purchase until you have the measurements. Save yourself from the heartbreak of falling in love with your new furniture, only to have no space in your home.

Preparing a space for living or for a family gathering, such as thanksgiving, requires attention to detail and knowledge of the measurements that you need for your table, sofa, or bedroom set. There is no getting around the fact that a large sofa won’t fit in your small space.

A large furniture purchase should not be an impulse buy. Part of preparing for a large piece of furniture is to measure the space you are trying to fill before visiting the showroom. Knowing the size of the area you need to fill will save you the anxiety of wondering whether or not your piece fits.

Don’t Let These 5 Fears Keep You From Your New Furniture

Furniture is not a small purchase. Careful thought should go into your decision, but that doesn’t mean you should let those five fears hold you back from getting the furniture you want. Your new furniture can be a benefit to you and help finish out your room.

Remember that there are furniture items available at lower price points for the budget-minded. You may also want to consider whether financing could be an excellent way to get the furniture you need.

Keep in mind that careful research and knowledge can save you from having a bad experience or getting ripped off. Don’t forget to measure your space before you purchase so that you will know that your new furniture will fit.

If you are looking to enhance your home with new furniture, consider visiting Furniture Fair. We have been in business for over 50 years, and we have a wide variety of living room, dining room, bedroom, and office furniture available.

We have over 11 locations throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville areas, and we offer a wide variety of delivery options, including curbside shipping! Visit us today and find out more about the reclining sofas that we have available.

The 5 Biggest Fears About Buying New Furniture