December 03, 2020 1 min read

Have you ever wanted to redesign a room in your home but thought it would be too expensive? In this video, Monique will go over some ways you can find accessories for your home while being budget friendly and she will also provide some examples of accessories you should look for to kick start your redecorating!

00:29 Introduction
00:46 Table of Contents
00:58 What goes into decorating your home?
01:13 The Ultimate Guide to Accessories 
01:22 What are some cost effective ways to decorate?
01:56 Three examples for finding accessories
02:20 How can I get rugs at an affordable price?
03:35 How can I find wall art at an affordable price?
04:50 DIY Wall art ideas
05:18 Framing wall art
05:48 How can I get a lamp at an affordable price?
06:58 Should I buy new or find used accessories?

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