June 20, 2022 3 min read

Why You Need A Rug Pad

Do you ever feel like you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you? Not figuratively; no, we are talking about literally. If your rug slips and slides around on your hardwood, tile, or linoleum floor, you have a potential safety hazard under your feet.

Surely there is a way to prevent sliding, right? Rugs are a common household item, so somebody must have thought of a way to keep you from cartoonishly sliding onto your backside? If you are worried about a sliding rug, a rug pad is the answer you need.

So what is a rug pad? Why do you need a rug pad? What are the features and benefits? At Furniture Fair, we want you to know how to get the most out of your rug.

In this article, you will learn what a rug pad is, why rug pads are essential for your home, and how to use a rug pad in your home. Read on to discover why a rug pad may suit your home.

Why You Need A Rug Pad
Why You Need A Rug Pad

What Is A Rug Pad?

A rug pad is a non-slip polymer-coated polyester pad that protects you, your rugs, and your floor from damage and injuries. The rug pad helps keep area rugs in place, preventing slips and trips while also extending the life of your wood floors by preventing scratches from the carpet padding.

A rug pad helps keep the rug more secured to the floor, especially on more slick floors like tile or wood. Rug pads can be used on hard surface floors and can easily be cut to the size of your rug, making setup easy.

Rug Pads at Furniture Fair come in 5x8 feet and 8x11 feet which are the most common area rug sizes. The material can be trimmed to fit a custom-sized rug or a rug with an irregular shape.

Why You Need A Rug Pad

What are the features and benefits of a rug pad?

So what are the features and benefits of a rug pad? A rug pad keeps area rugs in place and works on all hard surface floors. Whether you have wood floors, tile, concrete, or linoleum, a rug pad negates the slippery surface by creating a non-slip barrier between the rug and the floor.

If you have a wood floor, a rug pad prevents scratching on wood floors that the rug backing materials can cause under the bottom of your rug. The rug pad extends rug life and makes vacuuming more manageable, with less resistance from the rug.

Rug pads are hand washable, allowing you to clean your rug pad when cleaning your rug. When paired with a washable rug, you can rest assured your rug stays clean. Most rug pads are Intended for indoor use only and should not be used on outdoor rugs, which use a different type of rug pad. Rug pads are also anti-microbial, meaning less icky gunk will be trapped under your rug.

Why You Need A Rug Pad
Why You Need A Rug Pad

Why do you need a rug pad?

The primary reason rug pads are a good investment is safety. Many accidents can be prevented by not having a loose rug, not properly flattened, or curling up at the end. Putting a rug pad under your rug helps keep it safely held down and much less likely to slip.

The rug pad will also help extend the life of your rug. The pad is designed to help absorb the impact you and your family’s feet have on the rug fibers. Without a rug pad, the rug fibers will be crushed, and the rug will show signs of wear much quicker than with a rug pad.

Another reason to keep a rug pad is if you have wood floors. Rug pads keep your wood floors separate from the sometimes rough backing that rugs use to keep the carpet fibers held together. A rug pad prevents the backing from making contact with the wood floor and potentially ruining the finish.

Why You Need A Rug Pad

Ready To Put That Rug Back Under Your Feet?

Don’t let your home be a place where cartoon hijinks or potentially dangerous falls are more likely. If you have a rug or are considering purchasing an area rug, investing in a rug pad will save you potential injuries and damage to your floors.

Remember that rug pads are designed to keep your rug in place, and the polymer material is made to keep your carpet fibers looking new for longer. Don’t forget that a rug pad will keep your rug secure, helping prevent slips, trips, and potential falls.

If you are interested in purchasing a rug pad or want to buy an area rug, consider stopping by Furniture Fair. With locations throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Louisville, we have a showroom near you. Schedule an appointment today, or drop by and check out our selection of area rugs available in multiple sizes!

Why You Need A Rug Pad