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What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?
What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?

Rugs can be a welcome addition to any room design. Whether your style is bright and chaotic or muted and formal, a well-placed rug with the right design can elevate your space and add dimension to an otherwise flat-feeling room.

But when looking at rugs, you might wonder what size rugs are best for the room you are working with. You might also wonder about the most common rug sizes and how to match them to your space.

Furniture Fair sells a lot of furniture, but we also sell a lot of rugs to go with that furniture. If you are looking for a nice area rug for your living room in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky or a nice accent rug to finish your room in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, or Louisville, Furniture Fair has options.

This article will teach you about your home's most common rug sizes, from accent rugs to massive area rugs. Read on to find the most commonly used rug sizes and which dimensions suit your room.

What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?
What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?

Common Accent Rug Sizes

Accent rugs are smaller rugs designed to fill small spaces that need a practical and stylish accent. Accent rugs are perfect for doors, hallways, or any room on your floor that needs a little design or a pop of color.

Accent rugs are smaller and a bit easier to clean and maintain. If you live in a studio apartment, accent rugs can help separate spaces and distinguish living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas of your apartment to make it feel more intentional.

The most common rug sizes are three feet by five feet, four by six feet, and four feet by four feet. If you have a smaller space that needs some softness, warmth, or design, accent rugs are a must. You can also experiment with two mix-matched rugs if you have ample room.

What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?

Common Area Rug Sizes

An area rug is slightly bigger than an accent rug and is used to tie the room together. If you have wood floors that you want to protect from heavy foot traffic, area rugs can help. They are also perfect for tying furniture and accessory design styles together.

Many people use the terms area and accent rug interchangeably, and some stores put different sizes in different categories, so don’t worry about calling it the wrong thing. Both rug sizes will look lovely in your home.

Area rugs usually range from four feet by eight feet, five by seven feet, five by eight feet and even six feet by nine feet. Many stores have smaller sizes also labeled as area rugs.

What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?
What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?

Common Runner Rug Sizes

A runner rug, or a hallway runner, is a long rug usually used in hallways or areas where household traffic occurs. Runner rugs can save your floors from wearing unevenly and can also be a great way to indicate where people should walk in your home.

Most runner rugs are two feet by eight feet or two feet by ten feet, but they can also be custom ordered as long as needed in some cases.

What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?

Common Room Rug Sizes

A room rug is meant to contain all your furniture and provide a stylish alternative to carpet. Room rugs are the way to go if you love carpet but have beautiful flooring that you simply cannot cover.

Room rugs are the largest rug size category ranging from eight feet by eight feet to twelve feet by fifteen feet. You will also find sizes like eight by ten, eight by eleven, five by eleven, nine by thirteen, ten by fourteen, and twelve by fifteen.

What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?
What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?

What Size Rugs Does Furniture Fair Carry?

Furniture Fair carries five-foot by seven-foot accent rugs, five-by-eight rugs, and eight-by-eleven rugs. Additional sizes and styles can be special ordered through our rug vendors, so if you don’t find the type you are looking for, ask about special order rugs, and one of our furniture experts will gladly show you more options.

These are the perfect types of rugs to accent living room furniture sets, dining sets, or home office setups. If you need a little extra wow factor for your room, a nice rug can be the finishing touch. Furniture Fair also carries outdoor rugs if you need that same design effect with your patio outdoor furniture.

Additionally, suppose you worry about your rug sliding across the floor due to an overeager pet or rambunctious little ones. In that case, you should consider getting a rug pad to keep slipping to a minimum.

What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?

Ready To Find The Best Size Rugs For Your Home?

Now that you know the most common size rugs available at Furniture Fair and other retailers, you will be ready to find the best size for your living room, bedroom, dining room, or home office.

Remember that rugs are most commonly grouped by size as accent rugs, area rugs, runner rugs, and room rugs. Don’t forget that each size serves a specific purpose, but you shouldn’t feel limited to that purpose when designing your home.

If you are interested in getting an accent rug or furniture to go with your rug, schedule an appointment with one of our furniture experts or visit one of our locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, southern Indiana, or Louisville.

Before you visit, check out the rug selections we offer online or learn a few tips and tricks for how to care for your area rug. If your room feels almost complete but not quite yet, you might be missing the perfect rug.

What Are The Most Common Rug Sizes?