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How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer
How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

With the spring season comes the urge to clean house, store away winter clothes, and venture outside more than twice a day when the dog needs his exercise. The best place to start your outdoor migration, now that the snow has melted, is on your back porch or patio.

With coffee and newspapers in the mornings, beers and games during the day, neighborhood cookouts among the fireflies in the ever-warmer evenings, having a patio is like having an extra room in your house, but better because that room is outside!

But with the eager anticipation of enjoying your outdoor space, you may also be feeling a bit of a lackluster attitude toward your current patio decor.

That cheap set of lawn chairs was great for the first two seasons, but your family and friend groups have most likely outgrown or outnumbered them, and they aren’t quite up to another summer.

Perhaps you are thinking of having more outdoor entertaining, get-togethers, outside activities, and social mixers at your place, and you want a space that can accommodate guests and still look put together. If you want a functional and fun space, Furniture Fair has some ideas for you.

In business for over 58 years, Furniture Fair sells both indoor and outdoor furniture, emphasizing quality, style, and affordable pricing. We want to share our expertise with you by giving you some fun ideas for creating an entertaining, welcoming outdoor space for relaxing or entertaining guests.

This article will cover the 8 easy ways to make your patio a gathering point during the late spring and early summer and what accessories will both complement and serve a practical purpose in your backyard space.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer
How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

#1 - Use Outdoor Seating With Performance Fabric Upholstery

If you're anything like us, you like a comfy seating arrangement in your home. Why not extend that cushioning to the great outdoors (or, in this case, your great outdoor patio)?

While you might not think that upholstery belongs in the great outdoors, the truth is that performance fabrics are now available that can stand up to a bit of outdoor weather.

Invest in some cozy outdoor furniture. Let’s face it; there’s a lot of seriously uncomfortable patio furniture out there. Poky metal patio chairs, fabrics ravaged by the elements, rotted wood picnic tables, old mildewy deck chairs… if any of these items sound familiar, it’s definitely time for an upgrade!

With an investment in comfortable performance fabric upholstery, your outdoor furniture can be just as comfy as what you’ve got indoors. Opt for something padded, stylish, and durable with high style and low maintenance.

Outdoor sofas and accent chairs can come in various cushioning options in sturdy weather-resistant fabrics from brands like Sunbrella.

These fabrics are designed to resist moisture and sun-fading while giving you and your guests a place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

#2 - Invest In Quality & Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture faces the elements more than most other furniture you own, and due to the constant exposure, it needs to be of better quality. What you’re looking for is quality craftsmanship and maximum durability so that you can keep your outdoor furniture going season after season.

Better quality outdoor dining sets, sofas, or chairs will stand up to the elements during the summer months while also keeping you and your family comfortable and relaxed. Consider longevity and quality when making an outdoor furniture purchase.

Great patio gear should also be protected if you want it to last longer. Check out our video on how long your outdoor furniture should last. We also have handy guides for keeping your outdoor furniture safe during the summer and protected during the cold winter months.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer
How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

#3 - Use An Outdoor Dining Table To Create A Gathering Space

Eating outdoors has gone from a necessity during the times of early man to a fun activity that many events and fun times are planned around, and the cookout is a legendary example of the art of eating outdoors!

Opt for an outside dining table large enough for guests. Who wants to arrive at a weekend cookout only to find they have to drag kitchen chairs outside just to have a place to sit?

Make your patio inviting for all by investing in a quality outdoor dining table and chairs. Let the cookouts commence!

Whether you prefer a tight-knit circle of three or four close friends, or you love having all your friends over, you can find an outdoor dining table that can accommodate them all.

Look for materials that match your exterior or landscape vibes while also holding up to the elements in your climate.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

#4 - Tie Your Patio Space Together With An Outdoor Accent Rug

Spruce up your space with an outdoor rug. Want to turn your patio into a hangout as cozy as your living room? Invest in a large outdoor rug, which boosts comfort levels while also adding a pop of color and texture to an otherwise drab outdoor space.

A rug will provide a path to walk from inside to the patio for those of you who love being barefoot but aren’t a fan of hard wooden, stone, or concrete surfaces.

In addition to keeping your feet clean, rugs act as a visual glue that completes the look of your outdoor space.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer
How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

#5 - Create Shade On Your Patio For A Relaxing Outdoor Atmosphere

Get your shade on with a patio umbrella or. Summer is lovely and all, but there are limits: no one wants to sit on a roasting patio under full sunlight for hours on end.

Upgrade your outdoor game with a high-quality patio umbrella, designed to provide a shady haven while still allowing that summer breeze to blow on through (and make you feel fine).  

Look for an umbrella with an easy slider mechanism to pivot the umbrella as needed. You can even rotate these to 360° using the foot pedal on the base, which is especially helpful as you adjust according to the sun’s position in the sky.

#6 - Add A Fire Pit And Keep The Party Going

Make the most of all four seasons with a fire pit. Summers are the time when patios shine, but a good fire pit offers ways to extend the season. Share ghost stories, toast marshmallows, make smores, or just chill with friends while you keep warm around the fire’s glow.

Classic firepits run on traditional fuels like wood and charcoal, while non-traditional fire pits run on liquid fuels like gas or propane.

Traditional firepits offer rustic charm and make adding a new log part of the evening festivities. In contrast, gas-powered firepits are lower maintenance and don’t get that smoky smell in your clothes.

An outdoor table with a fireplace insert or classic firepit can be a mesmerizing source of heat, light, and entertainment. The firepit is sure to be the centerpiece of all your future patio parties.

Make sure to buy a quality firepit, and you’ll be using it season after season to keep warm and enjoy the evening.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer
How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

#7 - Add Lighting For More Elevated Patio Dinner Parties

Perhaps the best way to give your patio an elegant but straightforward upgrade is to invest in some good illumination. A bit of mood lighting can completely change the atmosphere of your back patio to create a place that is fun to gather after the sunsets.

A few strings of fairy lights, lights to illuminate the edges of the patio, or even a well-placed set of candles will do the trick, instantly creating the kind of cozy, festive mood that every backyard deck aspires to create.

Fun Fact! Tiki torches can pull double duty as light sources and mosquito repellent so that the only party crashers you have to deal with are the human variety.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

#8 - Add Your Personal Touch To The Outdoor Space

Sometimes the best way to make your patio inviting is to make it yours. While you might already own your space, the time has come to own it on a more personal level. Your patio should reflect your style and personality.

Accessorize with a mix of new and vintage items. The best way to conquer a drab patio is by changing your mindset: think of it as an extension of your indoor space, meant to be decorated and accessorized with the same level of creativity and care.

Opt for a blend of colors and patterns that emphasize the natural landscape and can hold up to the weather (or, pro tip: keep a plastic tub of not-so-weather-friendly accessories in a closet by your backdoor to whip out when company comes).

Add unexpected, high-impact details like metal sculptures or colorful blankets used as tablecloths. Further funkify your outdoor space by adding artsy details most wouldn’t expect to find outside.

Metal sculptures will stand up to the elements and provide exciting conversation pieces to boot. Have some colorful blankets or tapestries lying around? Use them as tablecloths to brighten up your next cookout.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer
How To Decorate Your Outdoor Patio Space This Summer

Ready To Make Your Patio The Life Of The Party This Summer?

Summer is fast approaching, and the hibernating homebodies are starting to venture out into nature again. Thankfully, with the handy tips you’ve read in this article, you can have your patio set up to make even the most significant homebody feel at home outside.

Remember to invest in quality patio furniture and keep your outdoor patio furniture put away when the summer ends. Get a better atmosphere by adding mood lighting, area rugs, and a firepit.

Keep in mind that shade is just as consequential as sunshine, and your personal touch will take the patio from a gathering place to a cozy personal space for you and your friends to spend quality time.

With these things fresh in your mind, you can shop for outdoor furniture with confidence, knowing that you can create a back patio space that will be the gathering point for your close friends this summer.

If you are in the market for outdoor dining sets, chairs, tables with umbrellas, couches, loveseats, or sectionals, check out the selection available at Furniture Fair. We have furniture that will transform your backyard into a place to relax and have a good time.

Visit us online or at your nearest location in the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville area and get your home ready for outdoor activities!

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