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September 11, 2020 3 min read

Curbside shipping is now available! If you've never heard of curbside shipping before, you might wonder what precisely curbside shipping is. If you've considered having a new furniture purchase delivered, you will want to learn more about this delivery type.

Is curbside shipping like regular delivery? Does this type of delivery cost more than a standard delivery? What exactly is a curbside shipping, and why would I want it? Will curbside shipping keep me safe from COVID19? If you have any of these questions, read on to find out how curbside delivery could benefit you!

At Furniture Fair, we have over 50 years of experience delivering furniture, and our team has a reputation for being fast, efficient, and friendly. With this new curbside shipping service we are introducing, we wanted to make sure that you know what to expect with this new delivery option.

Contactless Delivery: What is Curbside Furniture Delivery?

So What Is Curbside Shipping?

Curbside shipping is a new form contactless furniture delivery. Contactless delivery will help keep your furniture free of germs and dust and any potential contagions, such as COVID19 that can spread through human contact.

With curbside shipping, you will get your recently purchased furniture to your house without having to put yourself at risk of potential foreign contagions. This is very convenient for people who are immune-compromised or trying to keep their living space disinfected.

How Does Curbside Shipping Work?

A Curbside Delivery starts after you make a furniture purchase. Your furniture will be brought to the nearest warehouse to you and then loaded on one of our delivery trucks. Once loaded, one of our skilled delivery teams will take your delivery to your home.

Once your furniture arrives at your specified location, we will offload your delivery to a specified area outside your home or living space. You can choose where you want it placed, either the front door, the back door, or the garage.

Contactless Delivery: What is Curbside Furniture Delivery?

Does Curbside Shipping Cost More Than a Normal Delivery?

Curbside shipping DOES NOT cost more than a normal delivery! In fact, curbside shipping is actually cheaper than a regular delivery since the delivery team is only delivering the furniture and not setting the furniture up in your home.

Is Curbside Delivery The Same as Store Pickup?

Curbside shipping is NOT the same as store pickup. With store pickup, you bring your vehicle to the Furniture Fair location and pick the furniture up at our receiving entrance.

With curbside shipping, the furniture that you have purchased is placed on our delivery truck and delivered to the front, back, or side of your residence, per your instructions.

Will I Need to Assemble My Curbside Shipping Order?

You WILL need to assemble the curbside shipping order once it is delivered. With curbside shipping, you will have the convenience of delivery and the safety of keeping the delivery contactless.

However, since the delivery team cannot assemble your furniture safely at the curbside, the task of making your new furniture will fall to you. If you like building things, this should be no problem for you, but if you are not very knowledgeable on how to assemble items with screws and multiple pieces, you may want to opt for a preferred delivery.

Something else to consider when getting curbside shipping is that you will need to fit your order through your doorway. If you are ordering a large item such as a sectional, you should find out how large the item is within the box to be sure that it fits in your doorway.

Will I need to be home for my Curbside Shipping?

We would prefer that you are at home within the 2-hour delivery window. While you aren't required, we can't guarantee your delivery's safety once the process is complete on our end.

To minimize the risk of lost, stolen, or damaged items, we recommend that you be at home to receive them once the delivery team finishes making the delivery. Once your delivery is complete, you can seamlessly move the furniture from the curb to your living space.

Contactless Delivery: What is Curbside Furniture Delivery?

Get Ready For Your Furniture’s Curbside Shipping!

Now that you know what curbside shipping is, you can decide if this new delivery process is right for you. Suppose you want a contactless delivery method that brings your new furniture to your door without needing to interact with the delivery service. In that case, curbside shipping is the way to go.

If you are interested in seeing all deliveries that are available to you, check out our article on other options for furniture delivery.

If you are looking to get some new furniture and have it delivered to you, consider shopping in-store or online at Furniture Fair. We offer living room, dining room, bedroom, office furniture, and a wide selection of accessories. Check us out today!

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