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Top 5 Furniture Stores in Louisville, Kentucky
Top 5 Furniture Stores in Louisville, Kentucky

Are you in the Louisville, Kentucky area looking for some new furniture? If you’re like us, you want to get the best deal possible on your new couch, dining table, or sectional. If you can't find what you are looking for here, we still want you to find your dream furniture. You might need to compare similar products at some of our distinguished competition.

Since Furniture Fair has been selling furniture for over 50 years, we know a thing or two about quality furniture stores, and we want you to get the furniture that is best for you.Our goal is to make sure you get the best furniture for your needs, whether through another furniture retailer or us.With that in mind, here are our top 5 picks for the best furniture stores in Louisville, Kentucky! We will be ranking them using the Good, Better, Best, System. If we can't provide the perfect furniture for you, we hope you have better luck in one of these stores.

With a rich history dating back to 1945, Ashley Furniture is arguably the USA’s most well-known furniture brand. To date, Ashley Furniture is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world.The first Ashley HomeStore was opened in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1997, and the stores have since expanded worldwide to include over 1,000 locations. Ashley is an industry leader in the furniture business, and the products they make reflect that expertise.


Ashley’s product design team stays focused on the ever-adapting trends in the furniture industry. Ashley HomeStore is a great place to find trendy products that will fit in with many furniture design looks and styles.

No matter your style or the look that you are trying to go for, you can find a piece that will fit you, all in one place. Ashley is a great store to visit to see the current trending furniture.


Ashley is a great place to shop if you are focused on getting the best bang for your buck. Ashley’s furniture is built to factor in a balance between solid, sturdy materials and lower cost.

This combination of value and quality in construction lets you get a great deal on furniture. With Ashley, your new living room, bedroom, or dining set, will give you limited value at a lower cost than other retailers.

Quality: Good

Ashley Furniture has good quality furniture that is also affordable. The construction is based on keeping costs low and their products won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase. Ashley gives you high style at prices that will not break your bank.If you are looking for a wide selection of furniture and styles within a reasonable price point, consider visiting Ashley HomeStore in Louisville, and check out their selection. And if you want another value store to compare products with, you can try the next option on our list.

Value City Furniture has a history that starts back in 1948 and a mission to make furniture shopping easy and to help customers like you find the perfect furniture.Value City offers just what it says in the name; Value. The company is similar to Ashley in that they offer stylish designs at affordable prices, making them popular with consumers looking to get the most for their dollar.


Value City’s mission is to furnish customers lives with high-quality pieces at affordable prices. Their Kroehler line of products is an in-house brand that features the Ultimate Comfort Collection and is made right at home in the USA.

Value City features collections in various styles from farmhouse to modern, and they regularly update their inventory with new and evolving style trends. If you are looking for stylish and on-trend furniture, Value City Furniture is a great option.


The name Value City should be an obvious indication of what this furniture store is all about. Affordable furniture at a high level of quality is easy to obtain at Value City Furniture.

If you want good quality and an affordable price point, consider stopping by to check out their store.

Quality: Good

Value City quality is based on the prices that they charge, and each item may have varying levels of quality. If the price is your number one concern, you may sacrifice a bit on quality. However, Value City furniture will be of acceptable quality and will last you for a long time if you take care of it.In addition to quality, Value City offers a 5-year, worry-free protection plan covering stains, accidents, and structural damage to the fabric, leather, and wood pieces. If you don’t use it, you get the full amount back with in-store credit.

From humble beginnings in downtown Atlanta, Haverty’s has made a name for itself with over 100 stores throughout 16 states, serving millions of loyal, satisfied customers. The company takes pride in offering high-quality furniture, friendly service, and affordable prices.If you are in the market for higher quality furniture while still keeping track of your budget, consider a trip to Haverty’s to select better quality products at fair prices. Compare the furniture with other retailers and find out if they are right for you.


Haverty’s features many collections that incorporate a wide variety of styles, from thoroughly modern, to classic farmhouse stylings. No matter your style, you are sure to find one that will fit your design sense.

Haverty’s offers these styles at a more upscale quality than your standard furniture retailer, with an emphasis toward a higher level of quality rather than the lowest price options.


If the price is your number one concern, you may experience a little bit of sticker shock when you first enter Haverty’s, but the price is not without value. When you buy a piece from Haverty’s, you have the benefit of knowing the company is dedicated to selling quality products.

Quality: Better

When you shop Haverty’s compared to other retailers such as Ashley and Value City Furniture, you will notice an immediate difference in pricing. This price difference is due to the better level of quality put into the construction.Haverty’s pieces use better quality construction materials and mechanisms along with higher quality fabrics, leathers, and finishes, to give you a higher level of quality than what you would get at a lower price point.

Basset’s goal is clear from the start; They build furniture to last rather than furniture to sell. For over 100 years, the Basset name has come to symbolize American ingenuity and comfortable, long-lasting furniture.Basset also specializes in custom furniture and has a team of in-house interior designers ready to help you create a completely custom room design. With Basset, you will get some of the highest quality in the market and customized furniture design services for all your furniture needs.


Basset’s style is best described as classic. While they offer several styles, they prioritize classic shapes and silhouettes, letting the natural materials and solid woods take center stage above showy stylings.

When visiting Basset, you have the option to create a unique custom piece, styled after your imagination. The style that Basset offers is almost unlimited compared to the limited choices available at other stores.


Basset Furniture has high-quality furniture, and with higher quality comes a premium price. You will be paying for solid construction and furniture that lasts for decades.

If treated well, Basset furniture can be an heirloom piece that you can pass on to the next generation.

Quality: Best

The furniture you shop at Basset is without a doubt in the best category of good, better, best. Solid woods, highest quality mechanisms, and some of the best fabrics and leathers available are all used in various products manufactured for Basset.If you want an excellent quality product that can compare with England Furniture or Smith Brothers of Berne, Basset Furniture is a perfect option to consider. The level of quality available to you will be much better than your average furniture store.

Located just outside Louisville in La Grange, Kentucky, Cherry House Furniture Gallery has been in business since 1969. Founder Shirley Whitehouse created a company that soon became known regionally for unique, fine home furnishings.Cherry House specializes in high-quality custom furniture and award-winning room designs created by in-store or in-home design professionals. When you visit Cherry House, you will see some of the finest custom furniture and customer service in the furniture industry.


With Cherry House, you have a few styles to choose from, based on old-school classic styles that have outlived trends and will remain in style throughout the upcoming decades of use you will put them through.

With the custom design options available through Cherry House, you can ensure that your vision for an ideal living space will become a reality.If custom furniture is the direction you are wanting to go, consider visiting Cherry House.

Quality: Best

Quality is the benchmark of Cherry House products. Cherry House furniture only uses the best quality materials like solid hardwoods and top-quality leathers and fabrics.When you purchase a Cherry House product, you will most likely not need to repurchase one.

High-quality custom furniture will make your need to purchase new furniture unnecessary once you’ve bought it. Cherry House sells furniture that will last your lifetime and longer if you are willing to maintain it.

Now You Can Shop The Best Furniture Stores in Louisville!

Now that you have a way to shop our top five furniture retailers in Louisville, you can shop and compare prices! Using the good, better, best system, you can quickly determine the best furniture option for you and find it at a price that you are happy with.If low prices are your biggest concern, try Ashley HomeStore or Value City Furniture! If you want better quality at an affordable price, give Haverty’s a try, and if you absolutely must have the best quality, check out Bassett Furniture or Cherry House.

Compare Style & Prices at Furniture Fair in Louisville!

If you are in the market for new furniture in the Louisville, Dayton, or Cincinnati area, we hope you will also compare prices at Furniture Fair.Furniture Fair has a wide range of furniture that covers good, better, and best furniture, but our primary strength is providing furniture that is built solid but also at an affordable price.If price is your number one concern, we carry budget-friendly brands such as Ashley, and Best Home Furnishings. We have products at a wide variety of price-ranges that are sure to fit within your budget.

If you are more about getting the best quality possible, we offer several solid wood brands, such as Winesburg, Daniels Amish, Smith Brothers, and England Furniture. Plus we are the exclusive Stickley furniture dealer for the Louisville area.
With 11 locations and a great collection of dining, bedroom, and living room sets, Furniture Fair has options for you! If you're in the area, visit our Louisville showroom today or check us out online.