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Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?
Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

If you have visited a furniture store or shopped for furniture online within the past six months, you’ve probably experienced a little bit of frustration at how limiting the options for in-stock furniture are. Showrooms are full of great-looking furniture but only some of it is available immediately.

Why is the furniture that you could normally get fast and easy not available right away? What is taking new furniture so long to get to stores and why do you have to wait to order the furniture that you really want? What in the world is causing all the furniture delays?

With Covid precautions in effect for most of last year and this year, all industries have been affected in one way or another, including the furniture industry. What might seem like an annoying setback can create a chain reaction that has major impacts on industry supplies.

Furniture Fair has been in the business for over 58 years now and we’ve received and delivered all types of furniture. We want to give you some insight into the furniture shipping, receiving, and delivery process, and how that process is affected by the events of covid19.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?
Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Lack Of Production During Shutdown

During the 2020 shutdown, countries all over the world, including the USA shut down their non-essential businesses in order to try and contain the spread of covid as much as possible. The shutdown lasted around three months and even longer in some areas.

The initial shutdown led to a gap in furniture production since most furniture manufacturing is a non-essential job during a pandemic. Because of the manufacturing gap, no new furniture was made during the months that companies were shut down.

During the shutdown, many people who were spending more time in their homes began to realize that their furniture was less-than-perfect.

Suddenly, the demand for new furniture began to skyrocket, and it wasn’t long until much of the in-stock furniture across the USA was snapped up by customers wanting better sofas, sectionals, and beds.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Reduced Employee Numbers & Socially Distanced Workplaces

After the initial shutdown during the beginning of covid19, businesses worldwide had to restructure their methods to keep employees safer from potential exposure to the virus.

Because of the new rules, many companies needed to change up everything from the building layout to the number of people on staff during a work shift.

The changes in regulations led to delays in manufacturing, as companies scrambled to find a safe way to manufacture furniture for delivery.

Manufacturing resumed again at a more limited pace and companies are once again making and delivering furniture, but unfortunately, due to the demand and backlog, many furniture manufacturers have months of backlogged orders.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?
Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Material Shortages

Manufacturing companies were not the only companies forced to shut down during covid. Companies that source everything from wood and metal to memory foam, could not provide the raw materials necessary for furniture manufacturing.

A lack of raw materials meant that other manufacturers could not make the necessary parts needed to make couch cushions, beds, end tables, TV Stands, and dining room tables.

Manufacturers need to source many of the items needed to make furniture. Fasteners, springs, frames, reclining mechanisms, and many other parts require parts to be sourced from various companies, and when those companies cannot provide the materials, no furniture can be made.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Shipping Demand Increases

While the materials and employees available for manufacturing and shipping have gone down, the demand for shipping has only gone up.

Shipping overseas requires the use of massive cargo transport ships that carry large numbers of rectangular containers. The average modern container vessel can carry between 18,000 – 24,000 shipping containers.

Because of the lack of workers and the shutdown of shipping during the beginning of the pandemic, shipping orders are abnormally backed up. In fact, there is around 30% more demand for product shipping than there are containers to meet that demand.

The high need for products like furniture combined with the backed-up shipping schedules means that furniture that is made still goes through a waiting process before being shipped over to the USA. The shipping delay means a delay before the furniture can get to stores in the USA.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?
Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Truck Driver Shortages

An unexpected curveball added to the near-perfect storm of shipping delays was a new lack of career truckers. Truckers are part of the backbone of America’s freight services, and when that service gets interrupted, furniture inventory can be delayed.

New regulations on various parts of the trucking industry have caused many career truckers to decide to retire rather than spend the necessary money required to get the trucks in regulation. Retiring truckers in combination with Covid regulations and new regulations, in general, has led to a shortage in truck drivers.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

What Can I Do If The Furniture I Want Isn’t In Stock?

If you’ve found the furniture that you really need to complete your room but it is out of stock, unfortunately, you are limited to a few options. Until the supply catches up to demand, the shipping industry will be backed up with shipping orders and unable to deliver furniture as quickly as before.

However, here are a few ways you may be able to speed up the process and avoid some of the supply chain gridlock.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?
Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Place Your Order As Soon As Possible

If you are absolutely convinced that the furniture not in stock is the furniture you need, your best bet is to order sooner rather than later, whether that is with cash or financing. Ordering sooner will place you higher on any waiting list and get your furniture to you sooner.

While ordering sooner will not guarantee a specific delivery date, you will have the advantage of having your order placed, so that as soon as the furniture arrives, the furniture retailer you purchased from can deliver your furniture.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Buy Made-In-The-USA

There are two types of made-in-the-USA furniture manufacturers; brands who source their materials entirely within the United States and those who source from outside the USA and manufacture the product in the USA.

Furniture that is sourced and manufactured entirely within the United States has a distinctive advantage, as the furniture only has to travel overland rather than overseas, meaning fewer shipping delays.

While there may still be a delay due to the shutdown, you are much more likely to get made-in-the-USA furniture delivered sooner. If speed and options are your key, buying from an American made brand is your best option.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?
Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Buy Furniture That Is In Stock

This option may be the most limiting out of the three options we’ve listed, but if you need your new furniture fast, you may have to sacrifice some of the choice and find furniture that you like, that is also in-stock.

If you need furniture fast, make sure when you visit furniture showrooms to let your salesperson know that you are looking for in-stock furniture.

Finding the right piece that is also in stock will be much faster than waiting for extended periods of time for overseas shipping.

Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?

Be Prepared For In-Stock Delays When Shopping For New Furniture

Now that you are aware of the reasons why some furniture is out of stock, you can shop knowing what options are available. Keep in mind that shipping has been delayed across almost every part of the delivery chain, and while everyone is working hard to meet the demand, it may be awhile before the supply gets caught up to demand.

If you are shopping for furniture, remember to either buy in-stock, buy made-in-the-USA, or buy what you want so that it will get to you as soon as it is in stock. Keep these tasks in mind and you might be able to get your furniture a bit sooner.

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Why Is The Furniture I Want Not In Stock?