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How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal
How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

'Tis the season for giving thanks, and if your family has grown significantly in the past few years, perhaps you will be giving thanks over a new dining table. Marriages, new children, nieces, nephews, and significant others of all shapes and sizes are potential additions to your growing family.

That growing family might not fit around your dining table quite so easily anymore. If your table has grown too small for your family, perhaps the time has come to purchase a newer, larger table for this upcoming Turkey Day.

But what qualities should the perfect Thanksgiving Day table have? How does one go about getting the perfect table? How can one fit all the friends and relatives around the dining area without the space resembling a Peanuts holiday cartoon?

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

Well, thankfully (pun intended), Furniture Fair is here to assist you during this season of friends and family. We've sold dining sets for more than 50 Thanksgivings, and we've seen tables of all shapes and sizes throughout our years of selling.

We know what makes a good table, and we are here to assist you in your search for the perfect table for this year's season of giving thanks with our loved ones, and that guy from work that you brought because he didn't have family close enough to visit.

So, without further ado, let's look at what you should look for in the perfect thanksgiving dining table. After reading this article, you will be able to find the ideal table to hold that turkey, ham, or whatever tofu-based substitute that your daughter insists tastes just like the real thing.

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal
How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

4 Things To Look For In a Dining Room Table

The dining table is more than just a place to eat or the resting place for your coupons and junk mail. A dining table is a place to build traditions for your family and an area to bond with the friends in your life.

Your family will create many warm, cherished memories around the dinner table, and the quality of the table should reflect the quality time your family will receive during dinners or game nights. The right table, if adequately cared for, will make memories for generations.

So what should you be looking for in a good heirloom quality dining table that will make your thanksgivings the talk of the table?

Here are our suggestions for what to look for when shopping for a dining table. While every option isn't necessary, we believe that these features will give you the best table for your Thanksgiving celebrations.

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

#1 Solid Wood Construction

If you are looking for a dining table that your grandkids can host Thanksgiving with their grandkids on, you will need a table made from solid wood.

Many tables use veneers and other artificial materials to simulate solid wood, and while these tables are great for many uses and can be very high quality, they will not last as long as solid wood tables.

Solid wood tables are constructed with fewer weak points and more natural wood, which means a solid table that can easily hold the bevy of delicious Thanksgiving food and dining chairs that will not become loose or wobbly after two months of use.

With solid wood designs, you can choose from multiple solid wood species like maple, cherry, oak, and even exotic woods like mango and mahogany. Solid wood tables also have protective finishes, such as a catalyzed finished, designed to extend the wood's lifespan even further.

Solid wood dining tables will withstand years of use and, with the proper upkeep, will last for multiple generations. If you need a new table, consider buying the table that your children will one day be able to look at with fond memories, while they create even more holiday memories with their children.

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal
How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

#2 Leaf Extensions

Suppose your family has outgrown your old table, and you want all your relatives to sit comfortably around the dining table this Thanksgiving. In that case, one option to consider is a table that can grow with your family. Help make extra space this Holiday season by getting a table with leaf extensions.

What are leaf extensions, you ask? Great question! Leaf extensions are wood sections that can help extend your table's length so you can fit more people around your dining table. If you are designing your table, you can include multiple leaf extensions around your design.

Leaf extenders can be stored when not in use, and some designs can even slide into the table without the need for additional storage. If you require more space during the holidays but want to save space when the whole family isn't home, Leaf extensions are the perfect option.

And speaking of the perfect table option...

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

#3 Custom Designs

There is no better table for you than a table that you have designed for your specific needs. Only you know what your family is like, and only you can create the perfect table to serve your family's needs for the holiday season.

Custom design allows you to create your dream table from the tabletop right down to the base design. Choose your table shape, like square, round, rectangular, or even oval. Find the dimensions that will fit your family and any potential Thanksgiving guests.

Once you know your table shape, then you can determine the corner trim and the base. Your table can fit whatever design sense you are looking to incorporate, whether that be an ornate Victorian flourished style or a modern functional minimal design.

If you want a piece that speaks to your design sense while also creating a beautiful space to showcase that Thanksgiving turkey, a custom-designed table will do the job for you, your children, and grandchildren.

And if you're looking to add even more history to your table...

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal
How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

#4 Buy Made in the USA

If you want a dining table to trace back to the manufacturer, consider buying a locally made table or a table made in the USA. Companies like MAVIN and Daniels Amish are made locally in Ohio. They feature beautiful heritage craftsmanship built to last and are designed to be treasured by your family for decades.

A table made in the USA will reflect your family, a group of loved ones, friends, and exceptional people coming together under one roof to celebrate the good things you have around you, whether it be solid wood craftsmanship or grandma's recipe for the best cornbread stuffing.

Also, an American made table can be the start of a great family tradition of heirloom furniture. An American made, solid wood table will be the pride and joy of many generations if properly cared for.

Short of hewing and plaining the raw lumber yourself, buying a table from an American Manufacturer is one of the best ways to create an heirloom piece with history and quality that you can pass onto the next generation.

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

Invest In New Family Memories For Your Next Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the closest times our families and friends experience during the year, and while we love being close, a good quality table that fits everyone will ensure that everyone isn't too close for comfort.

If you are looking for a new table for the holiday season that will hold as much tradition as the Thanksgiving turkey, consider buying a solid wood, Made in the USA dining table. Don't forget to consider adding those extension leaves for the extended family and your surprise guests.

If you are considering buying a new table this Thanksgiving, consider checking out Furniture Fair. We offer customized tables through Daniels Amish, MAVIN, and Stickley. We sell complete custom dining sets with as many chairs as you need for the next Thanksgiving get-together.  

Check out one of our 11 locations in Louisville, Cincinnati and Dayton. We can't wait to help make your next Thanksgiving an even better memory.

How To Find The Perfect Dining Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal