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What Are The Best Quality Dining Sets

If you are in the market for a new dining set, you may be wondering what to look for regarding quality. Many first-time or recurring furniture buyers might have questions about the products they are purchasing, and the last thing anyone wants is to regret a big purchase.

How do you know that what you are buying is worth the price that you are paying? Is this dining set a fair value just because the price is low? What is this table made out of, and why is it more expensive than that other one that looks just like it?

These questions and more can be answered using the Good, Better, Best Ranking System. If you are in the market for a new dining set, read on, and learn how to rank your options based on quality using this handy ranking system.

Furniture Fair has over 50 years of experience selling furniture, and all sales staff are trained to use the Good, Better, Best System. We have the know-how to show you what to look for when you need a quality dining set.

What Are The Best Quality Dining Sets
What Are The Best Quality Dining Sets

What is Good, Better, Best?

The Good, Better, Best Ranking System (hereafter referred to as GBB to prevent monotony and carpal tunnel syndrome) is a quality-focused checklist that you can use to determine the quality of the dining set that you are considering purchasing.

Keep in mine that GBB isn't necessarily ranking worst to best. Every segment of GBB has pros and cons depending on what you will be prioritizing. If you are looking for the best price, then good is a great fit for you, while if solid woods and attention to detail are your number one priority, then best is your best option.

Using the GBB list will help you determine the dining set quality and determine if the price listed is comparable to the quality. Once you have applied the GBB list, you will be more knowledgeable about the product and better understand furniture quality price points.

What Are The Best Quality Dining Sets

How to Determine Good, Better, Best

Now let’s find out how to go about finding the GBB when looking at dining sets! There are four primary methods that you can use to determine the GBB ranking of a dining set. We will list an overview of each one below and go into detail for each of the three GBB categories.

What Are The Best Quality Dining Sets

1. Construction

When ranking a dining set, one of the most important things to look for is the type of construction.Once you learn the construction quality, you will have the best idea of what the GBB ranking will be.

Construction methods will usually range from forms that give the lowest cost to forms that give the highest value. Price points will vary based on the materials and methods used to create the dining set.

2. Depth of finish

Depth of finish applies to wood-based dining sets, so if your dining set is another material, you can skip this. Depth of finish refers to the wood stains and varnishes used and is a good indicator of the quality of material used.

Faux woods, plastics, laminates, and wood veneers will not have a natural deep wood finish. This is a great way to determine if a dining set is constructed from natural wood and not artificial wood materials.

3. Quality of Materials

This applies to any woods, metals, composite materials, fasteners, glues, and attention to detail in the construction process.Careful inspection will reveal the GBB ranking and help you to determine which material you are comfortable having in your home.

4. Warranties

A warranty is a sign of confidence from the product manufacturer in the product that they make.Warranties are an excellent way to determine how long you can expect your furniture to last at a minimum and will help you rank that piece more accurately to the GBB list.


Best Quality Dining Sets

Best quality dining sets are built with quality above all other aspects. Best quality furniture manufacturers often use construction methods that require more time and effort to manufacture but will create a solid table and chair set that you can pass on to the next generation.

Best quality furniture is usually constructed from solid woods, using techniques designed to incorporate the natural swelling and shifting that real solid wood does during temperature changes. Amish furniture is a very good example of the best quality of furniture.

Depth of finish is most evident in best quality furniture since a dining set made from solid wood will feature a finish that penetrates through the layers of wood without any interference. The depth of finish and attention to detail is one of the main things that sets furniture in the best category apart the better.

Many furniture manufacturers at the best level offer 5-10 year warranties on their furniture, demonstrating their belief in the product quality and longevity. Dining sets in the best category are sets that can become heirlooms if properly maintained.


Better Quality Dining Sets

Better quality dining sets are built with construction features that are designed to maximize quality and value simultaneously and give you a product that is both affordable and solid. The tables and chairs are made with heavy-duty screws and other materials for better quality.

Better dining sets tend to use different types of composite woods such as plywood, chipboard, and OSB in the non-showing areas and better quality wood on top, making a table that is both solid and affordable.

Dining sets in the better category will feature limited finish depth since the materials are composite underneath, limiting the depth that the finish can be seen through. While not the same quality as solid wood furniture, this level will provide a sturdy, longer-lasting dining set.

Dining sets at the better level of the GBB list usually feature a 1-2 year limited warranty to guard against any product failure. A well-maintained better dining set will last 10-15 or more years if properly maintained and cared for.


Good Quality Dining Sets

Good quality dining sets are made with both low prices and good value in mind. An excellent way to describe good quality furniture is transitional furniture. A good quality dining set, for example, will usually last 5-10 years if taken care of, but is not designed to last for a long time.

Good quality dining sets are best for someone needing a cheap set fast, or for a college student needing to outfit an apartment. Good dining sets are built to be a temporary solution to an urgent need.

Good quality dining sets use the least amount of materials in construction possible, thereby lowering the cost. They will use simple attachments like brackets, screws, and glues for a fast solution to your dining needs.

Good quality dining sets may feel a bit wobbly after a few years due to low-cost adhesives and materials. Also, this quality level is more susceptible to damage and may not wear as well in households with heavy traffic and use.

Most good quality dining sets feature cheaper materials such as fiberboards, wood veneers, and plastic coatings to keep costs to a minimum while still creating a sturdy table and chairs. Most good quality furniture has no depth of finish due to the lack of real solid wood.

Good quality dining sets sometimes feature a 1-year limited warranty to guard against any product failure. Groups in the good category will last about 5-10 years.


Find The Quality That Meets Your Needs

Now that you have a way to properly rank your potential new dining sets using the GBB method, you have the knowledge that you need to look for the perfect set! Using the GBB, you can easily determine the best quality dining set and find one at a price that you are happy with.

If you are looking for an affordable, short-term set, then good is the best option for you.If you want an ideal meeting of price and quality, then better is your direction. If you want top-tier quality above everything, then best is the way to go to get your best quality.

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