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August 12, 2020 9 min read

Furniture Fair vs Ikea: How Do The Sofas Compare?

Ikea is a real powerhouse in the furniture industry. From humble beginnings in the early 40s, the Swedish company has managed to build itself into a global brand that offers trendy furniture at affordable prices.

People of all ages and financial means mill into the supersized home furnishing store, looking for deals on furniture with names and vowels most people will never be able to pronounce correctly. The options available at Ikea are vast and varied.

Sofas make up a large part of Ikea's inventory, and they are known by most as the place to go and get a great deal on furniture, but how does it compare to other furniture retailers?

Does an Ikea sofa price compare to a sofa at another retailer? How do the materials used to make an Ikea sofa compare to other retailers? Could I get the same quality sofa at the same price point?

Furniture Fair vs Ikea: How Do The Sofas Compare?
Furniture Fair vs Ikea: How Do The Sofas Compare?

How Do Ikea Sofas Compare to Furniture Fair Sofas?

At Furniture Fair, we were curious to see if the sofas we have can compete with the sofas available at the blue-and-yellow furniture giant. We have 50 years of experience selling sofas, with options at every price point and multiple custom options, we are well versed in the sofa world.

If you are considering Ikea furniture or furniture from another store, keep in mind that sofas are different, and at the end of the day, your decision will come down to your preference.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all sofa (figuratively or literally), and you should ultimately make your decision based on how the couch makes you feel.

With that in mind, we've decided to compare sofas with Ikea. We will be taking a similar style/price-point sofa from our sales floor and Ikea and analyzing them for style, quality, and value. It's a no holds barred sofa brawl where the real winner is you!

Furniture Fair's Showtime Sofa Vs. Ikea's Knislinge Sofa

Let's get ready for a good old fashioned sofa brawl! We'll be comparing style, quality, and value-for-price to give you a good reference point to decide if either brand is right for you. Now let's get ready to rumble!

The Showtime Sofa From Furniture Fair

Starting in this corner of your living room, the bed that would be a mattress, the black and red powerhouse, the affordable answer to modern styling, the Showtime Sofa!

Boasting a stylish tufted back and seat design, Showtime brings the coolness of contemporary designs to the timeless styles of transitional living! Featuring a breathable fabric material made of durable Polyurethane, the Showtime will complete the room of your dreams.

Made in the USA, the Showtime comes in black and red PVC leather upholstery and features a large seating area and tufted back and seat style.

SOFA DIMENSIONS - W92" x D37" x H38"

Pros of The Showtime Sofa

Here are the positive aspects of Furniture Fair's Showtime sofa.


Styled after contemporary trends, the Showtime will be right at home in a loft-style apartment or a modern living room setting. The contemporary silhouette will complement a wide variety of decor styles. The showtime collection also features a matching loveseat and side chair.

Simmons Mattress Memory Foam

Manufactured in collaboration with Simmon's bedding, The Showtime features some of the same technology that the company uses to make mattresses. The cushions of the Showtime sofa feature Simmons mattress grade memory foam. Memory foam offers you the same support that you get in a Simmons Mattress.

Memory foam cushions make the Showtime sofa much more comfortable than most options at this price point. The cushions feature a tufted back style for an added contemporary feel, and the back cushions are semi-attached to allow for lower effort cleaning.

Made In The USA

If you are looking to buy American made, this sofa is one of the most affordable made-in-USA pieces you will find. The Simmons brand takes pride in manufacturing a product state-side while still providing a price point that fits many budgets.

Affordable Price Point

The Showtime is one of the most affordable sofas available at Furniture Fair. Priced at $395.55, The Showtime is one of the top sellers at Furniture Fair due to the value for the price.

If you want an affordable, stylish, made-in-USA sofa, then the Showtime is the sofa for you. The modern styling is great for rooms that feature a more contemporary style, and for the shopper looking to get the most for their money, this sofa is a great option.

Cons of The Showtime Sofa

Here are the downsides you should consider before choosing the Showtime Sofa.

Potential Style Clashes

This particular style of sofa may not be for everyone, unfortunately. The rich black and vibrant red faux leather covers may not fit with a more traditional style living area. This type of sofa is better suited in more contemporary designs and may not work with the furniture you already have.

Wait time for Pick Up or Delivery

Depending on whether or not the Showtime is in the Furniture Fair warehouse, the delivery of your new sofa could take longer than you initially expected. Since the Showtime is a popular seller at Furniture Fair, the couch may not always be in stock.

Furniture Fair offers several delivery options at varying price points. Also, it has free pickup at any of our eleven locations, but getting your sofa to the warehouse from the manufacturer may take time if the couch is not already in stock.

Limited Color Choice

As mentioned before, Showtime comes in two colors, black and red. Black can be a bit too neutral for a room setting if not appropriately paired, and the bright red can either make or break your room's design aesthetic.

For those wanting a bit of a more neutral color, you may have to choose another sofa that better fits your design aesthetic.


Unfortunately, when buying a sofa at this lower price, the couch's quality will not be as high as what some people may be expecting. You should view the quality for yourself and determine whether you will be comfortable with the materials and construction.

The Knislinge Sofa From Ikea

And in this corner of your living room, we have the champion of Swedish ingenuity, the flat-packed fighter, the sofa with style and compact shipping, ladies and gentlemen, the Knislinge Sofa!

The Knislinge sofa comes in black with a high back that provides excellent support for your neck.

The seating features High-resilience foam and polyester cushions for relaxed seating comfort. The frame features a trendy silhouette that looks great in any dorm or loft apartment!

The frame contains a mix of solid pine, fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, steel, epoxy/polyester powder coating, and polypropylene. The upholstery material features a blend of polypropylene and polyester materials.

Designed to be quickly shipped and assembled in your home, the Knislinge is a low-cost workhorse sofa that will be a stylish addition to your living space.

SOFA DIMENSIONS - W80 ¾" x D35" x H37"

Pros of the Knislinge Sofa

When looking at the Ikea Knislinge sofa, here are the pros to consider.

Trendy Affordable Style

Ikea takes special care to make products that are up-to-date with current interior design trends and furniture styles. They employ designers from all over the world to create stylish pieces that will make your living space on-trend and elegant.

In addition to following the hottest trends, Ikea also offers those trends for much less than other furniture companies' prices. If you have an eye for expensive new trends but want to stay within a set budget, Ikea can help you achieve your favorite look for less.

The Knislinge sofa is one of the most affordable sofas available at Ikea. The Knislinge sells at $349 before promotional discounts.

Quick Solution

Ikea is one of the quickest ways to obtain a good quality sofa fast. A motivated buyer can have the sofa purchased and assembled in their home by the end of a standard workday.

Some furniture retailers may have items on the floor that are back-ordered and not currently stocked in the warehouse. Re-orders can take time, depending on how fast the delivery takes. Another issue is pick up or delivery.

Ikea makes it easy to find out if items are in stock and lets you pick them up yourself.

If you don't own a truck or a van, obtaining your furniture from a furniture retailer after you've paid for it will require the help of a friend with a proper vehicle or delivery.

With Ikea, all you need is a vehicle with enough space to fit your flat-packed sofa.

Delivery will almost always cost extra, so if you aren't looking to spend more on transportation Ikea is the way to go.

Easier Transport

Transporting furniture from your purchase point to your living space is relatively easy if you own a truck. When your only mode of transportation is a small hatchback car, transporting furniture becomes a bit more challenging.

Ikea furniture sells flat-packed, which means that you can either transport it much more conveniently in your vehicle or have it shipped directly to your house, making your life much less stressful.

Lighter Furniture

Ikea furniture has to be light but still durable to keep costs low. While it may not seem like an advantage now, you will be much more thankful for the lack of weight when moving to a new living space.

Lighter furniture is also handy for spring cleaning. Your daunting task of moving that sofa to clean a winter's worth of dust from the carpet underneath will be much more comfortable with the Ikea Knislinge Sofa.

Furniture Fair vs Ikea: How Do The Sofas Compare?

Cons of the Knislinge Sofa

Here are a few cons to consider when purchasing the Ikea Knislinge sofa.

Low-Cost Materials

Ikea furniture comes flat-packed, light, and easy-to-assemble, and with these great benefits come a few drawbacks.

Ikea products feature lower-cost, lighter materials such as chipboard, plywood, and even cardboard. While the ingenuity of each design maximizes said materials' strength, as a long-term investment, Ikea furniture isn't ideal.

Most Ikea sofas will last an average of about five years with even less time for families with two or more children. For college dorms and starter apartments, that amount of time is excellent, but if you are looking for something that will last a bit longer, Ikea isn't the best choice.

Low-cost materials and short product lifespan could also lead to the next potential downside for this sofa.

Potential Waste

Landfills are only getting more prominent with the passing years, and if you are looking to be a bit more conscious of the amount of waste you are putting in landfills, then an Ikea sofa may not be the most eco-friendly purchase.

While many parts of the Ikea Knislinge Sofa are biodegradable, sofas with shorter product life spans will contribute more waste over time than a couch that has a longer lifespan.  

Some ways to help avoid this waste is to break down and recycle what parts of the sofa you can, or, if your sofa is still in good condition, donating it to an organization such as Habitat for humanity.

Speaking of breaking down...

Assembly Required

Some assembly required is a phrase that is either challenging or fear-inducing in people. If the idea of fiddling with an Allen wrench for 20 minutes to an hour doesn't excite you, then a flat-packed, unassembled Ikea sofa may not be the best option for you.

If you want a good idea of what level of ingenuity the Ikea Knislinge Sofa will require to build, check out the instruction manual to see if you are ready to give making your sofa a try.

Last, but most importantly...


The assumption that many consumers have is that Ikea always has the lowest prices. While certain items are hard to beat (shelving and lighting are great deals at Ikea), prices on more substantial items are not necessarily more economical than other retailers.

Ikea prices for sofas tend to match pretty consistently with similar quality furniture at other retailers. When considering Ikea, keep in mind that the couch you are getting sells at a comparable price to other retailers. The ultimate decision for buying Ikea should be that you like it, not that it is a cheaper option.

Furniture Fair vs Ikea: How Do The Sofas Compare?

Which Sofa Should You Buy?

If you want an affordable, stylish, made-in-USA sofa, then the Showtime from Furniture Fair may be the sofa for you.

If convenience, secure transport, lightweight materials, and self-assembly are all traits you need, then the Knislinge sofa from Ikea may be your best option.

Now that you know the differences between these similar price points at Furniture Fair and Ikea, you can make your decision knowing that you have done your research and are fully aware of each sofa's pros and cons.

If you want to see some other sofa options available for you, check out Furniture Fair or Ikea and compare our other sofas with Ikea to see which one you might prefer.

In addition, check out the custom sofa design process if you want a more personalized sofa.

When you are in the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville area, head over to any of Furniture Fair's 11 locations and check out the many sofa options available on our sales floor.

With stylish options at every price point, we are sure to have a sofa for you!

Furniture Fair vs Ikea: How Do The Sofas Compare?

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