January 11, 2022 3 min read

Have you been searching for comfortable and stylish furniture that you can lounge in all day? Are you looking for furniture to add to your living room that is big and tall friendly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Michael Nicholas might be the furniture brand for you.

But what is Michael Nicholas Designs, and what makes their furniture so different from the average brand sofa, sectional, or loveseat?

Furniture Fair has sold living room seating for over 55 years, and we want to help you find out what type of seating Michael Nicholas offers and how their furniture benefits you. Read on to find out more about this California-based furniture manufacturer.

What You Need To Know About Michael Nicholas Designs
What You Need To Know About Michael Nicholas Designs

What Is Michael Nicholas Designs?

With a goal to impact the local Southern California furniture manufacturing community, Michael Nicholas Designs creates sofas that are high quality with a more affordable price point. Started in the spring of 2003, the small, made-in-the USA company has continued to grow and create durable products with an American manufacturing history.

Michael Nicholas specializes in deeper sitting furniture with an emphasis on comfort. True to the laid-back California style, Michael Nicholas furniture is designed for lounging and relaxing. Spacious seating and supportive cushioning make Michael Nicholas furniture something to be sat in, rather than on.

Michael Nicholas has a mission to create furniture that is sustainably sourced with tremendous construction value through the use of hardwood reinforcing on all frame stress points, or their mission to plant five new trees for every tree that they harvest to use in their furniture.

If you enjoy deep seating, casual comfort, and special order furniture at a fair price, Michael Nicholas might be the best furniture option for your needs. Michael Nicholas furniture can be found in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville areas at Furniture Fair.

What You Need To Know About Michael Nicholas Designs

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Michael Nicholas Designs?

Solid wood construction is used for the frame building process on all Michael Nicholas designs. Michael Nicholas frames are pre-built and cannot be customized; however, the program does offer over 100 custom fabric upholstery options to help you achieve the unique look you want.

Michael Nicholas seating is designed to sit deeper than typical furniture. Most traditional sofas sit between 36 - 38” deep. Michael Nicholas sofas range from 40 - 44”, making them much deeper and cozier than the average sofa.

Because of the larger size, many sofas can be built with chaises that are the same size as a standard full-size bed, meaning they can double as a guest bed if needed or a spot to take a nap after a long day at work.

In addition to being multi-functional, the ample seating of Michael Nicholas furniture is also big and tall friendly, with lots of room for multiple people to sit comfortably without people feeling cramped. The brand also features three custom comfort seating options.

Michael Nicholas is unique to many custom manufacturers in that they charge a flat price no matter what fabric you choose. Whether you decide to use fabric, performance fabric, or leather, you will pay the same price as any other available fabric.

What You Need To Know About Michael Nicholas Designs
What You Need To Know About Michael Nicholas Designs

Ready To Get More Seating and More Relaxation With Michael Nicholas?

Now that you know a little bit more about Michael Nicholas Designs, you will have a better idea about whether or not the brand is right for you.

Remember that deeper seating furniture is ideal for lounging and is Big & Tall friendly. Don’t forget that Michael Nicholas Furniture can be customized with over 100 fabrics and is made in California by expert artisans and Craftsmen.

Finally, Don’t forget that Michael Nicholas Designs does not charge extra for custom upholstery. With over 100 fabric options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fabric for your needs with no additional charges.

Are you considering custom-built furniture for your home? If you want to learn more about Michael Nicholas products, check out our video on the Serendipity Sectional. If you are looking for custom furniture in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville areas, consider visiting Furniture Fair. 

Visit one of our 11 locations throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville areas, or make an appointment online. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect custom furniture for your home.

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