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July 09, 2020 5 min read

Mattress technology has evolved significantly in recent years, and with the introduction of cooling technology, more options are now available to consumers than ever before.
If you are curious about cooling mattresses, figuring out which one is right for you can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully you can save time and energy by learning about mattress cooling features in this article.
Furniture Fair has been selling mattresses for well over 50 years, and we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville area. We have a dedicated mattress department with experts available to answer any mattress related question you may have.
We researched 5 types of cooling elements used in mattresses; If you’re curious about getting a cooler night’s sleep, then read on. This article will show what cooling mattresses are, why cooling technology could benefit you, and leave you educated on the types of cooling mattress features available to you.

So What is Cooling Technology?

Put simply, mattress cooling technology uses various types of materials to draw away or absorb heat. Materials can be anything from gel-infused memory foam to wrapped wire coils designed to increase airflow.

Methods usually revolve around drawing hot air away from the body and absorbing natural heat radiation produced by thermoregulation.

How Will Cooling Technology Help You Sleep Better?

Now, first things first. Why would anyone need to have cooling features on a bed? In order to properly discuss the topic, one thing needs to be made clear: you are hot. 
That is, your warm-blooded human body is hot!
Humans have a natural temperature average of 98.6° F, which is already warmer than most objects we naturally come in contact with. When human bodies come in contact with other elements, they can increase the temperature in said elements via the bodies’ natural heat radiation.
This is why objects like blankets or beds can feel warm after coming into prolonged contact with the human body. Thermoregulation is a natural part of the human body and helps people keep cool while maintaining their optimal body temperature.

Since the human body naturally produces heat, sleeping under blankets, especially during hot summer months, can make the bodies’ temperature increase. The body temperature increase is due to the residual heat from the body’s natural radiation.
Feeling hot makes it harder for the body to get comfortable, which leads to shifting positions when sleeping that generates even more heat! The body will naturally cool by 1-2° F when falling asleep, however, High Body Temperature can make falling asleep more difficult.

Cooling technology offers a viable solution to hot body temperatures and restless sleep by countering the residual heat generated by your body.

4 Benefits of Cooling Mattresses

Now that you know what cooling technology is, let’s look at some benefits you can take advantage of. Here are 4 benefits that cooling technology can provide for you!

1. Helps Support Deeper Sleep

As mentioned previously, human bodies tend to drop slightly in temperature during sleep. Heat can make people uncomfortable and prevent a solid sleep cycle. Hot nights make for groggy mornings, and no one wants that.

Thankfully a good, chilly night’s sleep is easier than ever to get with one of the many cooling options available today.

2. Promotes Energy Savings

When the summer rolls around, the temptation to crank the air conditioner is hard to fight off. But relying on your AC is a short term gain to you and a long term loss to your wallet!

Save money on your utilities by making your bed cooler! Hot nights are easier to beat when your bed is actively working with your AC to keep you cool.

3. Relieves Night Sweats

Night sweats can happen to individuals for various reasons such as anxiety, sleep disorders, or reactions to some medications. Dealing with night sweats can be annoying and make sleeping almost impossible.
A cooler mattress can help alleviate some of the heat the night sweats can bring on. Many cooling mattresses also feature
moisture-wicking technologies which will help you get to sleep without suffering from as much discomfort.

4. Draws Heat Away From Your Partner

Humans are warm-blooded creatures and, as such, we tend to be a bit on the hotter side temperature-wise.
While being warm is good for staying alive, it can be downright annoying at midnight in the dead of summer. Add your partner’s body heat, and you might as well be sleeping in a toaster oven.

Thankfully, with a cooling mattress, you can sleep next to the warmest person and still keep cool, and with moisture-wicking mattresses, you can rest knowing that sleeping hot won’t ruin your mattress.

5 Types of Cooling Technology

Alright, so now you know why cooling technology could benefit you, but what options are out there for you to consider? Rather than spend hours researching which type and style to choose, read below to discover 5 types of mattress cooling technologies that may be right for you.
What are Cooling Mattresses and How Do They Work?

1. Gel Foam

Memory foam has become a standard for many mattress manufacturers and gel foam is a variation of that memory foam. Gel memory foam uses gel microbeads within layers that absorb body heat to help you sleep cooler.

Gel memory foam is used in memory foam and coil spring hybrid mattresses, as well as mattress toppers.

2. Pocket Coils

Pocket coils are different than traditional spring mattresses because each coil spring is wrapped in an individual fabric section. Individual coils are packed tighter than regular spring systems which make for less shifting during your body’s movement and more airflow than a memory foam mattress would have.
Pocket coils work best in hybrid mattresses where the coil system is combined with various memory and gel foams to create a balance of support, cooling, and moisture-wicking.
What are Cooling Mattresses and How Do They Work?

3. Cooling Mattress Protectors & Toppers

Cooling mattress pads and toppers are a great option for someone who already owns a nice mattress but wants to sleep cooler.

Mattress toppers use the same cooling technologies with removable pads or fitted sheets. This allows anyone to convert any mattress and get the cooling comfort and support needed.

4. Phase Change Materials

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) absorb and release thermal energy during the melting and freezing process. The most common PCM is water, but more recent developments in technology have allowed for the creation of even more efficient materials that absorb heat even faster!

Modern PCMs can store 5 to 14 times more heat than traditional materials. This makes for a faster, longer, steadier chill during sleep.
When your body makes contact with the PCM infused mattress, the process of thermal energy transfer begins to draw access heat from your body which results in a cooler sleep. For anyone who sleeps hot, this mattress will help keep you (or your partner) cooler.

For a more detailed look, check out this breakdown of how PCMs work to make an amazing cooling mattress.
What are Cooling Mattresses and How Do They Work?

5. Open-cell Foam

Open-cell foam mattresses are memory foam’s answer to pocket coil mattresses. Standard memory foam is perforated with patterned holes to help create additional airflow for less radiant heat.
Most modern memory foam mattresses use this method in one form or another. Each brand has its own specific pattern, but the goal of cooler sleep remains the same.

Now You are Ready to Sleep Cooler

So now that you know what mattress cooling technology is and the types of materials that go into making it, you can shop with confidence knowing what options are available to you!

If you are in the Cincinnati, Dayton or Louisville area, Furniture Fair offers several cooling mattresses and toppers for you to choose from here! We also offer the exclusive BedMatch test that will help you find a mattress tailored to your needs!

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