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Are You A Hot Sleeper?
Are You A Hot Sleeper?

Are you having trouble getting to sleep? Do you kick off the covers because you are just too warm in bed? Are you frequently waking up sweating? If you are having trouble sleeping due to feeling hotter, you might be a hot sleeper.

Sleeping to warm can lead to difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, and resulting in sweat that can damage your mattress. But why do people sleep hot, and what steps can be taken to help keep a hot sleeper cool?

At Furniture Fair, we’ve helped all sorts of people find the perfect mattress for their needs, and we want to share our knowledge and mattress expertise with you. Read on to learn more about sleeping hot and what you can do to sleep more undisturbed.

Are You A Hot Sleeper?
Are You A Hot Sleeper?

What Is A Hot Sleeper?

A hot sleeper is someone whose body feels hotter during the night leading to unpleasant sleep or frequent waking up due to being uncomfortable. Sleeping hotter can be due to several different reasons such as...

Are You A Hot Sleeper?

Body Temperature Regulation

Human bodies naturally cool down during the time you are asleep. Reduced body temperature is a part of the bodies’ natural sleep cycle. During the sleep cycle, your body releases the natural heat to lower the temperature.

If you sleep under thick blankets and comforters or use a mattress that doesn’t have natural airflow, the residual heat will remain mostly trapped and cause your body to feel hotter. Natural body heat might be great during the winter, but it can make you a hot sleeper in the summer.

Are You A Hot Sleeper?
Are You A Hot Sleeper?

Night Sweats

If you have ever been yanked from a pleasant dream into reality only to realize that you have been sweating profusely, you may be suffering from night sweats. Night sweats can be caused by diabetes, menopause, sleep apnea, medication, or a cheap mattress.

Keep in mind that most physical changes you can make to your surrounding will not solve any underlying health issues. Talk to your doctor if you start experiencing night sweats, as they may indicate a health issue.

Are You A Hot Sleeper?

Sleeping Environment

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, your sleeping environment can significantly impact whether or not you sleep hotter than the average person. Lower quality memory foam will trap heat and make you hotter, as well as excessive blankets and sheets.

Your thermostat could also affect your sleep. If you have the thermostat set too high, you might just be heating yourself out of your bed. Check your temperature and find out if perhaps the higher heat levels might be making you sleep hotter.

Are You A Hot Sleeper?
Are You A Hot Sleeper?

Older Memory Foam Mattress

If you are sleeping on an older memory foam mattress, you may not have a very breathable mattress. Older memory foam mattresses do not have the same breathability that later models do, and it might just be time to replace your old mattress for one that is a bit cooler.

Are You A Hot Sleeper?

4 Ways to Help WIth Sleeping Too Hot

Now that you are aware of a few of the causes of hot sleeping let’s look at a few ways to reduce that burning feeling. Below are four potential ways you can sleep a little bit cooler at night.

Are You A Hot Sleeper?

Lower Your Thermostat

Try turning your thermostat down a few degrees lower than what you usually have it set to. Lowering the room temperature can help bring a better balance between your warm body and the temperature around you.

Use A Fan

A fan can help cycle the air in your room and lower the temperature by a few degrees, which could be just the thing to help make you a bit more comfortable while you sleep. Consider using one in your bedroom to provide a little relief from the heat.

Get A Mattress Protector

Short of buying a new mattress, a mattress protector is the best way to make your bed feel cooler. Mattress protectors provide protection from foam that can make you feel hotter, as well as moisture-wicking capabilities to help with sweat.

Mattress protectors come in a variety of styles and even have cooling features in some cases. If your mattress feels too hot, a mattress protector could be the key to better sleep. Look for the right fit for you, and you might get a more relaxed night’s sleep.

Get A New Mattress

This might seem like a drastic solution, but the truth is that your mattress may be one of the culprits behind your lack of relaxing sleep. If you have an older memory foam mattress or a cheaply made one, your mattress may be the one trapping heat.

Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular with consumers today. Brands like Nectar, Tempurpedic, and more offer support, convenience, and adjustable base compatibility, but older models can be less efficient at moisture-wicking and breathability.

The good news is that modern memory foam is designed to be more breathable and can even come with cooling gel memory foam. If you are suffering from hot nights and no sleep, perhaps a mattress change is in order. Consider reviews and ratings on brands, and make sure to find out the best mattress for your budget.

Are You A Hot Sleeper?

Find Relief From Hot Sleep Temperatures

If you tend to sleep hotter at night, following the tips laid out in this article may just provide you with a bit of relief. Remember to talk to your doctor if you experience night sweats regularly. Try lowering the thermostat and consider a new mattress or mattress protector to keep you more relaxed at night.

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Are You A Hot Sleeper?