October 19, 2022 4 min read

How To Prepare Your Home For Your First Sectional

Shopping for a sectional can feel like a tremendous task. Your family is only getting larger, and your circle of friends that come over for movie night is expanding beyond the capacity of your trooper of a sofa that’s been with you for years.

You may be looking at new sectionals to replace that sofa, but you should consider a few things before you pull the trigger on a new sectional. How big is your space? Will the new sectional fit in your area? Will the sectional make your space feel too cramped? Can this new sectional be delivered to your home without getting stuck?

You will need to answer all these questions before deciding which sectional is suitable for your home. At Furniture Fair, we’ve delivered countless sectionals to Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, northern Kentucky, and Southern Indiana over the years. We’ve seen the delight on customers' faces when they get the perfect sectional set up in their homes and the despair when a sectional is too big to fit correctly.

To help avoid despair and make your delivery experience as delightful as possible, we’ve put together a few simple steps that you can take to help prevent problems with your sectional delivery. Read on to learn how to prepare your home for your first sectional.

How To Prepare Your Home For Your First Sectional
How To Prepare Your Home For Your First Sectional

Tip #1 - Measure Your Living Space

The first step to ensuring you find the best sectional for your space is to measure the area you want your new sectional to go. Measure the room and any current furniture you might have to help get a better sense of scale.

Bringing measurements in when you visit a furniture showroom can help tremendously by showing which sectional will work in the space you are trying to fill. Knowing if a sectional option is too large or too small for a room will help save you lots of time, energy, and money spent on the wrong sectional choice. Learn more about measuring for new furniture here.

How To Prepare Your Home For Your First Sectional

Tip #2 - Measure Your Entrance

The second step to determining if this sectional will work for your home is to measure your entrances. There’s no point in getting a beautiful new piece of furniture, bringing it all the way out to your home, only to find out it doesn’t fit through your front door.

Measure your doors, find out which one is the largest, and whether or not it can accommodate your sectional. Some sectionals are modular, meaning the individual seats can come apart for better transport, but not all sectionals have this feature.

Ensuring that your new favorite sectional will fit in your home will save you time and money and make your delivery day a time of celebration rather than a big disappointment. Open the door to new furniture possibilities, but ensure those possibilities fit through the door first.

How To Prepare Your Home For Your First Sectional

Tip #3 - Measure Your Stairs

PIVOT! Ok, but seriously, nobody wants to get in a classic Ross and the couch situation, so measure your stairs, especially if they have landings. A new sectional is even more significant than a couch, so measuring hallways and stairs is a priority.

If your sectional is going upstairs or downstairs, you will need to make sure that your sectional can fit through the space efficiently. You should also measure hallways and the distance between doors and corner walls. Your sectional cannot bend (or at least it shouldn’t), so make sure you have the clearance you need.

How To Prepare Your Home For Your First Sectional

Tip #4 - Find Out If Your Sectional Comes Apart

Sectionals come in many build styles, such as the previously mentioned modular layout. Knowing how your new sectional comes apart is a great way to help you decide if this piece is right for your home.

Some sectionals are as long as couches with a connecting corner wedge piece. Other sectional options feature modular layouts, which allow you to change the design based on your needs. Reclining furniture usually features removable backs, allowing for more accessible transportation.

If your sectional doesn’t fit in one piece, don’t despair just yet. Many sectionals can be taken apart to a certain level, allowing easier transportation through tight hallways and narrow stairwells. While a bit more time-consuming, taking your sectional apart might be the key to getting your dream sectional into where you dreamed it would be.

How To Prepare Your Home For Your First Sectional
How To Prepare Your Home For Your First Sectional

Don’t Let Tight Spaces Keep Your Dream Sectional Out Of Your House!

Buying a new sectional shouldn’t come with the stress of not knowing if your sectional will fit. With a few quick measurements and research, you can be sure that your brand-new sectional is perfect for your space and the right size to fit in your doorway.

Remember to measure the room you want to put your sectional in, the entrances to your home, hallways, and any stairways so that you can be confident that your new furniture will fit. Don’t forget to find out whether or not the new sectional comes apart and how it works so that you can have an easier time in smaller spaces.

Have questions about a particular sectional here at Furniture Fair? Our sales experts are ready to help you find the right sectional for your living room, den, game room, or media room. Visit one of our locations in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, or schedule an appointment online today.

Are you looking for a modular sectional option? Check out our review of the Palomino sectional by Cheers. If you want a larger, more roomy option, consider the Serendipity sectional by Michael Nicholas Design. Whatever your sectional needs, Furniture Fair has options for you!