October 28, 2022 4 min read

Choosing a dining set or bedroom can be complicated. How do you know if the brand is trustworthy? What materials are the furniture designs made with? How do I know this style won’t look tacky in four years, and how do I know the furniture will last longer?

Pulaski is no stranger to making intricate pieces with tons of gorgeous details and includes features with a consumer like you in mind. This article will discuss what you need to know about Pulaski Furniture.

Don’t buy just any old bedroom or dining set. Take some time to learn about Pulaski and whether or not this furniture brand may be right for you. Read on to learn about the Pulaski difference.

What You Need To Know About Pulaski
What You Need To Know About Pulaski

Who Is Pulaski?

Pulaski has been around since 1955 and manufactures bedroom sets and dining room collections. Pulaski is one of only a few manufacturers who still make high-end curio cabinets. Pulaski Furniture pays attention to all the details in every group and prioritizes quality.

Pulaski collections are designed to keep up with modern styles and trends, with many featuring ornate finishes and trendy colors. Pulaski dining furniture and Pulaski bedroom furniture are trendsetters within the industry, and its collections are up to date with popular design trends.

In short, Pulaski is a modern and contemporary bedroom and dining room manufacturer that creates trendy dining and bedroom collections that are current with modern trends.

What You Need To Know About Pulaski

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Pulaski Furniture?

Pulaski furniture is manufactured using both solid wood and wooden veneers. Using solid wood and veneers, Pulaski can create durable pieces that are also highly detailed. Pulaski finishes are also designed to feel deep and lustrous.

The drawer bottoms of Pulaski pieces are made from Cedar, which helps keep clothes fresh and deters pests like moths. The drawers also feature anti-slamming construction, meaning you won't wake your sleeping partner when you have to get ready for your day job as a content writer.

For added strength and resilience, Pulaski features solid drawer construction with deep drawers and English dovetailed corners. Some bedroom sets feature cedar-lined storage benches for extra space to store blankets or other bedding.

Pulaski dining chairs feature wooden chair tops or upholstered seats with dowed-in legs designed to prevent racking or wobbling over time. The dowed-in features are great for anyone looking for higher-quality chairs that won’t become loose and wobbly.

What You Need To Know About Pulaski
What You Need To Know About Pulaski

Where Does Pulaski Fall On Good, Better, Best?

Pulaski falls under “Best” in our Good, Better, Best ranking system. The quality of the construction means that furniture made by Pulaski is built to last. The finish's quality is beautiful and made to last, while the styles are designed to be on trend.

What You Need To Know About Pulaski

Is Pulaski Right For Me?

Pulaski is not customizable; however, the manufacturer offers many options in its catalog. If you want to build your bedroom or dining room from scratch, Pulaski may not be suitable, but if you want a trendy set that will last, Pulaski may be for you.

Pulaski may be right for you if you want to upgrade your primary bedroom with furniture that will last. The bedroom sets are built for longevity and designed to be on trend with other furniture in your home.

Pulaski furniture is also suitable if you like ornate designs and great features. Give that dining room or bedroom a stylish makeover with one of many collection options. Pulaski has options for you if you need a large, formal dining room.  

For younger couples or people starting fresh in new apartments, Pulaski may not be the most viable option budget-wise. In addition, Pulaski may not be the best option if you are looking to outfit a guest room, as the quality will not reflect the amount used.

What You Need To Know About Pulaski
What You Need To Know About Pulaski

Ready To Find Out If Pulaski Furniture Is Right For You?

Now that you know more about the Pulaski Furniture difference, you can decide if a furniture purchase from this manufacturer is right for you. With some research into the brand and the collections offered, you can be sure which set is correct or not for your needs.

Remember that Pulaski has been around since 1955 and manufactures bedroom sets and dining room collections. Keep in mind that they specialize in trendy, modern furniture designs with solid manufacturing techniques.

Finally, don’t forget that Pulaski is in the “Best” quality category for furniture manufacturers and is perfect for someone looking to outfit a modern contemporary dining room or primary bedroom. For many, Pulaski is the last dining room or bedroom they will need to buy.

If you want to test the Pulaski quality for yourself and live in the Louisville, Dayton, or Cincinnati area, check out Furniture Fair! Visit a location near you, view the Pulaski bedroom and dining collections, and see our wide range of other quality bedroom sets, including custom bedroom options.

Visit a furniture store showroom today, and one of our sales experts will be glad to help you find the bedroom of your dreams. Come in and see the quality of Pulaski for yourself.