October 05, 2022 5 min read

Your home is finally coming together. You’ve spent time making your house your own and finding the perfect design, layout, and accessories, and now the time has come to find the perfect bedroom set for your forever home.

Many options are available when looking for an heirloom-quality bedroom set, but not every choice is right for you. The Whistler bedroom from Napa may be suitable if you are trying to find an ideal balance between sustainable materials, best quality, and detailed craftsmanship.

Furniture Fair has sold bedrooms to the Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, Northern Kentucky, and Southern Indiana region for almost 60 years. We want you to find the perfect bedroom for your dream home.

This article will review The Whistler bedroom group by Napa furniture and talk about why this bedroom group ranks so highly on our Good, Better, Best rating system. Read on to find out if this solid-built bedroom set may suit you.

Who Is Napa Furniture?

Napa is an Eco-friendly furniture manufacturer based out of Vernon, Connecticut. The brand manufactures bedroom furniture and bedroom accessories. Napa is known for providing high-quality, solid wood construction and heirloom-quality pieces.

With Napa, what you see on the showroom floor is what you will get when you place an order. Napa furniture is designed to be high quality and uniform, and its collections can fit many style preferences.

In addition to creating high-quality solid wood furniture, Napa is also committed to sustainable timber harvesting. The company makes it a policy always to return the materials it takes from the land and is dedicated to keeping the forests they pull from alive and thriving.

Long story short, Napa is a sustainable, American brand for anyone looking to buy heirloom-quality furniture that will last a long time without breaking down. If you like quality, consistency, and attention to detail, you might enjoy Napa bedroom furniture.

What Are The Features Of The Whistler Bed Set?

The Whistler bed set is a complete bedroom collection made from sustainable mango wood. Mango wood is a more affordable solid wood with a similar look and feel to mahogany but at a more affordable price point.

Whistler bedroom furniture utilizes a 17-step wood finishing process on every collection piece for a beautiful and durable set. In addition to the finishing process, the Whistler uses individual boards for added strength. The solid wood bed frame features mahogany rail slats for a reliable mattress support system.

The details in natural wood furniture can often make or break the quality level, and the details featured in the whistler are great. The drawers in each collection piece feature English dovetails, a tried-and-true woodworking technique designed to keep the drawer from separating with time.

Many furniture manufacturers reduce cost by leaving the inner drawers of their dressers and nightstands unfinished, but not so with the Whistler bedroom. Each solid wood bedroom drawer features a lacquer finished inside, which helps create a smooth surface and keep wood splinters out of your clothing.

The drawer bottoms on the Whistler feature thick corner blocks designed to keep your drawer stable and prevent warping or racking with the change of moisture throughout the seasons. The corner blocks also create a sturdy base supporting much more weight.

Another feature of the drawers in this collection is their securing feature. Drawers stay secured when they are shut and won’t open by themselves. While this may not seem extraordinary, having drawers that stay shut will lead to much less annoyance down the road.

Every piece that features drawers in this set also includes a leveler leg to help balance your drawers and ensure that they don’t open due to uneven floors in a home. The leveler leg is perfect for anyone living in an older home that might have some unique floors.

The bedroom collection from Napa also features Mortise and Tenon joints throughout the set, which helps improve each piece's strength. Rather than stapling and gluing the piece, the joints help marry the corners of your furniture more naturally, with less likely wood splits over time.

The nightstand features two full-size drawers and a smaller top drawer for all your bedside needs, including cable management that is built to hide your unsightly but essential device charging cables.

The Whistler collection comes in a queen or king bedroom size and features a metal-accented headboard matching the dresser mirror and a storage footboard with drawers matching the nightstand and dresser. The storage bedroom footboard also doubles as a bench.

Where Does The Whistler Fall On Good, Better, Best?

When ranked using the Good, Better, Best system, the Whistler bedroom set is in the Best category. The solid wood construction is built to last, and the details, such as the English dovetail and mortise and tenon construction, give it lasting quality.

The Mango Wood used in the manufacturing is a sustainable and more affordable alternative to some more fine quality hardwoods, making the Whistler a practical and long-lasting set. If you are looking for a bedroom set that you can pass on to the next generation, this set may be suitable for you.

Is The Whistler Right For Me?

This is the set for you if you are always looking for more ways to create storage in your home. The storage options are available in every piece of the Whistler bedroom group, and even the bed has convenient storage drawers.

The Whistler is perfect for someone looking to finish their bedroom right. The quality and attention to detail mean you won’t need another bedroom set after this one. The Whistler can be specially ordered as a California King set if you have space.

If you have or plan on getting an adjustable bed base you plan to use with this set, you will have to have the bed modified to fit the base. While you can do this, finding a bed that already works with your adjustable base may be more manageable.

The whistler is perfect for your main bedroom or a guest bedroom, and the two sizes mean you can also use it in a guest room, although if you are trying to be more budget conscious with your guest bedroom, this is not the correct bedroom set.

This set is not the best option if you are just starting out in your first apartment or on a more limited budget. Thankfully, more affordable options are available that won’t break your bank and will be perfect for a starter bedroom.

Ready To Find Out If The Whistler Bedroom Group Is Right For You?

When deciding on the best furniture for your forever home, the details matter; with the Whistler, those details make all the difference. Now that you know the details of the Whistler bedroom set, you can decide if this high-quality bedroom set is correct for you.

Remember that the Whistler bedroom is made from solid mango wood and features sturdy drawers with added storage on the footboard. Keep in mind that the collection ranks as the Best in the GBB ranking system.

Finally, don’t forget that the Whistler is designed to be the last bedroom you will need to purchase, with details such as Mortise and Tenon joinery, English dovetail drawers with reinforced corner blocks, and solid mahogany rail slats.

If you want to test the Whistler for yourself and live in the Louisville, Dayton, or Cincinnati area, check out Furniture Fair! Visit a location near you and view the Whistler and our wide range of other quality bedroom sets, including custom bedroom options.

Visit a furniture store showroom today, and one of our sales experts will be glad to help you find the bedroom of your dreams. Come in and see the quality of the Whistler bedroom collection for yourself.