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How To Remove The Back Of Your Recliner
How To Remove The Back Of Your Recliner

Moving day is fast approaching! You might be in the process of packing all your dishes into protective packaging and figuring out how to carry all your stuff to your new home. You need your stuff to be safe, and you also need it to be as compact as possible to make the most efficient use of your moving supplies and services.

If you are looking for ways to make your furniture a bit more compact, one place that you may not know to look is at the back of your recliner. “How can I make my recliner more compact during a move?” you might be thinking.

Furniture Fair is here to help you find the answer to whether you can remove your recliner's back. In business for over 55 years, Furniture Fair has years of experience selling and assembling reclining furniture, and we want to share that knowledge with you.

Read on to find out whether or not you can take the back of your recliner off and how to remove the back without damaging the recliner. After reading this article, you will know how to make transporting a recliner less annoying.

How To Remove The Back Of Your Recliner

#1 - Find Out If Your Recliner Has A Removable Back

The back upholstery section of your recliner may have a removable portion which is usually attached using some form of velcro or another removable adhesive. If the rear cover flap of your recliner can be opened, that means you can remove the back of your recliner.

Spin your recliner around or tilt it over for easier access. Check the corners near the bottom. If the recliner has stitching between the back and bottom sections, it is attached and cannot be removed. However, if the bottom of the back section features velcro flaps or another removable feature, you should be able to remove the back of the recliner easily.

Once you’ve determined that you can remove the back of your recliner, take the velcro adhesive and remove the back flap of the recliner for easier access. After that, you can move on to step two, which is...

#2 Find The Attachment Levers Or Buttons On Either Side Of The Recliner Back

Now that you can see the back of the recliner, check each side of the recliner between the recliner back and the recliner seat for a matching set of buttons or levers. You should be able to feel the levers between the two sections.

These lever handles control the locking mechanism that keeps your recliner back locked during regular operation. Once you can feel the levers, pull them until you feel the back of the recliner release. This should free the back of the recliner from being removed for more accessible storage.

Here's a helpful tip; The levers on the back of your recliner may be hard to move if you have had your recliner for a while. However, there's no need to pinch any fingers trying to pry the levers. Simply grab a flat head screwdriver and use it to loosen the lever, give the back a wiggle and that side will be free.

#3 Remove The Back Of Your Recliner

Once you have pulled the two levers on either side of the recliner, the removal process is simple. Pull up on the back of the recliner, and the recliner back should easily slide out and then be placed wherever is convenient for you.

It is important to know not to lift up on the back fully until both sides are free. If you free one side and lift it off, it can make it very hard to loosen the other side, or you could end up twisting the bracket that is still attached.

If you are moving your recliner, most recliner backs can rest on top of the seat cushion for a much smaller profile that is easier to transport in a move. You can also transport them in two sections if you are trying to fit a recliner through a doorway or a narrow hallway.

When fitting into tight spaces while moving houses or preparing for a move, watch out for your walls and corners. A recliner chair can damage your living room, hall corridors, or door trimming if not handled carefully.

How To Reattach Your Recliner Back

Now that you know how to remove the back of your recliner, you will be able to transport it through tight spaces or store it more compactly during a move. However, reattaching that back is also essential to keeping your recliner functioning. Here is how to reattach your recliner back.

Simply take the recliner back and line up the two metal bars on either side with the cushion side facing forward. Once the bars are lined up, simply slide the back of the recliner down until you hear it click into place. Once in place, the recliner back will automatically lock, and your recliner is ready to use again.

Don’t Let A Large Recliner Get In Your Way

Big moves can be stressful. Dealing with moving furniture should be as stress-free as possible, so you should know how to remove the back of your recliner. Remember, removable backs have velcro adhesives that can give you easy access to the back.

Don’t forget that there are two levers or sometimes buttons between each side of the recliner back, and pulling each one will release the back of the recliner, which can then be easily removed for storage or transportation.

Keep in mind that once you remove the back of the recliner, you can easily reattach the back by sliding it into place until it clicks and locks. Those tight doorways and cramped staircases should be hassle-free with removable back recliners.

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