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You've most likely seen a Nectar mattress commercial if you've researched mattresses online. This fast-growing brand that began in 2016 has taken the mattress world by storm and is now available online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

What makes this brand of mattress worth buying? What types of mattress features are offered with a Nectar mattress? Is a Nectar mattress worth buying? We want to help answer these questions.

Furniture Fair has been selling mattresses since the 60s, and we know a thing or two about them. This article will give you all the information you need to know about Nectar mattresses and help you decide if a Nectar mattress is right for you.

After reading this article, you will learn more about the Nectar brand and find out the features and benefits that a Nectar mattress offers. So kick back and deal with your old mattress for a while longer as you find out if Nectar is right for your bedroom or guestroom.

What You Need To Know About Nectar
What You Need To Know About Nectar

Who Is Nectar?

Nectar is one of the many brands that have flourished thanks to the bed-in-a-box mattress delivery system. Thanks to the compatible nature of memory foam, certain styles of mattresses can be vacuum sealed and shipped in compact boxes right to a customer's door at a lower shipping cost.

Nectar was founded in 2016 and has since garnered much attention and accolades from mattress reviewers and home furnishing companies. Nectar is also one of the better-reviewed mattresses in the direct-shipping mattress category.

Due to growing popularity, Nectar is now available in retail stores and online sales. Due to its compact nature and easy storage profile, a new Nectar mattress can be at your doorstep even faster through a local retailer.

What You Need To Know About Nectar

What Are The Features & Benefits Of A Nectar Mattress?

Nectar mattresses aremade entirely from memory foam, making them so compact and easy to ship to your home. The mattresses are built using varying levels of supportive and cooling memory foam designed to fit yourpreferred sleeping position.

The multiple layers create a surface that supports your body but also relieves pressure points and helps give you that feeling of sleeping "in" your mattress, rather than on top of it. For many, this cozy, softer mattress style is the feeling they've been looking for.

Nectar mattresses are offered in two mattress types, theNectar Classic and theNectar Premier. The Classic level features a more supportive memory foam mattress. In contrast, the Premier features a lush top for a softer mattress.

Nectar mattresses offercooling technology for individuals who tend to sleep hotter.Hot sleepers and those who suffer from night sweating can finally rest easy as their body heat is drawn away from the mattress rather than stored in the memory foam.

A Nectar mattress can also be used with anadjustable base for addedcomfort and convenience. Memory foam mattresses do not have theinnersprings oftraditional mattresses and can adjust with the base more easily. If you are looking for an affordable, adaptable mattress, Nectar may suit you.

Suppose you want to test out a Nectar Mattress for yourself. In that case, Nectar also offers a 365-night home trial and a forever warranty on their mattresses on top of Furniture Fair's 10-year warranty. If, after 365 nights, you decide that this mattress is not for you, simply return it, andNectar will take it back, no questions asked.

What You Need To Know About Nectar
What You Need To Know About Nectar

What Is The Nectar Mattress Quality Ranking?

Nectar falls under the "good" category of the Good, Better, Best ranking scale. The compact nature of the mattress combined with the memory foam construction makes for a convenient mattress that will support your body and pressure points.

However, the Nectar mattress does not offer many other support systems that other mattresses do. There are many types of mattresses that use different materials, and each has its own quality ranking.

Nectar is designed to be compact, affordable, and convenient and is perfect if you need a quick, cheap mattress for your bedroom or guest bedroom. In addition, the 365-night trial means that you can try the mattress risk-free and return if the fit is not suitable for you.

What You Need To Know About Nectar

Are You A Good Fit For A Nectar Mattress?

Nectar mattresses are designed to prioritize convenience from the moment of purchase to the arrival at your door. If you love the idea of having a mattress shipped affordably from the furniture store straight to your home, Nectar is a great option.

In addition, Nectar mattresses are designed to be more affordable, meaning if you are on a budget or perhaps looking to furnish a guest room for less, Nectar may also be a great option. A Nectar mattress is supportive and easy to set up, making guest room furnishing easier.

Nectar recommends that when you get your mattress delivered, open it up and let it expand for 24 hours. The 24 hours is how much time is needed for the memory foam to return to the fully supportive conditions after vacuum sealing.

However, if you want a more tailored sleep experience, or perhaps you like the feel of a traditional spring mattress or the mix of a hybrid mattress, Nectar may not be suitable for you. Remember that different mattresses are right for different people, and Nectar may not be the right mattress for you.

What You Need To Know About Nectar
What You Need To Know About Nectar

Ready To Find Out If A Nectar Mattress Is Right For You?

Buying a new mattress doesn't have to involve hassle and stress. With Nectar mattress, you can save time and money and get 365 nights to decide if you want to keep the mattress.

Remember that Nectar is a memory foam mattress that can ship directly to your front door. Keep in mind that a Nectar mattress is "good" quality and is designed to be affordable and convenient. Finally, keep in mind that Nectar has two options, classic support, and a premier lush option.

If you want to see what a Nectar mattress feels like for yourself, consider checking out your local Furniture Fair in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Louisville. Schedule an appointment online or visit in person today and try out the Nectar mattress for yourself.

If you are curious about how the Nectar mattress compares to other direct ship mattresses, check out our article comparing the Nectar mattress to the Purple mattress. The results may surprise you.

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