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So you've finally redecorated your living room, and your old drab couch isn't up to par with the rest of your newly remodeled living room. You want something that looks sleek and casual enough to kick your feet up and relax after a long day.  

Finding the right sectional for your needs is easier said than done. With all the various sizes and shapes, finding one that is configurable enough to fit your unique space can be challenging. One option you may consider for smaller spaces is the tried and true sofa chaise combo.

At Furniture Fair, we want you to find the best sectional for your casual living room, and one popular option in our store is the Vibrant Vision sofa chaise by Fusion Furniture.

What is the Vision, and why would it suit your living room? In this article, you will learn about the features and benefits of the Vibrant Vision, the ranking level according to good, better, best, and whether or not the group is right for you.

In this video, you'll learn about all the ins and outs of the Vibrant Vision sofa chaise by Fusion Furniture to help you make the right decision on your next significant investment. The next sectional for you may be closer than you think.

Fusion's Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Product Review
Fusion's Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Product Review

Who Is Fusion Furniture?

Fusion is an American furniture manufacturer based out of Mississippi. The company was founded in 2009 and prides itself on being the ideal intersection between furniture style and value.

Fusion focuses on affordable durability with their seating designs, opting to use engineered hardwoods with great value and reliable durability. Fusion furniture offers excellent options for anyone looking for a cheap, long-lasting sofa, and the Vibrant Vision chaise sofa is no different.

Fusion's Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Vibrant Vision Sofa?

The Vibrant Vision is a reversible chaise sofa with a light oatmeal upholstered fabric with accent pillows. The sofa seats three to four people and five if the fifth person doesn’t mind sitting on the end of the chaise.

The Vision uses 1.8 density dacron wrapped foam inside the couch cushions for a soft yet supportive seating experience. 1.8 density is the industry standard for couch cushions, and the dacron wrap adds a little softer feel to the surface.

Underneath the cushion is also essential to a good seating experience, and the Vibrant Vision uses sinuous no-sag springs to give the seat deck a good ride and more durability. The Vibrant Vision also comes with two accent pillows, and all of the sofa upholstery is 100% polyester.

The back pillows of the chaise sofa are removable, making cleaning the upholstery cover easy. You can wash your cover and add or remove stuffing as needed to achieve your preferred comfort level and back support.

The reversible chaise is excellent for rearranging your room or creating a new room design. Simply remove the chaise cushion and push the chaise block to the other side of the sofa, and you can go from a right-facing chaise to a left-facing chaise sofa.

Since the cushion can be flipped, this chaise can be mixed with different styles. Add an accent ottoman for more seating options. The Vibrant Vision also comes in other configurations. Choose a chair-and-a-half or accent chair to complete your room with a matching style.

Fusion's Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Product Review
Fusion's Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Product Review

What Is The Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Quality Ranking?

The Vision falls firmly under the high end of “Good” scale on the Good, Better, Best scale. The well-done tailoring combined with the mixture of quality and affordability makes this piece perfect for someone looking for a smaller piece of furniture with the appeal of a sectional.

The ability to reverse the chaise is also something that makes this piece better than the average sofa chaise in the good category. If you are looking for an affordable modular sofa chaise, the Vibrant Vision chaise may be right.

Fusion's Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Product Review

Is The Vibrant Vision Chaise Sofa Right For Me?

The Vision is a good sofa chaise for someone looking for that clean and modern style in their home. The simple squared design blends well with many modern and classic styles, and the lighter color blends with other colors well.

Anyone looking for a chaise sofa that can handle more traffic might be drawn to the Vision. The durable Polyester upholstery and the engineered hardwood veneers make for a durable chaise that can stand up to kids, movie nights, and other consistent use.

If you are a first-time sofa buyer and want to maximize your value and quality, the Vision is also a great option. The price point and the quality for the price are perfect for anyone starting in their first apartment or new home.

If you are looking for heirloom quality in your chaise sofa, the Vision may not be suitable. While this piece is designed to last longer than some furniture, it does not have the solid handcrafted materials and attention to detail required for heirloom furniture.

If you need to seat many people in your living room, the Vibrant Vision sofa may not suit your needs. A sectional would be more likely to match your needs since sectionals can seat many more people and have more options for seating and reclining.

If you have a more stain-prone environment in your household, this set may not be suitable for you. The lighter oatmeal-colored fabric is susceptible to stains from more than just oatmeal. Perhaps a leather couch or a performance fabric is the direction you should look, or consider using a protection plan.

Fusion's Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Product Review
Fusion's Vibrant Vision Sofa Chaise Product Review

Ready To Find Out If The Vibrant Vision Sofa Is Right For Your Needs?

Now that you’ve seen the Vision, you can better decide if you want to envision this sofa chaise in your living room. Remember that the Vibrant Vision sofa chaise has a reversible option and comes in a light oatmeal upholstery.

Don’t forget that this sofa chaise is a balance of quality and value for the price and falls on the high end of better when ranked on the GBB scale. Finally, don’t forget that this sofa is perfect for anyone who needs an affordable, quality sofa with a reversible chaise.

If you want to learn more about the Vibrant Vision collection from Fusion Furniture or any of our store's many living room groups, drop by one of Furniture Fair’s showrooms throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Louisville.

Or, if you’d like to learn more from an expert, Schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained furniture experts, who will be glad to help you find the living room furniture you need for your home.

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