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Finding bedroom furniture that fits your aesthetic, quality expectations, and price point is not easy. If you want to buy eco-friendly furniture on top of that, the challenge becomes even more difficult. How are you supposed to find furniture that matches your style without breaking the bank?

Perhaps you are looking for something that stands out a bit more than the sea of generic bedroom furniture that seems to be filling most furniture showroom floors. Maybe you want a bedroom group that is bursting at the seems with subtle details.

At Furniture Fair, we’ve built our reputation within the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville areas by offering quality, affordable furniture built to last. One of our best brands that feature quality bedroom sets is Napa Furniture Design.

This article will provide you with a quick overview of Napa and highlight some of the features and benefits available when you purchase from them.

Who Is Napa Furniture?

Napa is an Eco-friendly furniture manufacturer based out of Vernon, Connecticut. The brand manufactures bedroom furniture and bedroom accessories. Napa is known for providing high-quality, solid wood construction and heirloom-quality pieces.

With Napa, what you see on the showroom floor is what you will get when you place an order. Napa furniture is designed to be high quality and uniform, and their collections can fit many style preferences.

In addition to creating high-quality solid wood furniture, Napa is also committed to sustainable timber harvesting. The company makes it a policy always to return the materials it takes from the land and is dedicated to keeping the forests they pull from alive and thriving.

Long story short, Napa is a sustainable, American brand for anyone looking to buy heirloom-quality furniture that will last for a long time without breaking down. If you like quality, consistency, and attention to detail, you might enjoy Napa Furniture.

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Napa Furniture?

Napa dressers and chests have an 80 pound back for added stability, and each drawer is a full-extension drawer, which means you can pull the drawer all the way open rather than halfway or three-quarters open.

All Napa drawers contain reinforced corner blocks, which give the drawer increased stability and ensure that the drawer will not wobble or twist after prolonged use. In addition, corner-blocked drawers will not burst through from heavier objects being placed inside.

The Whistler collection is featured at Furniture Fair. It is constructed from exotic mango wood. All napa bed slats are made from solid Mahogany, a wood known for its strength and durability. Very few manufacturers still use Mahogany wood slats, making Napa stand out from the competition.

All Napa pieces are sanded and finished by hand using a delicate 17-step process that ensures additional strength and lasting beauty. With Napa finishes, your piece will look good and have the attention to detail of a handmade product.

What Is Napa Furniture Quality Ranking?

Napa sits comfortably in the best tier of the Good, Better, Best Ranking System due to the solid wood manufacturing, 17-step finishing process, and all-wood construction. Combining these construction methods and the heirloom-level of quality makes this piece a reliable option for higher-quality furniture.

Is Napa Furniture Right For Me?

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that will last for many years, Napa furniture is an excellent option. Thanks to the build of the furniture, attention to detail, and the heirloom-quality appeal, Napa furniture is ready to be a part of your home for years to come.

In addition, if you value your impact on the environment and want to limit your use of resources, Napa is a great option to consider for your home. Napa helps you buy less furniture over time and ensures that you are buying sustainably and responsibly.

If you want custom furniture, Napa is most likely not your brand. Napa furniture is designed to be as close to the blueprints as possible, and they do not offer customization options. While this does allow for faster, more precise production, it limits your ability to customize your furniture.

Napa is a bit more costly than other brands on the good and better quality tier list, so if you are on a budget, you may want to consider other options. Also, if you like to switch up your style every few years, consider looking for an option that isn’t so much of an investment.

Ready To Find Out If Napa Furniture Is Right For Your Needs?

Now that you know more about Napa and why it is worth investing in, you can be ready to decide whether or not Napa is the next brand worth investing in. With Napa, you can ensure that your furniture is high quality and eco-friendly.

Remember that Napa is built entirely from solid wood and is harvested sustainably. Keep in mind that Napa furniture is built to last a long time and ranks as the best quality. Finally, don’t forget that Napa furniture is an investment and will be more expensive than some furniture.

If you would like to learn more about Napa furniture or see it in person, visit one of our many Furniture Fair locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville. Furniture Fair has a wide variety of living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture. Schedule an appointment online or visit today!

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