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What Is A Catalyzed Finish?
What Is A Catalyzed Finish Table?

Picture this; You buy a dining table, a significant investment for your home and eagerly set it up in your dining room. This table is everything you’ve dreamed of in a dining room table. It’s even made from natural wood!

You begin to use it, carefully of course, making sure to use coasters and placemats to protect your table from moisture. But then, as Murphy’s law would dictate, when you least expect it, a spill happens. The fantastic wood table you paid so much for is now home to an unsightly stain.

Unfortunately it sounds like your table does not have a catalyzed finish. “But wait,” you say, frustrated that you have been thrust into this hypothetical scenario. “I don’t even know what that is, let alone why I would need it on my dining table!”

Fear not good reader, for this article will help swap out that hypothetical stained table in your home for a table that will be much more stain resistant and more likely to last. Here at Furniture Fair, in addition to creating believable scenarios about dining table mishaps, we are also in the business of helping you understand more about what makes the best quality table.

This article will teach you all about a catalyzed finish, what makes it unique, and why a dining table with a catalyzed finish may suit your next dining room set. Read on to learn more about why this revolutionary finishing option might be right for you.

What Is A Catalyzed Finish Table?
What Is A Catalyzed Finish Table?

What Is A Catalyzed Finish?

A catalyzed finish is a varnishing process designed to seal and protect your dining table wood from moisture and stains. The finish is applied to the solid wood tabletop to help defend the surface from a multitude of liquids and other staining substances.

This type of conversion varnish is famously used by Amish furniture manufacturers and finishing companies such asMAVIN and Bassett Furniture. A catalyzed conversion varnish was developed for use with solid wood to help it last even longer.

Once applied to a tabletop, the varnish is either baked or air-dried, allowing the wood to cure and be protected from moisture and stains. The complete curing process happens continually, even for weeks after the furniture is delivered to your home. The Catalyzed finish is the most protective finish for solid wood in the furniture industry.

What Is A Catalyzed Finish Table?

What Are The Features And Benefits Of A Catalyzed Finish?

The elements are one of the number one enemies of even the best tables. Moisture, in particular, can do significant damage to unprotected wood. “Big deal.” you might be thinking. “My table will be in the dining room, not outside in a thunderstorm. Why do I need it to be extra sealed?”

Wood is an organic material, and part of that means it tends to move and interact with its environment. Your solid wood table expands and contracts with the seasons and humidity levels in the room it occupies.

A catalyzed finish offers protection that is much stronger than conventional varnishes. The varnish adds a layer of defense between messy stains and solid wood, making your table stronger.

With a catalyzed finish, any spills are a breeze to clean, and you can rest easy knowing that your wood is protected from moisture and any food or drink spills that may happen during family dinners, large parties, or an accidentally chaotic dinner date that will be an amusing story in the future.

The cross-linked, or catalyzed, film that the finish creates helps provide a solid barrier that resists moisture and chemicals and holds them in place so they can be wiped up and cleaned thoroughly.

Most importantly, the catalyzed finish is designed to make your table last longer and hold up to the wear and tear of daily use. Tables without a catalyzed finish are more likely to become stained and unsightly, especially when used frequently.

What Is A Catalyzed Finish Table?
What Is A Catalyzed Finish Table?

Is Furniture With A Catalyzed Finish Right For Me?

A catalyzed finish is a great way to defend against stains on your dining room table, but is a table with this type of finish right for your home? If you are dedicated to the best possible quality and want heirloom-level furniture, then a table with a catalyzed finish is perfect for your dining room.

If you need a table that is easy to clean, a table with a catalyzed finish is perfect for you. A conversion varnish is the best protective finish that you can put on wood furniture. It protects the wood from water rings, spills, and pretty much anything that you can put in your mouth. To clean most food and drink spills, simply take a wet cloth and wipe up the spill, then finish with a dry cloth.

Looking for furniture that you can pass on to your children and maybe even your grandchildren? A custom table with a catalyzed finish has the potential even to outlast you and, with proper maintenance, will be around long after you are gone.

However, if budget is your number one priority, you may not want to pay the investment necessary to get a solid wood table with a catalyzed finish. Not everyone is ready to invest in the best possible table yet, and that’s ok.

In addition, if you like to use tablecloths regularly, a hardwood table with a superior varnish may be redundant. Solid wood tables can be a beautiful showpiece for your dining room, and it would be a shame to cover such a beautiful table with even the most festive tablecloth.

What Is A Catalyzed Finish Table?

Ready To Discover The Catalyzed Finish Features For Yourself?

Now that you know what a catalyzed finish is, you can say goodbye to that old stained table from the opening paragraph. With your knowledge of catalyzed finishing for dining tables, you can find a table that will repel stains and make water bead away with ease.

Remember that a catalyzed finish is a varnish designed to seal and defend solid wood tables from moisture and stains. Keep in mind that a catalyzed varnish is the most vital type of wood varnish on the market and that it is specifically designed to protect solid wood furniture.

If you are in the market for a solid wood dining set with a catalyzed finish, consider checking out one of Furniture Fair’s locations throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, or Louisville. Schedule an appointment today or discoverMAVIN, one of our favorite solid wood dining brands that feature catalyzed finishing.

What Is A Catalyzed Finish Table?