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Update: Palettes by Winesburg is now MAVIN Furniture. The same quality and attention to detail that has kept customers loyal to Winesburg is now unified under a new banner, but still dedicated to providing the highest quality solid wood dining sets.

When you are looking for dining sets or dining room furniture, the chances of finding furniture made from solid wood are much lower than in the past. Modern innovations have led to more affordable dining sets made from lower cost material at the cost of longevity.

Fortunately for the real wood purists, there are still furniture manufacturers making solid wood dining sets with heirloom manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship of the highest quality. One of the best brands in the Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky area is MAVIN.

Furniture Fair has sold dining sets of all quality levels over our 55 years in the business and the MAVIN collection is one of our top recommended brands for the best quality customizable dining furniture.

This article will give ten great reasons why MAVIN is an excellent investment for anyone looking to find solid wood dining sets that will last for ages. Read on to find out ten reasons why a dining set from MAVIN may be right for you.

10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining
10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining

#1 MAVIN Does Their Harvesting and Processing

MAVIN harvests all of their timber with no exceptions. The MAVIN company has two teams solely dedicated to collecting the eight different wood species offered in the Palettes custom dining collection.

In addition to harvesting, MAVIN also utilizes a rough mill in its lumber treatment process. Freshly-cut logs arrive at the mill, where the bark is stripped and then cut to size for making dining sets.

MAVIN also has kilns used to treat the wood, reducing moisture and creating a stronger, more durable piece of lumber that will create an extremely high-quality dining set. Kiln drying lumber in this manner can sometimes take months, but the result is lumber with a much lower risk of warping or splitting.

The combination of harvesting and processing in-house allows MAVIN a level of quality control that few furniture manufacturers have. From the forest to the showroom floor, MAVIN ensures that the materials used in their tables and chairs are premium quality.

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#2 MAVIN Tables Feature Solid Wood Selections

MAVIN has eight different varieties of solid wood available for custom dining options, and all wood species are offered for any table size and shape. MAVIN’s most popular solid wood choice for dining sets is maple.

Maple table tops and seats are made with hard maple, the same durable wood that bowling alleys use. Hardrock maple is one of the more expensive woods on the market, and it is the beginning price range for MAVIN dining sets.

The only wood species that MAVIN has some restrictions on is elmwood. While any stain can be applied to an elmwood dining piece, elm pieces must be two-toned with an onyx stain. In addition, the Brinkley chair is the only chair in the MAVIN collection that can feature an elmwood header, while all chairs can have elm seats.

If you enjoy the craftsmanship and high-quality woodwork on furniture, MAVIN is an excellent option. With eight solid wood options to choose from, you are sure to find a natural wood dining set that will outlast most dining sets on the market.

10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining
10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining

#3 MAVIN Products Feature A Catalyzed Finish

MAVIN is a high-quality brand that uses a catalyzed finish on all of their wood dining furniture. If you aren’t involved in the furniture industry, you may not understand what makes a catalyzed finish so crucial for solid wood dining sets.

A catalyzed finish is a type of varnish used with an acid catalyst added to the finish to create the most durable heat-cured wood finish on the market. Having a catalyzed finish is the best protection for real wood furniture available. Tabletops are protected from food, liquids, dust, and grime stains, and chairs are safe from even the messiest eater.

Catalyzed finishes make cleaning much easier for solid wood. The finishes will allow easy cleaning with any cloth while protecting the wood grain from moisture damage and permanent stains.

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#4 MAVIN Tables Use Thicker Wood

While many table manufacturers save money by using thinner tabletops (or even particleboard tabletops with a veneer finish), MAVIN cuts zero corners. While most manufacturer tabletops are between a half-inch and a quarter-inch thick, All MAVIN tabletops start at a hefty one-inch thick.

With 25% to 50% more solid wood tabletop compared to the competition, MAVIN ensures that your table is built to last and built to be used for decades. If one inch just isn’t enough for your dining needs, MAVIN also has plank tabletop options that can be more than two inches thick and with a smooth top or a more natural finish.

If you are tired of cheap veneer tabletops or wood that just doesn’t hold up to your standards, MAVIN may be the option for you. With multiple options for thickness and more tabletop thickness than 25 to 50% of the competition, MAVIN features incredibly solid tables.

10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining
10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining

#5 MAVIN Uses A Double Gear Drive On Adjustable Dining Sets

Adjustable dining sets are meant to be convenient and add more seating capacity. When you need to seat a large number of people outside for parties or holiday gatherings, having the ability to extend the length of your table so that it comfortably seats everyone is helpful and necessary.

However, sliding the tabletop apart to add a table leaf is often a job that requires two people and a lot of grunting, pulling, and frustration. To help make extending your table as effortless as possible, MAVIN leaf tables use a double gear drive system.

The double gear drive is a lever-locking sliding mechanism that makes opening the table effortless. The double gear drive is a unique feature to MAVIN tables and is perfect for the next thanksgiving or any holiday that requires lots of people and lots of table space.

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#6 MAVIN Tabletops Feature Self Storing Leaf Options

Suppose you’ve ever owned an expandable leaf table. In that case, you may have had the unfortunate situation of storing your table leaf in a closet or basement and then dealing with warping or gaps in the table when you use the leaf again.

Leaf warping can occur when the table is not stored in the exact location as the table, which causes the wood to adjust to a different environment. Different temperatures, the moisture content in the air, and storage angle can cause the leaf to twist, bend, or expand at a different rate than the matching table.

MAVIN solves this problem by creating a space within your table to store the table leaves (featured in the video above) when they are not being used. If you love having guests over but don’t always need that extra space, self-storing leaves are a fantastic way to keep your table and leaves in pristine condition and save you the extra storage space.

10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining
10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining

#7 All MAVIN Chairs Are Contract Grade Chairs

You might not be familiar with the term contract grade chairs if you aren’t nerdy about furniture like so many of our sales experts. Contract grade simply means that what you see on the showroom floor and what you get delivered to your home are the same quality and build.

Many brands lower on the Good, Better, Best ranking system send furniture to unassembled retailers. It is the task of either the customer or the warehouse assembly team to assemble the furniture, depending on what delivery option the customer chooses.

With contract grade quality, nothing is left to chance. Every chair is constructed with premium quality control free from wobbly or unlevel chair legs. Every chair will arrive at your door in pristine condition. MAVIN chairs are even tested to hold up to 700 pounds, almost unheard of for dining chairs.

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#8 MAVIN Has A Large Variety of Chairs

In addition to the top-tier quality of each chair, MAVIN also offers a vast selection of styles. Select from chairs such as side dining chairs, dining armchairs, or 24-inch and 30-inch barstools that can be swivel top or stationary.

Each type of chair is offered in over 40 styles, with some even including upholstery options. Your style is only limited by your imagination, and you can mix and match type, style, wood species, and stain to create your perfect dining set.

Benches are also available in three sizes. Dining benches can also be customized. Add arms, change the seatbacks, and even add or remove upholstery. There is almost no limit to the customization options with MAVIN.

10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining
10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining

#9 MAVIN Features Additional Dining Room Furniture

MAVIN also has dining room furniture that can match your dining set. You can match the wood species and stain to your dining table for a complete dining room redesign with MAVIN pieces.

MAVIN has hutches, buffets, servers, and more available in the wood species of your choice and all handcrafted and quality-controlled from the forest to your dining room. Each piece can match your custom-designed dining set for a complete custom dining room.

All MAVIN drawers feature English dovetail corners, which help keep the drawer sturdy and reliable. In addition, each solid wood drawer features a soft closing drawer slide, which will ensure your drawers don’t get slammed or broken from closing too fast.

If you don’t like the hardware that comes standard on the piece, Winesburg allows you to change any piece of hardware on any drawer. MAVIN has a vast selection of hardware options in a wide variety of styles to fit any decor style.

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#10 MAVIN Is Made in the USA

Last but not least, one of the best reasons to consider MAVIN is that all MAVIN dining sets are made right here locally within the United States. If you like to support businesses near you, MAVIN is one of the best.

Located in Dundee, Ohio, MAVIN is proud to serve the community by providing quality furniture that will last for a lifetime while employing people in the community and helping keep local businesses thriving.

In addition to creating a local product, MAVIN also prioritizes reducing waste by using as many parts of the wood as possible. MAVIN uses lean manufacturing techniques along with their in-depth knowledge of the trees they source to create a made-in-USA piece that uses the highest quality wood in the most efficient way possible for your dining table.

10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining
10 Reasons To Consider MAVIN Custom Dining

Ready To Discover Winesburg For Yourself?

If you love wood as much as MAVIN does, then a large or small dining set from theMAVIN collection may be right for you. With a commitment to the highest quality solid wood, an incredible selection of customizable options, and an attention to detail that most companies overlook, MAVIN dining room furniture is a great investment for your dining room.

If you would like to see the custom dining options for yourself, drop by any one of our ten showrooms located throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, or Louisville area’s, and experience the quality difference firsthand.

Schedule an appointment online with one of our knowledgeable sales experts, or drop by one of our locations today. The perfect solid wood table of your dreams may be closer to a reality than you think.