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When it comes to your kids' bedrooms, sometimes saving space is a necessity. Whether you have two kids or enough kids to start a reality tv show, saving space in a kids’ bedroom is important.

Beyond the toys and the clothes that always seem to shrink right after you buy them, the thing that seems to occupy the most space ends up being beds. If you are looking to make as much space out of a small room as possible, a bunk bed may be the answer.

At Furniture Fair, we’ve sold countless bunkbeds over the 55 years that we’ve been in business, and we want to share one of our top-selling bunk beds and show you why this particular bunk bed may be right for your child’s room.

Read on to learn more about the Caden bunk bed, and discover some of the features and benefits available in this simple, yet efficient bunk bed.

The Caden Bunk Bed Review
The Caden Bunk Bed Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Caden Bunk Bed?

The space-saving Caden bunk bed is perfect for smaller bedrooms and will allow you to devote more floor space to a play area! The sturdy construction and durable multi-step finish will provide years of safe, dependable use.

The upper bed is easily accessed by the built-in ladder and features side rails to prevent accidentally falling out of bed when your child changes sleeping positions. An optional mattress trundle drawer is available and sold separately.

The bed features solid pine framing with spruce veneers and a durable multi-step finish. The Caden bed is offered in a twin over twin mattress configuration as well as a twin over full configuration.

Twin over twin bunk beds features a straight ladder, while the twin over full configuration features a slightly angled ladder. If you have an older child who needs more room to sleep, you may want to consider a twin over full option.

Each bed base features a full slat roll for basic support and has room for a bunkie board if you want even more support. The bed frame is bolted securely together to help prevent loosening parts and what the furniture industry calls racking.

The Caden bunk bed is available in three color options which are brown, white, and gray. Three color options give you more options to match your child’s current furniture. In addition, the colorways will be perfectly at home in a boy’s room or a girl’s room.

The Caden Bunk Bed Review

What Is The Caden Bunk Bed Quality Ranking?

The Caden falls under the “good” category in the Good, Better, Best, Ranking System, due to the slightly smaller-than-standard rail systems and slats. While the use of fewer materials brings the price of the bed down, it also puts it in a lower quality category.

In addition, the use of wood veneers on parts of the bed also keeps the bed quality at the good level. Better, and best quality sets use solid woods, hardwoods, and feature additional fastening techniques to ensure that the bed lasts longer.

However, if you need a bunk bed that will last through the growth of your kids into their teens, the Caden bunk bed will hold up to a lot of wear and tear that your rowdy and rambunctious kids will put them through.

The Caden Bunk Bed Review
The Caden Bunk Bed Review

Is The Caden Bunk Bed Right For My Kids?

If you have a smaller room and limited use of space, the Caden is a great option to consider. Your kids can devote more space to play when they don’t have two individual beds occupying the same space.

In addition, the Caden is a lower profile bunk bed, meaning if your house has a lower ceiling, the top bunk occupant will still be as comfy as the bottom bunk occupant. When combined with a trundle bed, the options for sleeping or storage are even greater.

If you have older children, or your children are outgrowing their current twin beds, the Caden is not the right solution for your home, since the smaller ladder will be difficult to climb and your kids may feel cramped, uncomfortable, or even at risk of falling out of the top bunk due to the shorter bed rails.

The Caden Bunk Bed Review

Ready To Find Out If The Caden Bunk Bed Is Right For Your Kids Bedroom?

Your children are a blessing but sometimes big blessings need to be able to fit comfortably in smaller rooms, and that’s where the Caden bunk bed comes in. If you need to maximize space in a small bedroom, or perhaps you just want a little more room for the kids to play, the Caden bunk bed may be perfect for the job.

Keep in mind that the Caden is a good quality bunk bed that comes in three color options and two mattress size configuration options. Remember that the Caden is built to be sturdy and cost-efficient, with a solid pine frame and veneer finishing.

Finally, keep in mind that the Caden has a lower profile than most bunk beds and can also be used with a matching trundle be if your need even more sleeping or storage space. Your next space-saving bunk bed might just be the Caden bunk bed.

If you want to let your kids test the Caden bunk bed for themselves, consider visiting Furniture Fair. With ten locations in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville area, we are ready to help you find the right kids’ bedroom furniture.

Schedule an appointment online with one of our sales experts or visit a location near you and find out if the Caden Bunk Bed is the perfect fit for your children’s bed.

The Caden Bunk Bed Review