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Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide
Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide

Quality is a term often tossed around in the realm of outdoor furniture. From garden chairs to patio tables, "quality" can vary greatly depending on who you ask.

At Furniture Fair, we're committed to providing more than vague assurances of quality. Instead, we offer a tangible way outdoor furniture enthusiasts like you to gauge the quality of outdoor furniture and make informed purchasing decisions.

In this article, we'll delve into the Good, Better, Best ranking system, how we evaluate outdoor furniture along this scale, and how you can utilize this system to your advantage when shopping for furniture in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Discover how Furniture Fair assesses outdoor furniture quality, equip yourself with the tools to discern quality levels before purchasing, and bid farewell any lingering doubts or buyer's remorse.

Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide
Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide

What Is The Good, Better, Best Ranking System?

The Good, Better, Best Ranking System (GBB) is a comprehensive checklist designed to help you evaluate the quality of outdoor furniture before bringing it into your backyard oasis.

Our mission at Furniture Fair is to assist you in finding the perfect outdoor furniture solutions tailored to your needs. Our sales teams are extensively trained to provide you with valuable insights and information, ensuring transparency and empowerment in your purchasing journey. The GBB system is a reliable guide to help you navigate outdoor furniture quality.

It's important to note that GBB isn't simply about ranking from worst to best. Each tier within the GBB spectrum offers advantages and drawbacks, allowing you to align your priorities with the right balance of quality and affordability.

By applying the GBB test, you'll gain a deeper understanding of each product's merits and shortcomings, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and avoid overpaying for outdoor furniture.

Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide

How We Evaluate Outdoor Furniture Quality Levels

Determining the quality of outdoor furniture involves a meticulous assessment of various factors, ranging from construction techniques to material choices.

Here's a breakdown of the criteria Furniture Fair utilizes to categorize outdoor furniture within the Good, Better, Best ranking system:

Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide


The construction methods employed are pivotal in determining where outdoor furniture falls on the GBB scale.

While budget-friendly options may utilize cost-effective construction techniques, premium brands prioritize durability and longevity through superior building methods.

  • Good: Requires assembly, and arrives flat packed.
  • Better: Welded construction, with minimal assembly needed.
  • Best: Welded construction, minimal to no assembly, hand-woven with 7-step finishes.

Material Quality

The choice of materials significantly impacts the overall quality of outdoor furniture. From weather-resistant wickers to robust aluminum frames, understanding the materials used allows you to gauge durability and performance.

Generally, outdoor furniture categorized as "Good" typically includes steel pieces, recycled plastic wicker, and cushions. Things to look out for include steel frames rusting, plastic wicker becoming brittle in cold weather, and cushions being prone to the elements.

"Better" options often feature hollow aluminum frames, polyester fabrics resistant to mold and fading, and quick-dry foam cushions.

The "Best" category usually boasts heavy-duty aluminum frames, polyethylene resin wicker, and firepits with a 40,000 BTU rating, along with convenient drawers for propane tank storage.

Finish Quality

The quality of finishes, such as powder coatings, wood sealants, or UV-resistant treatments, contribute to the furniture's aesthetic appeal and resilience against the elements. High-quality finishes ensure prolonged longevity and resistance to fading or corrosion.

Seating Support

Whether it's resilient cushion fillings or sturdy frame reinforcements, the seating support system is crucial for comfort and durability.

Brands renowned for superior seating support will prioritize ergonomic designs and premium support materials to enhance your outdoor lounging experience.

Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide

Warranty Coverage

Warranty offerings demonstrate the manufacturer's confidence in their product's durability and performance. Extensive warranty coverage indicates higher quality and reliability, providing peace of mind against unforeseen defects or damages.

Some furniture companies offer protection plans in addition to the manufacturer warranty, which provides an added layer of defense against damage to outdoor furniture.

Consider taking advantage of these plans when dealing with furniture that will be out in the elements.

Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide
Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide

The Good, Better, Best Price Breakdown

The pricing structure within the GBB spectrum typically aligns with the quality levels offered by outdoor furniture.

While the highest-quality options may command premium, value-oriented selections cater to budget-conscious consumers without sacrificing essential features or durability.

Understanding your budget constraints and desired quality standards lets you balance affordability and longevity.

Whether seeking a temporary solution or a long-term investment, the GBB system empowers you to make financially sound decisions tailored to your needs.

Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide

Determining Your GBB Preference

To find your preferred quality level within the GBB spectrum, consider the following factors:

  • Intended Use:Evaluate who will be using the outdoor furniture and their specific needs. Families with children and pets may prioritize durability and stain resistance, while individuals seeking decorative accents may focus more on aesthetic appeal.
  • Frequency of Use:Determine how often the outdoor furniture will be utilized. Furniture intended for regular use requires robust construction and weather-resistant materials to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.
  • Budget Constraints:Align your preferences with your budgetary limitations. Whether you're aiming for premium quality or value-oriented selections, options are available to suit every budget without compromising on essential features.
Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide
Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide

Which GBB Ranking Is Best For You?

You can identify the ideal GBB ranking for your outdoor furniture needs based on your preferences and requirements. If you are looking for top-tier quality, opt for the best category with premium brands renowned for exceptional durability and craftsmanship

If your budget and price point are essential, consider exploring the good category, which offers budget-friendly options that offer affordability without compromising important features or functionality.

For those looking to get the best of both worlds, you can strike a balance between quality and affordability with the better category, which features higher quality without premium pricing. Your goal is to find the best pieces for your budget, style, and taste.

Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide

Ready To Apply The Good, Better, Best Ranking To Your Outdoor Furniture Shopping?

With the knowledge of Furniture Fair's Good, Better, Best ranking system, you can confidently navigate the outdoor furniture market.

Whether perusing our extensive selection in-store or exploring options online, you can make informed decisions based on quality assessments and price differentials.

Remember that your preferences and requirements are unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution for outdoor furniture.

Take the time to compare options, consider your priorities, and find the furniture that best aligns with your expectations and budget.

If you're eager to explore our diverse range of outdoor furniture offerings, visit any of our Furniture Fair locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, or Louisville.

For more insights into the brands we carry and their manufacturing practices, browse our curated list of top outdoor furniture brands available at Furniture Fair.

Good, Better, Best, Outdoor Furniture Quality Guide