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So you finally have that home with the back patio or the lovely porch, and you are ready to start looking for some nice outdoor furniture. Those colorful plastic deck chairs may have been okay for your apartment balcony, but now you might look for something more sturdy and comfortable.

At Furniture Fair, we want you to find the best outdoor furniture for your patio or balcony, and one of the best-selling brands we feature in our store is the Halston outdoor dining collection by GatherCraft.

What is the Halston, and why would it suit your patio? In this article, you will learn about the features and benefits of the Halston collection, the ranking level according to good, better, best, and whether or not the group is right for you.

Summertime is here, and your patio needs a dining set. Read on to learn more about the Halston dining set and discover if Halston is right suitable for your home this summer. The next dining set for you may be closer than you think.

The Halston Outdoor Collection Product Review
The Halston Outdoor Collection Product Review

Who Is GatherCraft?

GatherCraft is an outdoor patio furniture company based in Austin, Texas. The company focuses on providing quality outdoor furniture emphasizing value, comfort, and stylish designs. GatherCraft is committed to providing great looks at an excellent value for their customers.

GatherCraft manufactures outdoor tables, outdoor ottomans, firepits, outdoor chairs such as lounge chairs or swivel chairs, outdoor sofas, loveseats, and even outdoor dining sets like the Halston collection which is featured in this article.

The Halston Outdoor Collection Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Halston Collection Furniture?

The Halston collection is constructed from extruded aluminum, a type of factory-shaped aluminum designed to create a light yet strong outdoor set with fewer fastening points needed. The aluminum frame makes the set lighter than some metals, making transportation and storage during the winter months less of a hassle.

Another positive aspect of the Halston collection is that it doesn’t absorb as much heat as some outdoor dining sets. This set absorbs less heat from the sun because of the darker matte powder coat finish. The powder coating also helps with weather resistance, which is crucial to outdoor furniture.

The Halston set includes an excellent lattice design throughout each piece that forms the set's design style backbone. Each cushion from the collection features a zipper closure and can be unzipped and hand-washed at the beginning or end of the outdoor season.

The outdoor dining table and chair set come in circular and rectangular table options. Each table comes with an opening for an outdoor umbrella with an umbrella hole covering if you do not wish to use an outdoor umbrella.

The Halston Outdoor Collection Product Review
The Halston Outdoor Collection Product Review

What Is The Halston Collection Furniture Quality Ranking?

The Halston outdoor living collection ranks as “better” in the Good, Better, Best ranking system due to the weather-resistant powder coating and the durable aluminum construction. The more sturdy construction methods make this collection better than plastic or cheap aluminum outdoor furniture.

The Better ranking means that the Halston outdoor set will be more sturdy than some lower quality sets. Aluminum, especially extruded aluminum, is stronger than some cheaper materials such as plastics and cheaper woods.

The Better ranking for the Halston set also means that the price will be slightly higher than a cheaper set, although not as high as a Best quality outdoor set. If you want a nice balance of quality and price, Halston may be right for you.

The Halston Outdoor Collection Product Review

Is The Halston Outdoor Collection Right For Me?

The Halston is ideal for anyone with decent outdoor space and who wants to spend more time outdoors with friends or family. The set is designed to weather the elements with easy-to-clean upholstery and powder coat finishing.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance outdoor set that will last a bit longer than plastic dining furniture, the Halston dining set will more than deliver your expectations. If good times eating with friends outdoors is what you want, Halston is suitable for you.

If you move or travel often and bring your furniture with you, the Halston set may not be correct. The heavier, sturdy design is designed to hold up to the elements, making the set a bit heavier than more lightweight sets that would transport easier.

The Halston Outdoor Collection Product Review
The Halston Outdoor Collection Product Review

Ready To Find Out If The Halston Outdoor Collection Is Right For Your Needs?

Finding the right outdoor furniture for your patio can be a process. Now that you know more about the Halston outdoor collection, you will be ready to decide whether or not this set is suitable for your home.

Keep in mind that this set is heavier than cheaper outdoor dining sets and features an extruded aluminum frame with a powdered matte coating for weatherproofing and less heat retention. Don’t forget that Halston is available in round or rectangle table sizes and includes removable cushions for easier cleaning.

If you are interested in learning more about the Halston outdoor collection, consider checking it out at one of our showroom locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Louisville. 

If you have more questions about outdoor dining, and finding the right outdoor sets for your needs, one of our helpful sales experts will be glad to help you find the perfect set for your outdoor dining or lounging needs.

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