September 14, 2022 5 min read

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant dinette set for your dining room? Are you needing something that won't break the bank but also has a sturdy construction? Do you have ancient Grecian levels of aesthetic appreciation for your room’s design layout?

Whatever your reason for shopping for new dinette sets, the fact remains that finding the suitable dinette for your needs is easier said than done. With all the various styles and shapes, finding a dining table and chairs that fit your space and compliments your dining area can be daunting.

At Furniture Fair, we want you to find the best dinette set for your dining room, and one popular option in our store is the Athens Dining Room Collection by Holland House. The ancient greeks prized aesthetic simplicity, and this dining set is both simply designed and elegantly aesthetic.

What is the Athens, and why would it suit your dining room? In this video, you'll learn about all the advantages of the Athens Dining Room Collection by Holland House to help you make the right decision on your next significant investment. The perfect dining set for you may be a quick read away!

The Athens Dining Set Product Review
The Athens Dining Set Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Athens Dining Collection?

The Athens set features a simple, clean design with fluted table leg designs. Athens is a clever blend of elegant style and affordable design. The functional design features of the Athens are matched with a simple form for a practical piece that won’t break your budget.

Thanks to a handy storage leaf, two size options are available within the rectangular dining table top. The storage leaf can be added to the center of the table, creating a more extendable dining table for when you have fellow philosophers over for some nice dinner and conversation. The addition of the leaf extension adds tremendous value to this piece, essentially giving you two tables in one.

Without the extension leaf, the tabletop measures 30 inches by 48 inches. With the table leaf added, the more extended table measures 30 inches by 66 inches making it ideal for the company. The featured Athens collection has a table, four chairs, and a storage bench.

The set is made from rubberwood solids used in many furniture manufacturing designs, especially furniture with more complex designs. Semi-hardwood is a bit more malleable to the manufacturing process than some woods.

In addition to being more affordable than some hardwoods, rubberwood is also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Believe it or not, rubber trees are used in the rubber-making process, and rubber woods are used in the furniture-making process at the end of their rubber-producing cycle. This helps make sure that every part of the tree is used efficiently.

Athens features a modern white bottom construction with a gray veneer table and chair top. This set is designed to be classy and chic while also having some staying power so that it won’t be out of style after only a few years of use.

The collection offers three variations of their dining room sets: a drop-leaf cafe set with a table and two dining chairs, a rectangular dining table with four chairs and a dining bench, and a square pub-height table with four dining stools.

The Athens Dining Set Product Review

What Is Athens Dining Collection Quality Ranking?

The Athens dining set ranks as “Good” on the Good, Better, Best ranking system because of its inexpensive materials and cost-effective manufacturing techniques. While wood veneers and rubberwood is less durable than some other materials, they make for a practical dining set that is designed to be functional and look nice.

The Athens is designed to be a table that is affordable for many, from someone starting in a new apartment to anyone looking for a cheap dining set that looks nice and won’t break the bank. While the materials in the collection may be frank, the value of the group is evident in the price point.

The Athens Dining Set Product Review
The Athens Dining Set Product Review

Is The Athens Dining Collection Right For Me?

The perfect dining set for some people may not be suitable for others, and the Athens dining collection is no different. Here are a few pros and cons to consider when deciding if this set is the right purchase decision for your dining room.

The Roman Empire may try to cop your style, which is understandable since it’s pretty awesome. However, as long as your various cities and provinces remain unified under a strong sense of Grecian dining style and avoid conflicting with nearby city-states, your modern dinette should be safe from any would-be conquerors.

Second, if you are looking for custom features that can be added to Athens, this collection may not suit you. The Athens set is manufactured ahead of time, so what you see is what you get. You can, however, add more pieces (such as two benches instead of just one) to your set when purchasing.

Holland House does manufacture a similar set to the Athens in a different color called the Findlay dining set. If you like the style of the Athens but prefer a more classic color scheme, you may want to consider the Findlay dining collection instead of the Athens dining set.

The Athens may be right for you if you are working with a smaller kitchen or dining room. With three options available that will fit any number of room layouts, you can be sure that one of the sizes will fit your space.

If budget is your primary concern, the Athens dining set is a perfect option for you. This set is priced more affordably than many dining sets, and the features and dining seat options give you a lot of bang for your buck.

The Athens collection is perfect for your needs if you are a new couple looking to outfit an apartment. Athens makes an excellent starter dining set, whether you plan on using it for years or temporarily until you are ready to buy a better or best-quality dining set.

That being said, the Athens collection is not heirloom quality, and if you’re looking for a table you can pass on to your children or a table you can custom design, you should consider a table from a higher-end brand such as MAVIN.

The Athens Dining Set Product Review

Ready To Find Out If Athens Dining Collection Is Right For Your Needs?

Now that you know a few more details about this modern dining set with an ancient name, you will be better prepared to decide if the Athens dining set is the right choice for your dining needs. Here are a few things to remember when considering the Athens for your home.

Remember that the Athens is not heirloom quality, has no custom options, and is on the excellent tier of the GBB ranking system, so if you are looking for a high-quality dining set, you might be better suited with another one.

Remember that the Athens is a perfect starter dining set for someone looking to outfit a new apartment, and the collection works well, even in small spaces. Finally, don’t forget that Athens is an affordable dining set and features leaf extensions on the rectangle tabletop model.

If you are interested in learning more about Athens, consider visiting one of our Furniture Fair locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, or Louisville. Try testing the set yourself and decide if it’s right for you.

If you are looking for this style with a more classic color, consider checking out the Findlay Dining Set for a similar style with a darker finish. Not sure which is best for you? Schedule an appointment and see them both in person.

The Athens Dining Set Product Review