September 23, 2022 6 min read

Do you want to upgrade the furniture in your living room to something with high-quality reclining mechanisms, soft leather, with customizable features? If the time has come to invest in your next furniture purchase, you want to be sure you are making the best choice.

Whatever your reason for shopping for new living room furniture, finding the right piece for your needs is easier said than done. Do you need leather or fabric upholstery? Should you get reclining or stationary furniture?

How long should you expect your new purchase to last? How do you know you are investing in quality rather than hype? At Furniture Fair, we want you to find the best quality furniture for your living room, and that’s why we are talking about Bradington Young.

Who is Bradington Young, and why would their furniture suit your living room? In this video, you'll learn about all the ins and outs of the Bradington Young brand, which will help you make the right decision on your next significant investment.

After reading this article, you will know whether or not this heirloom quality brand is worth your time. Read on to learn about Bradington Young and why it may be suitable for your home. The next perfect living room set for you may be closer than you think.

What You Need To Know About Bradington-Young
What You Need To Know About Bradington-Young

Who Is Bradington Young Furniture?

Bradington Young is a furniture manufacturer that branched off from La-Z-Boy in 1978 and is now one of the world's top leather upholstery makers. Bradington Young’s leather is known for being some of the smoothest upholstered leather available, and the difference can be felt immediately.

The furniture brand operates out of Hickory, North Carolina, and is locally made in the USA. Thanks to their American location, the brand is much easier to contact if you have questions regarding the status of your furniture order.

What You Need To Know About Bradington-Young

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Bradington Young?

Bradington Young furniture has many features, such as power reclining, power headrest, and a default position button that allows you to return the sofa to its default upright position. You can also get a USB port upgrade to charge your phone or tablet effortlessly.

Each seat offers 8-way hand-tied springs, and the cushions are springdown cushions. Both features are some of the best in the furniture seating industry. The combination gives you a smooth and supportive ride that is more resilient than other seating designs.

The frame construction of Brandington Young furniture is designed to be all one piece, with the reclining mechanism built into each unit. This building method makes the Zero Wall reclining feature possible.

The Zero Wall reclining feature allows you to place the recliner next to a wall without compromising the full reclining function. This means you can recline without worrying about any potential scratches, nicks, or tears on the wall or your recliner.

Bradington Young offers full coverage top-grain leather on their pieces, but you can also get the split leather option for the sides and back if you aren’t as concerned about having top-grain leather where no one will see it. Split leather helps reduce the cost of the piece considerably.

With the Bradington Young program, you can also do special orders. The leather program has four tiers: Nubuck, Aniline, Aniline Plus, and Finished. Aniline is the chemical that creates more sensitivity in the leather.

The more aniline the leather has, the more sensitive the leather is to wear over time. If you like that new leather look, the first and second tier is best for you, but if you like your leather to become more weathered with a lovely patina over time, the second two leather options are best for your needs.

Nubuck and Aniline are best for reclining sofas since the reclining features will wear heavier on the leather. At the same time, stationary pieces are better suited for Aniline Plus and Finished leather upholstery.

Bradington Young also lets you change any nailhead finishes that you don’t like. The nailhead designs come in seven distinct colors: Antique, French Natural, Natural, Gunmetal, Nickel, Old Gold, and Pewter.

Bradington Young even features seven leg options you can special order for your piece. Match your favorite leather color and style with your favorite nailhead trim option, and finish your unique order piece with your preferred leg design for a sofa, loveseat, or chair that is uniquely yours.

What You Need To Know About Bradington-Young
What You Need To Know About Bradington-Young

What Is The Bradington Young Furniture Quality Ranking?

So, where does Bradington Young fall under the Good, Better, Best ranking system? This brand is positioned in the top tier of Best in the GBB ranking system due to its high-quality materials and solid frame construction.

Being in the best category means Bradington Young is worth investing in for a longer life span with more durable upholstery and frame design. The furniture from this manufacturer will last much longer than any sectional under the good and better categories.

Bradington Young offers factory warranties on several parts of their furniture. All mechanisms and springs are covered with a five-year warranty. The parts and labor are covered with a one-year warranty, and the frame has a lifetime warranty.

The fill material is covered by a one-year warranty, while the cushion core has a lifetime warranty. The power recline mechanism is covered by a three-year warranty, while the battery pack has a one-year warranty.

What You Need To Know About Bradington-Young

Is Bradington Young Right For Me?

If you are a leather connoisseur looking for that type of furniture that only looks better with age, Bradington Young is the perfect fit for you. The brand prides itself on offering the best quality leather that will age gracefully with a beautiful patina.

Bradington Young is a brand perfect for young professionals looking to invest in modern furniture that will only look better with age. The brand is also ideal for someone needing a relaxing space that values quality and American manufacturing.

Long story short, if you value quality and are looking to invest in your next furniture purchase, this brand is a perfect choice. Bradington Young combines the highest quality leather with excellent manufacturing for furniture that will outlive you if adequately cared for.

Top-grain leather requires more upkeep than many other upholstery fabrics, and because of this fact, keeping your furniture in good condition involves preparation and consistent maintenance. While the result is a beautiful piece of leather furniture that will last a long time, you might not have the time or energy if you are busy or don’t want to set aside time for regular upkeep.

Pet owners may want to go for a bit more durable and pet-friendly furniture since critter claws can leave unwanted scratches or holes in your expensive leather upholstery. Consider using a performance fabric to stand up to more rigorous daily use.

While the complete unit design of the frames makes Zero Wall reclining easier, this design does make transportation a bit more difficult since the backs of the reclining sections cannot be removed. If you have tight hallways, a Bradington Young piece may not fit through them.

What You Need To Know About Bradington-Young
What You Need To Know About Bradington-Young

Ready To Find Out If Bradington Young Is Right For Your Needs?

Bradington Young is a high-quality leather furniture manufacturer specializing in living room furniture built to look nice and age well with time. Now that you know a little more about this made-in-USA furniture brand, you can decide if they are right for you.

Keep in mind that Bradington young is one of the top leather upholstery producers in the world, and they offer four tiers of leather type based on your preferences. Remember that each piece can be customized to fit your room’s design aesthetic.

Finally, don’t forget that Bradington Young offers built-in reclining features, complete with power reclining and Zero Wall reclining features. Whether you are looking for reclining or stationary living room furniture, Bradington Young has options for you.

If you are interested in learning more about Bradington Young, consider visiting one of our Furniture Fair locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, or Louisville. Try testing the quality and luxury for yourself.

If you are looking for a similar brand with more classic stylings, consider Smith Brothers custom living room furniture. Not sure which is best for you? Schedule an appointment and see them both in person.