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How To Level A Barstool or Dining Chair In 4 Easy Steps
How To Level A Barstool or Dining Chair In 4 Easy Steps

Have you bought or considered buying a set of barstools, dining chairs, or counter-height dining stools? If so, the following scenario may be all too familiar to you.

You get the barstools in your home through whatever pickup or delivery method you use. After assembling or having them assembled yourself, you sit on one, only to discover something incredibly annoying.

Your barstool isn’t level with the floor! What was supposed to be a comfy way to sit and enjoy an excellent social gathering or a dinner with friends is now an annoying, shifting, knocking trigger to your self-diagnosed OCD.

Now every time you sit on your new dining chair, you can’t resist that childish urge to rock the chair on the uneven legs, and if you do have kids, you’ll probably be driven crazy by the constant knocking of the chair against your wood or tile floor.

How To Level A Barstool or Dining Chair In 4 Easy Steps
How To Level A Barstool or Dining Chair In 4 Easy Steps

Thankfully, most manufacturers understand those constant minor irritations like uneven, wobbly stools are not part of a satisfied customer’s experience. To eliminate that pesky variable chair leg problem, they’ve built a solution right into the product.

Many of our salespeople have helped solve issues at Furniture Fair and even dealt with returns regarding uneven barstools and wooden chairs. We want to help everyone understand that crooked chair legs are much easier to fix than most people know.

The key (or wrench, if you will) to an even dining experience is a straightforward tool! Read on to find out how you can use an allen wrench to fix the most common types of barstools, dining chairs, dining stools, and counter-height dining chairs in four easy steps.

Step One - Flip Your Barstool, Dining Chair, Or Dining Stool Over

A simple process so far, right?

Take your wobbly barstool or chair and flip it over gently, making sure to have a tarp, carpet, or softer surface laid out underneath to prevent scuffs and stains on your dining or bar furniture.

Once flipped, locate the fasteners in each corner of the underside of your stool. The fasteners will be metal screw-like fasteners that can be tightened or loosened. Many modern bar stools and chairs have velcro covers that hide the fasteners, which can be easily removed for access.

Step Two - Loosen The Fasteners Using An Allen Wrench Or Hex Key

If you do not already own a set of allen wrenches (or hex key), most major department stores, hardware stores, or home improvement centers sell them for under $10.

many furniture designs use allen wrenches, and if you happen to frequent a particular blue and yellow Swedish furniture company, you are probably a bit too familiar with allen wrenches.

Find the fasteners and loosen each one about one or two turns, or just enough to where the seat becomes slightly less tight and has some give in the parts. This will allow you to adjust the seat without taking the whole stool apart, saving you a lot of frustration.

Step Three - Set Stool Upright & Sit On It Until Stool Is Level With Your Floor

When doing this step, make sure that you level the bench on the surface you will put your chair on. Hard, smooth surfaces such as wood, tile, and concrete floors work best for this step.

Once you’ve loosened the fasteners, flip the stool upright and then set it on a smooth flat surface.

Once you’ve placed the stool upright, sit on the stool and shift your weight slightly from side to side until the stool legs no longer rock unevenly.

Step Four - Tighten Fasters Using Your Allen Wrench

Once your barstool is level, simply tighten the fasteners back securely while being careful not to overtighten, which could cause wooden parts to crack or split. Once tightened correctly, your stool should now be ready to use again.

The final step in this process is crucial to helping your stool or chair stay evenly balanced. However, if at any point your stool begins to wobble again, simply repeat this process, and your stool will once again be even and sturdy.

How To Level A Barstool or Dining Chair In 4 Easy Steps

Ready To Fix Your Dining Chair Or Barstool In Four Easy Steps?

Some home improvement projects require the help of experts and large sums of your hard-earned cash, but thanks to intuitive manufacturer designs and a bit of expert knowledge, you can be ready to solve any leveling issues that your dining furniture might have.

Remember the four easy steps to flip the stool, loosen the fasteners, sit until the chair is even, and then tighten the fasteners back securely. Once you know these steps by heart, you will always be able to solve a wobbly barstool or dining seat.

If you’ve purchased a dining set from Furniture Fair, and are still having issues after trying this process, our customer care department will be happy to help. Customers can reach out via email or by calling (513) 874-5553 Ext. 2001

If you are looking to buy a new dining table and chairs, barstools, or counter-height dining set, consider visiting Furniture Fair. We offer customized tables and bar-height dining sets through Daniels Amish, Palettes by Winesburg, and Stickley. We also sell complete dining sets and individual barstools for your next get-together.  

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How To Level A Barstool or Dining Chair In 4 Easy Steps