November 04, 2022 4 min read

The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review

When it comes to bedroom furniture nowadays, there are plenty of options available on the market, but not all options have the same quality levels. Many sets may look nice on the surface but be made with cheaper materials underneath. How do you know the quality of what you are getting?

At Furniture Fair, we want our customers to know as much as possible about their bedroom set before they make a purchase decision. We want our customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to be happy with their purchase long after the furniture delivery.

With that in mind, we are reviewing one of the more popular bedroom sets on our floor, the Westlake bedroom set, to find out how it ranks in quality and who it may or may not be suitable for. Read on to learn about Westlake by A-America and the features and benefits of this solid wood bedroom collection.

The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review
The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review

Who Is A-America?

A-America has been in the furniture business since 1975 when two brothers, Fred, and John Rohrbach, began importing American hardwoods to manufacturing plants in Taiwan. There, the company manufactured hardwood furniture inspired by antique furniture from the USA.

Over the years, A-America has extended its product offerings into formal dining, bedroom, and complete furniture collections. A-America claims to be the leader in the casual dining category and extensively detailed bedroom furniture. The company's designs have evolved from nostalgic solid oak tables and chairs to fashion-forward styles and finishes to meet many customer needs.

One of those styles that may be what you are looking for in your bedroom is the Westlake Collection. Now let’s look at some of the features and benefits offered in this collection.

The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Westlake Bedroom?

The Westlake is made from Mahogany and comes in three different finishes: espresso, cherry, and a white finish, which can be specially ordered in-store. Westlake also features two styles of bed, a panel bed, and a platform bed.

The panel bed is the more traditional bed frame, while the platform bed provides ample storage space underneath the mattress. The Westlake features a simple classic design with a beautiful matte finish for a piece that will stay classic through many changing style trends.

Each side of the panel bed features three-drawer storage, making six drawers ready for storing linens, sheets, quilts, clothing, or other bedroom necessities. The full-extension metal-gliding drawers are the perfect way to maximize the use of your space in the bedroom.

All top drawers in the Westlake collection feature felt-lined drawers, which help prevent your clothing from getting snagged on any untreated wood fibers or splinters. The Westlake comes with beautiful antiqued brass hardware, and the collection has one of the smoothest finishes of any bedroom set at Furniture Fair.

Westlake is also compatible with Freestyle bases, a type of adjustable bed base that is designed for use with platform or storage beds. An adjustable base can help elevate your sleep setup even further in combination with the Westlake bedroom.

The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review
The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review

Where Does The Westlake Bedroom Fall On Good, Better, Best?

Here at Furniture Fair, the Westlake bedroom set would rank at the higher end of “better” in our Good, Better, Best ranking system. The inclusion of two different bed options, the fact that it is manufactured from solid mahogany, and the depth of the smooth finish are all factors that put this set on the high end of better quality.

The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review

Is The Westlake Bedroom Right For Me?

So who would be the best fit for the Westlake bedroom set? Anyone looking for a higher-quality bedroom set at a more affordable price point may want to invest in the Westlake bedroom collection. The quality of the solid wood construction, paired with the cost-saving features built into the set, is an excellent mix of value and craftsmanship.

Anyone looking to get the most out of their space would benefit from the storage options available with the Westlake collection. The six storage drawers in the platform bed are perfect for adding much-needed storage space.

This set is also perfect for outfitting a primary bedroom or a guest bedroom. Ensure your bedroom is taken care of first since the primary bedroom will receive the most use over time.

The Westlake may not be suitable for you if you are just starting out in a new home or apartment. Westlake is the type of set to invest in once you’ve settled down and are ready to find a bedroom that will last for a long time.

If you are trying to be more budget-friendly, Westlake may not be for you since the solid wood materials and attention to detail make this set a bit more costly than what you need. By contrast, if you want even more quality with the option to custom design your furniture, Westlake may not be right for you, and you may want to look to another brand, such as Daniel’s Amish.

The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review
The Westlake Bedroom Furniture Collection Review

Ready To Find Out If Westlake Bedroom Furniture Is Right For You?

Now that you know more about the Westlake bedroom set, you can decide if a new bedroom set purchase is right for you. With some research into the collection, you can be sure this set is correct for your needs.

Remember that the Westlake features both a panel bed and a platform bed option, with the platform bed offering six built-in storage drawers. Keep in mind that the Westlake is made from solid mahogany and ranks on the higher end of better in the GBB ranking system.

If you want to test the Westlake quality and live in the Louisville, Dayton, or Cincinnati area, check out Furniture Fair! Visit a location near you, view the Westlake collection, and see our wide range of quality bedroom options, including custom bedroom options and storage bed options.

Visit a furniture store showroom today, and one of our sales experts will be glad to help you find the bedroom of your dreams. Come in and see the value of the Westlake bedroom furniture sets for yourself.