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What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture
What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture

The search for affordable solid wood furniture might seem like a never-ending journey for a brand that doesn’t exist. How do you find furniture built to last from natural wood without paying an arm and a leg for furniture that you are too afraid to use for fear of ruining the costly investment?

There are brands designed to be the highest quality furniture in the furniture world, and then there are furniture companies that make furniture that everyone can afford. Many people may not know that there are also brands that have a bit of both.

To anyone looking for an affordable furniture collection for their bedroom or dining room that still features solid wood construction, A-America is an excellent brand that prioritizes quality and affordable pricing.

You might be wondering who A-America is. What features and benefits can you expect from this furniture manufacturer? What is the quality level of this brand, and are they right for you? This article will answer these questions.

Furniture Fair has sold countless solid wood furniture to Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Louisville customers. We want to help you find the right brand for your style, quality, and budget.

If you’re tired of paying too much for bad quality and don’t want to spend too much on top-tier fancy furniture, this article is for you. Read on to learn about A-America and how this solid wood furniture brand may be just what you are looking for in your home.

What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture
What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture

Who Is A-America?

A-America has been in the furniture business since 1975 when two brothers, Fred, and John Rohrbach, began importing American hardwoods to manufacturing plants in Taiwan. There, the company manufactured hardwood furniture inspired by antique furniture from the USA.

Over the years, A-America has extended its product offerings into formal dining, bedroom, and complete furniture collections. A-America claims to be the leader in the casual dining category and extensively detailed bedroom furniture.

A-America is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and the company has quick-shipping warehouses in Washington and North Carolina. The company uses hickory, oak, mahogany, cherry, birch, pine, maple, ash, and alder woods to manufacture its solid wood furniture.

The company's designs have evolved from nostalgic solid oak tables and chairs to fashion-forward styles and finishes such as the Westlake Bedroom Collection. With A-America, quality, history, and affordability come in each stylish furniture collection.

What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture

What Are The Features & Benefits Of A-America Furniture?

Many of the beds A-America offers include storage drawers built underneath the platform bed. Storage under the bed allows easier access to bed linens, sheets, pillowcases, and blankets, but the space can also double as clothing storage.

All top drawers of A-America furniture feature felt-lined drawer bottoms, which help keep delicate clothing from catching on wood fibers. Each drawer on the dressers, chest of drawers, storage beds, and nightstands is dovetailed and features full-extension metal glides.

Some pieces, such as nightstands, also come with built-in USB ports, allowing for fast and easy charging of your phone, tablet, or other USB devices. A-America is not customizable; however, because they offer a wide variety of styles, you will surely find one that will suit your needs.

What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture
What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture

Where Does A-America Fall On Good, Better, Best?

Here at Furniture Fair, A-America would rank at the higher end of “better” in our Good, Better, Best ranking system. The brand ranks better due to the solid wood construction, and the inclusion of details such as English dovetails and full extension Slide n’ Glide drawer construction.

The brand falls outside of the best category due to its lack of custom furniture options and the lack of handcrafted attention to detail that many manufacturers on the best quality level use in the manufacturing process.

What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture

Is A-America Right For Me?

A-America may be perfect for your needs if you want solid wood construction at a more affordable price. The solid wood used to create each piece of furniture, combined with the no-nonsense cost-saving features, makes this brand ideal for someone needing quality at a more affordable price.

This brand is also a great option if you aren’t interested in a custom piece and simply want up-to-date furniture with your preferred style trends. However, those looking for a more bespoke or custom approach to their bedroom set or dining furniture may want to try higher-end brands such as Daniel’s Amish or MAVIN.

If budget is your number one priority, A-America may not suit your needs. While the brand is more affordable than higher-end brands, the solid wood construction does mean a higher price than you may be looking to pay. Brands like Ashley may have more affordable options for your needs.

Finally, the furniture buyer looking for that sleek ultra-modern look may want to try another manufacturer, as most of A-America’s furniture is built around classic styles such as mid-century modern, classic, farmhouse, transitional, and Amish styles.

What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture
What You Need To Know About A-America Furniture

Ready To Find Out If A-America Furniture Is Right For You?

Now that you know more about A-America, you can decide if a new bedroom or dining furniture set suits you. With some research into the manufacturer, you can be sure that this brand is correct for your needs.

Remember that A-America uses various solid wood species to manufacture dining and bedroom furniture. Keep in mind that A-America is priced more affordably than some higher-end solid wood furniture brands. Finally, don’t forget that the brand ranks better on the GBB ranking scale.

If you want to test the A-America quality and live in the Louisville, Dayton, or Cincinnati area, check out Furniture Fair! Visit a location near you, view their extensive collections, and see our wide range of quality bedroom and dining room options, including custom furniture options.

Visit a furniture store showroom today, and one of our sales experts will be glad to help you find the furniture of your dreams. Come in and see the value of A-America Furniture for yourself.