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Power reclining furniture is some of the most popular living room furniture styles available for living rooms. The ability to have your entire family able to relax together at the touch of a button has a lot of appeal for families trying to graduate from that three-cushion couch.

However, with the wide variety of living room sets available, how do you find the right sectional for your family's needs? Looking for a durable, power reclining furniture collection made from high-quality fabrics and a sleek modern style is easier said than done. With so many manufacturers making sectionals with similar characteristics, how do you know you're getting something that you'll be happy a few years down the road?

Fortunately, some sectionals match these requirements while going above and beyond to ensure you're as comfortable as you can be while lounging. One of these sectionals is the Granada Power Reclining Sectional by Simon Li.

Furniture Fair has been in the furniture and home decor business for over 55 years; some of our most popular power reclining furniture is the Granada Collection by Simon Li. If you like the sleek style of modern design or want a piece that will hold up to frequent use during family movie nights or social gatherings, this collection may be suitable for your living room.

After reading this article, you will be better prepared to know whether or not the Granada collection is suitable for you and to find out the features and benefits of this power reclining set. Read on to discover the next living room collection for your home.

The Granada Power Reclining Collection Product Review
The Granada Power Reclining Collection Product Review

Who Is Simon Li?

When founding the company in 1997, Simon Li wanted to create the foremost leather seating company in the furniture market. The key was to bring together the best attributes and practices worldwide and combine them to create the best leather seating available.

Simon Li combines the highest level of design, comfort, and quality to deliver value that surpasses anything available. The motto for excellence at Simon Li is, “quality is our responsibility.”

The Granada Power Reclining Collection Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Granada Power Reclining Collection?

The Granada collection is available in a sofa, loveseat, recliner, or sectional. With so many options, you can complete any living room or den using any number of configurations from Simon Li. You can even create a more oversized sectional with the ability to reconfigure your set to fit your custom space.

One of the best features and benefits of the Granada collection is cloud seating. This form of seating features a 1.8-density foam wrapped in dacron, which creates the feeling of “sitting on a cloud.”

The Granada also features a 7/8th gauge compressed steel frame tested for up to 350 pounds. This solid steel wire gauging is complemented by a mix of solid woods and furniture-grade plywood.

Simon Li uses premium motors for all of their power reclining functions for a recliner, sectional, or sofa that says whisper quiet when in use. The Granada is one of the smoothest and quietest power reclining furniture options available.

Each piece in the Granada collection features an easy-to-use two-button reclining operating system, making the process quick and straightforward. Push the forward-facing button to recline and push the button closer to the back of the piece to return to the standard seating position.

The Granada collection is offered in a beautiful heather gray micro woven polyester fabric blend with accented baseball stitching. In addition to being trendy and stylish, the Granada upholstery is also pet-friendly.

One of the unique features offered in the Granada sectional or loveseat is a console section that features cupholders that can be hidden out of sight when not in use. The console cover slides effortlessly forward to keep cup holders out of sight until they are needed.

The console also features a storage drawer that can hide necessary but unsightly remotes, phone chargers, magazines, and other items that you would rather keep out of sight. Simply slide the drawer out when needed and push it back where it will be almost invisible.

The Granada Power Reclining Collection Product Review
The Granada Power Reclining Collection Product Review

What Is The Granada Power Reclining Collection Quality Ranking?

The Granada collection ranks as ‘best’ in our Good, Better, Best ranking system due to 3 factors. The first factor is the 7/8th gauge steel frame which offers premium quality and sturdy construction.

The second factor is the premium quality mechanical parts and motors, which create a smooth, quiet, power reclining experience. The third and final reason this collection is ranked as the best is the ultra-plush Cloud Seating.

The Granada Power Reclining Collection Product Review

Is The Granada Power Reclining Collection Right For Me?

Who would be the right fit for the Simon Li Granada power reclining set? Anyone who looks for the softest yet supportive cushioning for their furniture will enjoy the Granada collection. The plush seating is designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

The Granada is also a great option if you have pets, as the tough performance fabric is designed to stand up to the wear and tear that many fur babies can put on a sofa or sectional. For added protection, check out Furniture Fair’s protection plans.

The Granada is also available to be reconfigured, meaning you can change the length and other options on your sectional to fit the space you need. If you like having the opportunity to reconfigure a sectional to a larger size, Granada is an excellent option.

If you are looking for budget furniture, Granada is not the best choice. Being in the best category makes the Granada a bit pricier than furniture in the better and good category. While Simon Li is one of the best furniture reclining manufacturers, their premium manufacturing means additional pricing.

If you prefer leather upholstered seating, the Granada may not be the better option for your needs. The Granada is not offered in leather upholstery and has no custom fabric options, which can be limiting, especially if you prefer custom furniture.

If you’d like a similar option to the Granada in leather options, consider checking out the Grant sectional, which is also from Simon Li and shares many similarities to the Granada. Check out the Grant Sectional review here and compare the two products.

The Granada Power Reclining Collection Product Review
The Granada Power Reclining Collection Product Review

Ready To Find Out If The Granada Power Reclining Collection Is Right For Your Needs?

The Granada sectional is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy a sectional for their home. Now that you know more about the collection, you will be better prepared to decide whether or not the group is right for you.

Keep in mind that the Granada uses 7/8th gauge steel construction with solid plywood frames and some of the quietest power reclining motors in the industry. Remember that the Granada is the best quality product and, while a bit higher in price than some sectionals, will last you for a long time.

Finally, don’t forget that the Granada can be reconfigured and features a console with hidden cupholders and a small storage drawer that can stow away any items you don’t want to be seen lying around.

Ready to check the sectional for yourself? Visit a Furniture Fair location nearest you. We are located in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Louisville, and Indiana, plus you can easily schedule an appointment online to meet in person with one of our sales experts.

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