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When it comes to your leather clothing, you want the best quality possible in your price range. Nobody wants a leather coat or belt that falls apart in no time. You want a coat that lasts long and holds up to everyday use.

Like your coat, you wouldn’t want your laptop or cellphone made with shoddy materials and low-quality mechanisms. When you invest a substantial amount of money on a product you like, you want that product to last.

Imagine putting that same amount of effort into buying a sectional for your living room. While it may not seem similar, the upholstery of your fabric is just as important as the coat in your closet. The same principle for your phone or laptop parts applies to your recliner mechanisms.

Furniture Fair has helped countless individuals find power reclining sectionals built to the best quality with some of the highest design standards. One of the best power reclining sectionals we feature in our showroom is the Grant Leather Power Reclining Sectional.

If you are in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Louisville, or Indiana and are looking into buying a leather power sectional, this article is for you. After reading this article, you will be better prepared to know whether or not the Grant Power Reclining Sectional is suitable for you and find out the features and benefits of this power reclining set.

Read on to discover the next potential sectional for your living area.

The Grant Power Reclining Sectional Product Review
The Grant Power Reclining Sectional Product Review

Who Is Simon Li Furniture?

When founding the company in 1997, Simon Li wanted to create the foremost leather seating company in the furniture market. The key was to bring together the best attributes and practices worldwide and combine them to create the best leather seating available.

Simon Li combines the highest level of design, comfort, and quality to deliver value that surpasses anything available. The motto for excellence at Simon Li is, “quality is our responsibility.”

The Grant Power Reclining Sectional Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Grant Sectional?

Simon Li frames are constructed using furniture grade laminated and solid wood members, cut with precision by CNC equipment, and fitted together similar to a jigsaw puzzle for added joint strength with corner blocks, glue, and attachments in crucial joints.

The seat suspension on all Simon Li seating has a webbing system woven into a basket weave pattern that acts like a hammock, supporting you and not rolling into anyone sitting next to you. The backs also have webbing.

The seat cores are made of 2.0 ILD high-density polyurethane foam topped with a jacket of channeled blend down, or if a pillow-top seat, a fiber-filled cushion is inserted onto the top pillow casing.

Suppose you are looking for the best quality reclining and stationary seating. In that case, Simon Li offers quality, sustainability, and a commitment to excellence that even offers a limited lifetime warranty on the frame of your seating. The Grant sectional features power reclining, power headrest, USB charging, console storage, and cup holders.

All exterior panels are encased in a thin sheet of laminated wood and then covered in bonded fiber or foam to ensure no leather cover touches raw lumber. The real leather upholstery is made from top-grain Italian leather, which comes in two color options (brown and gray) and is accented with heavy-duty baseball stitching.

Simon Li prides itself on being one of only two furniture manufacturers to be a member of the Leather Working Group, an organization dedicated to developing and maintaining sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.

The Grant Power Reclining Sectional Product Review
The Grant Power Reclining Sectional Product Review

What Is The Grant Sectional Furniture Quality Ranking?

The Grant sectional ranks as ‘best’ in our Good, Better, Best ranking system due to the quality of the materials and mechanisms used. Simon Li offers a 7-year warranty on the frame, a 5-year warranty on the cushions and springs, and a 3-year warranty on the mechanical elements.

The Grant sectional by Simon Li is one of the best power sectionals available in the Furniture Fair showroom. The combination of 7/8ths gauge steel, premium density foam cushions, and top grain Italian leather make for a power sectional that is gorgeous and comfortable.

Is The Grant Sectional Right For Me?

If you like clean, modern designs but don’t want to settle for an uncomfortable seating experience, Grant may be the right choice for you. The ability to lounge and the beauty of a clean, simple modern style can coexist thanks to the Grant sectional.

If you are a pet owner, leather upholstery is one of the best fabrics for pet owners. The hypoallergenic leather upholstery will be more resilient against dogs' and cats' everyday wear and tear.

Anyone who needs lumbar support will also benefit from the Grant sectional. The lower back region of the cushion features extra support cushioning to keep your lower back from aching after you’ve binged the entire season of your favorite show.

If you are worried about how much space the reclining sectional will need, the Grant sectional is what is called a “wall-hugger” recliner. Wall-hugger recliners only need three additional inches behind the unit, which means you can fit this sectional in a smaller area than most sectionals.

If you want the reclining sectional to be away from your wall, you can also add portable battery packs designed to eliminate unsightly cords from your living room or den floor. Thanks to the battery pack, you can arrange the Grant sectional in your living room area in any way you see fit.

If you are looking for a best value sectional or a budget sectional, the Grant will not be the best option. Simon Li Furniture is designed to be high-quality, and the price reflects the evident level of quality.

In addition, if you are looking for another upholstery material rather than leather, consider another sectional option, such as the Granada, a slightly different frame from Simon Li that features a performance fabric upholstery.

The Grant Power Reclining Sectional Product Review
The Grant Power Reclining Sectional Product Review

Ready To Find Out If The Grant Sectional Is Right For Your Needs?

The Grant sectional is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy a leather power reclining sectional. Now that you know more about this sectional, you will be better prepared to decide whether or not the Grant is right for you.

Keep in mind that the Grant uses 7/8th gauge steel construction with solid plywood frames and some of the quietest power reclining motors in the industry. Remember that the Grant is the best quality product and, while a bit higher in price than some sectionals, will last you for a long time.

Finally, don’t forget that the Grant is comfortable and stylish with a sleek design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. With the Grant sectional, you can sit with friends and talk for hours or catch the latest game in the comfort of your living room, family room, den, or basement entertainment room.

Ready to check out the Grant sectional for yourself? Visit a Furniture Fair location nearest you. We are located in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Louisville, and Indiana; plus, you can easily schedule an appointment online to meet in person with one of our sales experts.

The Grant Power Reclining Sectional Product Review

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