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Finding quality living room furniture in an age of fiberboard, cheap vinyl upholstery, and paper wood finishing might seem like a difficult task. While cheaper furniture may make living room sets more affordable, the dip in quality is often too much for those looking to invest their money in long-term living room furniture.

Fortunately, some brands prioritize high-end style, premium quality, and attention to detail, making for great furniture. One of those brands specializing in living room seating is Simon Li Furniture. 

Who is Simon Li? What features and benefits does Simon Li furniture offer? Would you be a good fit for a recliner or sectional from Simon Li? After reading this article, you will understand who Simon Li is, what they manufacture, and why they may be right for you.

Furniture Fair is proud to carry Simon Li, and we want you to be as knowledgeable about your future furniture purchase before you commit. Read on to learn about Simon Li and find out if their living room seating collection is suitable for you.

What You Need To Know About Simon Li
What You Need To Know About Simon Li

Who Is Simon Li?

Simon Li is the brainchild of its founder, Simon Lichtenburg, a Danish entrepreneur who grew up inspired by classic Danish architecture and furniture designs. Simon’s love for Danish designs and his admiration of Chinese furniture craftsmanship gave him the idea to start a furniture company that would combine both.

When founding the company in 1997, Simon Li wanted to create the foremost leather seating company in the furniture market. The key was to bring together the best attributes and practices worldwide and combine them to create the best leather seating available.

Simon Li combines the highest level of design, comfort, and quality to deliver value that surpasses anything available. The motto for excellence at Simon Li is, “quality is our responsibility.”

What You Need To Know About Simon Li

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Simon Li Furniture?

Simon Li reclining frames are constructed using furniture grade laminated and solid wood members, cut with precision by CNC equipment, and fitted together similar to a jigsaw puzzle for added joint strength with corner blocks, glue, and attachments in crucial joints.

The seat suspension on all Simon Li seating has a webbing system woven into a basket weave pattern that acts like a hammock, supporting you and not rolling into anyone sitting next to you. The backs also have webbing.

The unique “cloud seating” seat cores are made of 2.0 ILD high-density polyurethane foam topped with a jacket of channeled blend down, or if a pillow-top seat, a fiber-filled cushion is inserted onto the top pillow casing.

All exterior panels are encased in a thin sheet of laminated wood and then covered in bonded fiber or foam to ensure no leather cover touches raw lumber. The leather upholstery used in Simon Li furniture is top-grain leather, one of the best quality leather types available.

Simon Li prides itself on being one of only two furniture manufacturers to be a member of the Leather Working Group, an organization dedicated to developing and maintaining sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.

Many Simon Li pieces offer hidden features like storage drawers, cupholders, power headrests, and even USB ports for all your charging needs. Simon Li also provides a fully extended footrest chaise. Simon Li features power reclining and power headrest options and even offers a reclining sectional with storage consoles.

Suppose you are looking for the best quality reclining and stationary seating. In that case, Simon Li offers quality, sustainability, and a commitment to excellence that even offers a limited lifetime warranty on the frame of your seating.

What You Need To Know About Simon Li
What You Need To Know About Simon Li

What Is The Simon Li Furniture Quality Ranking?

Simon Li ranks as ‘best’ in our Good, Better, Best ranking system due to 3 factors. The first factor is the 7/8th gauge steel frame which offers premium quality and sturdy construction.

The second factor is the premium quality mechanical parts and motors, which create a smooth, quiet, power reclining experience. The third and final reason this collection is ranked as the best is the ultra-plush Cloud Seating.

In addition, the fact that Simon Li has top grain leather furniture with many accessories like power headrest, USB ports, and storage consoles makes this brand go above and beyond most average living room furniture brands.

What You Need To Know About Simon Li

Are You A Good Fit For Simon Li Furniture?

Furniture is not a “one-size-fits-all” type of product. What may fit one person’s idea of the perfect sectional may not be suitable for others. Different people will have different preferences, and with Simon Li, the priorities are no different.

Simon Li is perfect for people who want high-quality furniture with modern power features. The combination of contemporary furniture technology with high-quality materials like steel mechanical parts, natural wood frames, and Italian top-grain leather makes them the gold standard for power reclining furniture.

Simon Li Furniture is designed to be high-quality, and the price reflects the evident level of quality. If you are a bit more budget-minded and don’t like the idea of paying higher prices for longer-lasting home furnishings, Simon Li may not be for you.

What You Need To Know About Simon Li
What You Need To Know About Simon Li

Ready To Find Out If You Are The Right Home For Simon Li Furniture?

Now that you know more about Simon Li furniture and the features and benefits offered by this quality brand, you will be better prepared to decide if Simon Li is right for you. Simon Li furniture is perfect for anyone looking for high-quality upholstery, solid manufacturing materials, and motorized power reclining.

Remember that Simon Li furniture combines Danish designs with Chinese manufacturing techniques, and some pieces offer hidden features such as cupholders, USB ports, storage drawers, and more.

Do you want to check out the reclining features and top grain leather upholstery for yourself? Drop by any of our Furniture Fair locations inCincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, Louisville, and Southern Indiana, and one of our sales experts will be happy to show you the Simon Li collections we offer.

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