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Shopping for a budget-friendly and stylish living room collection can quickly become a long and drawn-out quest of endless comparisons. Finding the balance of affordability and durability wrapped up in a timeless aesthetic is more challenging than most anticipate.

Fortunately, a few living room collections fit the mold of being fashionable while maintaining affordability and durability. One of those sofa and loveseat sets is the Lilou Living Room Collection by Corinthian.

Furniture Fair has sold countless living room sets throughout our 55 years serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We’ve built our reputation on providing quality furniture and helping customers find the right home furnishings for their home.

This article will help tell you more about the Lilou Living Room Collection and why it may be the right choice for your living room. Keep reading to find out if Lilou is the fitting living room for you.

The Lilou Living Room Collection Product Review
The Lilou Living Room Collection Product Review

Who Is Corinthian?

Corinthian is a furniture manufacturer specializing in various stationary and motion furniture living room groups that will fit many decor styles. Corinthian sources about 50% of their furniture materials from the US, the rest coming from overseas.

All Corinthian frames carry a seven-year warranty on the furniture frames and a five-year warranty on the cushions and springs. In addition, the company also provides a one-year warranty on the fabric upholstery.

Should your sofa or loveseat have a factory defect that causes it to break, you will be covered for your loss. Corinthian is committed to making furniture that is both affordable and better quality than cheap, pasteboard furniture.

The Lilou Living Room Collection Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Lilou Collection?

The Lilou collection is available as a complete set which includes a sofa, loveseat, and matching armchair. You can also get an accent chair and ottoman with fabric upholstery that matches the included throw pillows.

The Lilou is a great set to consider if you like solid construction, clean lines, well-tailored upholstery, and value for the price. The fabric upholstery and design style blend well with various styles, from country chic to classic styles.

The Lilou cushions have a 1.8 density foam wrapped in Dacron for a softer seating experience. The seating cushions also feature zippers if you need to reverse the cushions or remove the cushion material to clean them.

Lilou frames are built from hardwood and plywood, a medium-level quality that will give your collection a life expectancy of about five to seven years, provided you maintain and clean your furniture.

The Lilou Living Room Collection Product Review
The Lilou Living Room Collection Product Review

What Is The Lilou Collection Quality Ranking?

Lilou ranks as “better” in the Good, Better, Best ranking system due to solid construction and higher quality materials used during manufacturing. However, it falls short of the best category due to the lack of solid wood throughout the frame and the options available for custom designs.

However, because the Lilou falls into a category lower than “best,” the pricing for the Lilou collection is much more affordable, which is excellent for anyone needing living room furniture who prefers to spend less.

The Lilou Living Room Collection Product Review

Is The Lilou Collection Right For Me?

The Lilou collection is perfect for the family room or the living room. If you enjoy quality built furniture but want to spend a bit less than the best quality, the Lilou may be perfect for you. If you don’t want to worry about your family enjoying spending time using your furniture, you can rest assured that the Lilou warranties will help provide peace of mind.

The Lilou also blends well with many decor styles and will provide a cleaner, more formal look to any living room. Whether sitting and talking with friends after a night out or opening presents during the holidays, the Lilou is perfect for gathering and bonding with friends and family.

If you are looking for an heirloom-quality living room set that will outlast you, then the Lilou is not the right choice for your needs. As mentioned before, the collection will last for about five to seven years before getting uncomfortable.

If you prefer to choose the style and upholstery of your sofa, the Lilou is not a good option for you since the mass-produced collection is only offered in pre-selected fabric styles and cannot be customized.

Find out whether you prefer value pricing or longevity before deciding on the Lilou, and keep in mind how long you plan to have this set before committing to a purchase for your living space.

The Lilou Living Room Collection Product Review
The Lilou Living Room Collection Product Review

Ready To Find Out If The Lilou Collection Is Right For You?

Now that you know more about the Lilou collection by Corinthian Furniture, you will have a better idea of whether or not the group is right for you. Remember that the Lilou uses solid wood and plywood construction and offers several warranties on the frame, upholstery, and cushions.

Keep in mind that the Lilou is considered “better” in quality and that the Lilou is affordable but not customizable. Finally, remember that the Lilou is available in a sofa, loveseat, armchair, and accent chair with a matching ottoman.

If you are interested in checking out the Lilou for yourself, consider visiting one of Furniture Fair’s ten showrooms throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville locations.

Visit us online and schedule an appointment or stop by a showroom near you. Your next living room set could be waiting for you at Furniture Fair.

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