November 13, 2023 2 min read

At Furniture Fair, the idea that you need big bucks or a fancy designer for a dream home is a total myth. The Pattersons found quality, durability, and affordability all in one place.

Most people walking in don't have a clear vision of what they want. They know what they don't like but struggle to piece it all together. That's where Furniture Fair steps in with their in-home design process.

It starts with a visit to the showroom to see what catches your eye. But the real magic happens when you meet the designer. They make sure your tastes match and then visit your home to measure and understand your space.

Furniture Fair, Where Your Trust Is Earned
Furniture Fair, Where Your Trust Is Earned

The Pattersons, celebrating their 25th anniversary at home due to an accident, wanted a fresh, lighter vibe. They had sentimental Hawaiian art they wanted to keep, and Furniture Fair made it work without blowing their budget.

Preserving their grand piano in the room was a challenge, but the team cleverly rearranged things, even using technology to show designs on an iPad.

What's cool about Furniture Fair is that they've got options for every budget. Whether on a budget or looking for top-notch quality, they've got you covered.

Furniture Fair, Where Your Trust Is Earned

And it's not just the stuff; it's the service too. Customers rave about the quality and the service they received, making Furniture Fair stand tall among the high-end stores.

For the Pattersons, their Furniture Fair experience was like their 2023 vacation—a way to make their home feel like a getaway.

Furniture Fair is more than a store; it's your friends and neighbors making sure anyone can have their dream home without the stress. For the Pattersons, even the family pet loves the new furniture!

Furniture Fair, Where Your Trust Is Earned