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For anyone looking to outfit their entertainment room, sports cave, or living room, a good power reclining sofa is a must. A good power recliner sofa should have a good balance of features and a good quality build. It should also have cupholders… all the cupholders.

But you don’t just want any power sofa, you want a sofa that will be comfortable, have the best features and last longer than two years. Finding a great reclining sofa that is also a good value is hard, and that’s why we make these sofa reviews.

At Furniture Fair, we’ve been selling living room furniture for over 55 years, and we pride ourselves on offering the best furniture at all quality levels and price points. We want to help you find the best product for your home or sports room.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at one of the best power recliners available at Furniture Fair, the Douglas Triple Power Sofa. Read on to learn more about this power reclining sofa and the features and benefits that it offers.

The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Product Review
The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Douglas Triple Power Sofa?

The Douglas Triple Power Collection is a leather-upholstered power reclining furniture collection that features two color options and removable storage console options. The collection will be right at home in the living room or in front of the big screen TV in the basement.

The sofa features bucket seats with 1.8 density foam cushions and a wide variety of special order options. Bucket seats are designed specifically for cushioning and supporting your body in a seated or reclined position. With special orders, you can get a sofa, or a loveseat with or without a storage console, or a matching reclining chair.

The Douglas is a leather power sofa, but not just any cheap leather. This power sofa features top-grain leather, which is one of the best upholstery leathers you can get on your furniture. Top-grain leather is thick, durable, and wears well over time.

The Douglas leather upholstery comes in chestnut and charcoal leathers, two great options that allow some flexibility when decorating your space. Choose the chestnut for a warmer, classier feel, or select the charcoal leather for a more modern theater seat look.  

In addition to the strong leather upholstery, the Douglas collection also features baseball stitching near the seams which adds an extra level of protection to the already durable upholstery.

The power controls are located conveniently on the side of the sofa arms and feature power reclining, power headrest, and power lumbar support for triple the power features. All portions of the power reclining are operated from the side panel and are easy to use.

The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Product Review

What Is The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Quality Ranking?

The top-grain leather upholstery and the features available on the Douglas Triple Power Sofa make it a “better” ranking on the Good, Better, Best ranking system. Many power recliners only feature limited reclining features and are offered in lower quality upholstery, but the Douglas collection is a good balance of features and value for the price.

Because the Douglas collection is only offered in two colors and has no real customization options, this keeps it just out of the “best” category. In addition, the 5/8ths gauge steel frame that the reclining collection is built on is slightly lesser quality than the 7/8ths gauge frames that many power sofas in the “best” category feature.

The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Product Review
The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Product Review

Is The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Right For Me?

The Douglas Sofa is best for anyone who wants an all-around sofa that is multifunctional and comfortable. The leather upholstery is easy to clean and maintain, and the power reclining, headrest, and lumbar features are great for anyone looking for comfortable seating.

In addition, if you own a pet or two, this reclining sofa is great since the leather will be more likely to hold up to heavier use, and the footrest motion controls will give any animals that are lying under footrests ample time to move if they mistake that area for a cozy hiding space.

While leather is durable and looks great, it does require regular upkeep and cleaning, and if you are not interested in learning how to maintain a leather sofa, the Douglas Power Sofa may not be right for you.

Finally, the Douglas features box seats, which means they are designed to form around your body when you are using the seat. If you are someone who likes to lay across the couch, this style of recliner may not be the best option for you.

The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Product Review

Ready To Find Out If The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Is Right For Your Needs?

Now that you know more about the Douglas Triple Power Reclining Sofa, you can decide if this sofa or other pieces in the collection are right for you. Remember that this sofa isn’t right for everyone, and you need to decide for yourself if this sofa is right for you.

Keep in mind that the Douglas is offered in two full-grain leather color options, and features power reclining, power headrest, and power lumbar support, with built-in power footrests. Don’t forget that the Douglas is a great all-around recliner for a living room or a TV room.

If you want to check out the Douglas Triple Power Sofa for yourself, check out any of Furniture Fair’s locations throughoutCincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville, or schedule an appointment online. Your next sofa, loveseat, or armchair could be waiting for you.

The Douglas Triple Power Sofa Product Review

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