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Adjustable Bed Bases: Much More Than I Expected…

If you’ve recently been shopping for a mattress, you’ve probably been introduced to the exciting world of adjustable bed bases. You might not have realized that you wanted one before that, but after viewing the features and benefits, perhaps you’re excited about potentially owning an adjustable bed base.

At Furniture Fair, we are excited about the new features and benefits that adjustable bases can bring into your home, and we want to share our knowledge on this newer innovation in sleep technology with you.

If you were initially shopping for a mattress, you may not have planned a budget for an adjustable bed base. If you’re definitely interested in adding an adjustable bed base to your home, take some time to read this article and learn why investing in an adjustable bed base could benefit your sleep experience.

Adjustable Bed Bases: Much More Than I Expected…

Is Better Sleep Really That Important?

We cannot stress the importance of a good night’s sleep enough. The average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping. Your sleep cycle is the time when your body repairs and recovers from the work that you put it through during the previous day.

A lack of proper sleep can lead to everything from fatigue to a lack of mental focus. A lack of proper sleep is detrimental to your health, and without a good bedroom setup, you might not be getting the best sleep possible.

Mattresses are the best way to help ensure you have a good night’s sleep, but an adjustable base can elevate your sleep experience and help you sleep more soundly. Adjustable bases can help ease back pain, prevent snoring, keep your pillow from sliding behind your headboard, and more.

Sleep might not seem like a part of your budget, but keep in mind that better sleep equals better days, and that can put a sleep-based purchase on a similar level to many other larger payments you may be budgeting for.

Investing in long-term better sleep will have long-term benefits to every other part of your life, and for that reason, an adjustable bed base under your mattress is worth the extra investment. Your body and your day will be better for using an adjustable bed base.

I’m Worried That An Adjustable Bed Base Is Too Expensive For My Budget

If you hadn’t heard of adjustable bed bases prior to visiting the showroom, you may have spent the majority of your time looking for the right mattress (as you should have). However, you may have missed out on a better-priced adjustable bed base.

Keep in mind that the base that your perfect mattress was sitting on isn’t your only choice. You may not have gotten the chance to see all of our adjustable base choices and their features that range from $495.55 to $2199.99 in queen size.

One way that an adjustable base could help save you a bit of money long term is that you no longer need to purchase a box spring or bed frame. Part of the initial cost of a mattress is buying a box spring. While adjustable bed bases are designed to fit inside bed frames, an adjustable bed base can function as both a support base and a bed.

If you decide to only buy an adjustable bed base with your mattress, you can save the cost that you would have spent on a traditional bed and box spring, while gaining the added benefits of power motion and relief from joint pains and snoring.

Finally, don’t forget that Furniture Fair offers flexible financing options that you could use to break your payments up over months, which could help give you fewer budget constraints and help you get that adjustable bed base under your mattress even sooner.

I Want An Adjustable Bed Base But I Need More Time To Adjust My Budget

If you want an adjustable bed base but still need more time to pay, consider placing a deposit to protect against future price increases. You can also continue to make payments to pay the cost down over time until you’re sure this is the base for you. As long as it’s not clearance we have hassle-free cancellations.

Remember To Focus On The Mattress First

Remember that an adjustable bed base isn’t really useful without a mattress, so focus on the mattress as your priority, and you can always purchase a base later.

Finding the right mattress for your sleep position that will keep your body supported and your temperature regulated is your number one priority. You might need to invest in a box spring foundation as well, however.

Adjustable Bed Bases: Much More Than I Expected…

We Want You To Get The Best Bedroom Setup For Your Needs

An adjustable bed base is a big purchase that should be carefully planned and researched but will elevate your sleep and your relaxation. We hope that this article has helped give you some ideas about how you can get the perfect adjustable bed base for your needs.

Keep in mind that If the price is too high, we have bases available at all price ranges, and if you can’t pay the full amount now, a deposit can ensure that you are locked in and your price is secured and waiting for when you are ready to pay the final amount.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact your sales associate or make an appointment on our website, where you can also revisit and learn more about the bed bases that we offer.

Is An Adjustable Mattress Base Right For Me?

Is An Adjustable Mattress Base Right For Me?

Find out if an adjustable base could enhance your lifestyle!